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  1. Betsypaige

    Lahaina recs

    Thanks, Bruce. I think I'll just stay in town - seems like there's plenty to do, see and eat.
  2. Betsypaige

    Lahaina recs

    Hi everyone.... Thanks for all of the help you've given me. I can't believe it, but my Hawaii trip is only a few short months away, in May. My original plan was to spend my 2nd day (POA cruise) in Maui on the beach (beach day) because my first day is long (Upcountry/Haleakala sunset). However, I'm not sure there's enough to keep me occupied at the beach for most of the day (I don't generally lay out because I get bored and because I'm fair skinned), and I can't get Lahaina out of my mind. I'll have other chances in Hawaii to spend at the beach, but only one chance to explore what appears to be a highly unique town. So, I will be doing research on my own (I love doing that), and I will be perusing the boards, but I would also love any tips you can give me (shops you particularly like, restaurant/food recommendations) about how to make the most of a limited amount of time. I'm not going to try and push myself given that my first day in Maui is so long - probably I'll have lunch, check out the unique shops on Front Street, etc.. I did see on a blog that there are a couple of beaches near town - how close are they? I ask because I'll need to get back to the cruise bus in time. Thanks so much in advance. Betsy
  3. Ah, well that makes a lot of sense then, lol. Have a great time!!! I would love to know what other excursions you've booked (whether through the ship or not).......
  4. I’m going on the POA in May - I hope you’ll report back! As to your plan, you might want to do Haleakala in your first day in Maui, especially if you’ll also be doing other things in the Upcountry. If you do it on your second day, you’ll have to cut the day somewhat short in order to be back at the ship on time. I’m spending my first Maui day in the Upcountry, ending with Haleakala at sunset. As it’s such a long day, I’m inclined to choose the Maui beach day excursion for my second day...
  5. Between the horse back riding and the zip lining, that place sounds amazing...l’m still so torn on what to do for my second as in Maui. I’ll have a long day the day before, doing the Upcountry/Haleakala Sunset tour, so I love the idea of doing the POA’s Maui Beach Day “excursion”. Then again, the part surf lesson, part day in Lahaina sounds wonderful - as does the 3 hour lunch ride at the ranch. Too many choices, lol... As to zip lining vs helicopter tour on Kauai, I’m glad I have months to decide; I’m probably going to change my mind often, lol
  6. Unfortunately that would definitely not be an option for me as it’s 42 minutes from where POA docks, and the ship leaves at 2pm that second day....Thanks, though!
  7. I’m going on a POA cruise, but pre and post cruise, I will be spending time in Oahu (primarily Honolulu, but I plan on taking a private tour of the North Shore, and going to Kualoa Ranch).....
  8. I just checked out the lunch menu - sounds good, and add that to the beach location, it sounds perfect. Thank you !!
  9. Thank you - I’ll check that out !
  10. Ooh that sounds delicious........! I'll check them out - thanks!
  11. Ooh, that sounds wonderful - and the menu looks like it has plenty of options for me. I’ve heard so many good things about this place - ok, I’m putting this on my list. Thank you so much !
  12. Has anyone done this excursion in Kauai? Below is the description......I'd really love to zipline, and I love being able to splash down in what seems on the video to be a beautiful little swimming hole. Of course, the problem is, I can only do this on my 2nd day in Kauai (1st is booked) - and only at 8 am as we depart the port at 2pm - and I've been planning all along to do a helicopter tour in the morning. Of course, if I want to zipline in Hawaii, I know that I can do it at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, so....... Any thoughts? Thanks! **** Soar high above towering trees and by breathtaking mountains. Experience the wonder of Kauai’s tropical paradise on a series of suspension bridges and six ziplines, totaling well over a mile of air time. Four of the six lines are tandem or side-by-side which gives you the opportunity to share a shriek with a buddy. The 1,800 feet tandem, center-dismount lines are the ultimate rush. A short hike through a swaying bamboo forest will bring you to a picnic lunch area at the spectacular Blue Pool and the Water Zip. Hold on to zip across the pool and splash in the cool, clear water or just float and enjoy the view. Imagine the most unforgettable adventure in the most incredible place.
  13. Aloha again ! So, I'll be in Honolulu next June, and now I'd like to think about planning the most delicious part of any vacation: restaurants. I will do my own research because I always do, but I thought I'd get a kick start by asking my friends here for recommendations they have. I'm a solo diner - but I don't need to sit at bars as I'm perfectly comfortable dining solo. I'm interested in enjoying what Hawaii does best (so, local cuisine, seafood, etc..), but I'm open to anything. The only thing I doubt I would go out of my way for would be Italian (I get plenty of that in NY, and pasta is a staple in my life). French? Yes - not Italian, although I will keep an open mind because I don't know that I'd want to eat the same kind of food all the time (4 days before cruise, 3 nights after). I've heard good things about MW Restaurant...........thoughts? I like Leanne Wong as a personality; is Koko Head good - especially for lunch/brunch? I’ve heard good things about Duke’s, so that will likely be on my list. Thank you!
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