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  1. We did look. It is a 12 day vs. 9, leaves out of Boston and is twice as much money, but we did love the Summit when we were on it last year. It is such a warm and cozy ship.
  2. That is an interesting perspective that I hadn’t thought about. You are right in about our age and while we not the late night party crowd by any stretch, it is something for us to think about. Thanks.
  3. Looking for opinions While we are not "seasoned" cruisers, we have found Celebrity to generally be our favorite in terms of the ships (we are looking forward to our sailing on the Eclipse in a couple of months), the food, level of service, entertainment, etc. My family went on the Anthem for a Christmas week cruise in 2017 with our teenagers and even though the ship was packed, we thought RC did a decent job of managing it all. Food is certainly a step down from Celebrity (although specialty restaurants were better than OK), and service was excellent considering the number of people on board. We however did not love the boat itself finding it somewhat charmless and found the Royal Esplanade area to be downright tacky. My wife and I are considering a Canada/New England cruise on the Adventure with just the two of us and are wondering what people think. We can drive to the port so that makes life so much easier and we are looking at a time where many kids will be back at school, so I would expect a different kind of crowd on the ship. And pricing is excellent right now. Looking for opinions about the Adventure given our experience on the Anthem. Thanks!
  4. Good call. Access to Blu is definitely worth a fair amount of money to my wife and I.
  5. This is interesting. If it isn’t too much of a hassle and you don’t have a drink package, the $25 fee is very worth it. Looking quickly at the Cabernets in the list posted, the Decoy is a $15-20 bottle for $58 and the Freemark Abbey is around $35 for $97. You can get so many excellent Cabernets in the $40 range that is nothing like drinking a $15-20 bottle and paying $60 for it. On the other hand compared to the overall cost of vacation....
  6. I can’t say that I remember. I have never been on a cruise and been hungry. That I know!
  7. First of all, we loved the Summit in general. We went Aqua Class and loved Blu. Staff was friendly. Cozy but bright. Food better than good but not gourmet (it is still a cruise ship after all). Special requests were easily accommodated. We also had a wonderful meal at Tuscan Grill. Service was great and overall we loved it. The buffet was just OK. Compared to the larger Celebrity Silhouette that we have been on, it was just a little more tired and less modern. That being said this certainly didn't detract from the cruise overall. While we haven't been on a lot of cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Holland America, and Celebrity) but for us, Celebrity is our favorite for a number of reasons, including food.
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