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  1. I will be sailing from Port Canaveral in November. I will be arriving 2 days prior so that I can spend a day at the parks before the cruise. I am weighing my options for transportation. Wondering if I am better off renting a car and dropping it off near the point if I can. My second option would be using Lyft/Uber. My hotel Is near the parks, but I saw it could run around $30 to get here from MCO. Hotel to the pier is close to $70 using rideshare. Tell me if you have had experience doing this what you found to be the best solution. And, will the rental company shuttle me to port with baggage, or should I drop them in advance at the pier? Thanks for any help/experience you can share on this.
  2. Thank you so MUCH! Hope you enjoyed your cruise. Looking forward to Breeze and all she has to offer.
  3. I will be sailing on the Breeze this November. I have had various experiences with Carnival regarding the Muster drill. On several of the ships muster was held outside standing against the wall shoulder to shoulder 5 deep, in the heat. Other times we were seated comfortably in a lounge or dining room. Just wondered what to expect on Breeze. If it matters I will have a deck 11 spa room. Any idea where it will be? Just want to be mentally prepared and not too early. We all had to wait 20 minutes for the stragglers to arrive last time before they got things started. Thanks for any info you can share on this.😉
  4. These appear to be for a different ship. Dining room names are not right, and my itinerary does not match these ports/dates.
  5. Regardless of your skill, ship staff will be in charge.
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