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  1. aricczona

    Carnival Breeze Funtimes

    These appear to be for a different ship. Dining room names are not right, and my itinerary does not match these ports/dates.
  2. aricczona

    Wall climbing

    Regardless of your skill, ship staff will be in charge.
  3. Has anyone else had success using Ultimate package for embarkation day lunch?
  4. Thanks everyone, glad to hear it wasn't the struggle I had imagined. I am looking forward to taking advantage of all the great dining options on the ship!
  5. I have a few questions/concerns over my deluxe dining purchase. I know I need to reserve my dinner reservations once on board the ship. My concern is that I already have my entertainment booked and am wondering if it will be difficult finding times to accommodate that in the specialty restaurant system. I do not mind eating early, but would hate having a dinner at 10 pm. Also, the sea day lunch allotment, does that need to be scheduled as well, or are walk ins allowed? And finally, is embarkation day considered a "sea day" for the purpose of a lunch option under the plan? I see several of the specialty restaurants are open for lunch that day. Thanks in advance for your help in calming my anxiety over this. I usually have things pre-planned and paid for way before the cruise. Giving up control for the discount offered in the plan was a tough one, but with all the options on the Oasis, I couldn't pass it up.
  6. aricczona

    Oasis Western Cruise Compass

    Try downloading the Royal Caribbean app. Shows, dining and other useful information are available for the current month or so of sailings on Oasis.
  7. Thank you both for the quick replies. I am usually a pre-planner. Not being able to reserve early was causing some anxiety. Glad to hear you've had a good experience with it. And happy my first day will include lunch at Chops!
  8. I purchased the Ultimate dining plan so I could make the most of the tremendous variety available on Oasis of the seas. I realize doing this forfeits the ability to book ahead. My question for those who have done it is, how successful were you in getting your preferred dining venues and times? I will be celebrating an anniversary on board and would love 150 central. However I also would like to see the evening show without being rushed. I plan to get to a specialty restaurant as soon as I board to book my time spots, but hoping they are not just really early or late choices. Second, is embarkation day considered a "sea day" so that I can take advantage of a specialty lunch during that day? Any advice is greatly appreciated.(Except those who feel the need to state that a dining plan is not necessary.) It is for me.;););)
  9. aricczona

    MyVegas RCI rewards gone?

    I was just there and there are a couple Royal awards available. Not the $250 OBC though.
  10. Almost every passenger is sailing to celebrate a special occasion. Honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays and retirements are all over the ship! If they expected acknowledgement there are a selection of decor and gifts available to pre-purchase on line to be delivered to the stateroom. "Status" does not guarantee recognition. However some thoughtful planning from their loved ones could easily have provided those special moments without the attitude of privilege.
  11. aricczona

    FTTF How soon is too soon?

    Buy it now before they raise the price again!
  12. More like #Fakenews!
  13. aricczona

    Meet and Greet?

    Why don't they just sign up for cruise critic? There is no cost to it. They don't have to participate in the boards. Just register for the meet & mingle and let Carnival handle the details. Your group of 27 meets the minimum. Snacks and officers will be provided.
  14. Thank you, I am an obsessive planner, and giving up my power to book in advance was a huge obstacle for me. However, the savings the plan offers was to good to pass up!