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  1. I'm looking at booking a NCL cruise and one of the offers is "Free Specialty Dining". I"m trying to figure out what exactly this means. Further in the description it states "savor specialty dining restaurants with meal packages for guests 1 & 2". This is all of the information I can find. We are looking at a 9 day cruise. How many nights would we be able to dine in a specialty restaurant? I'm confused. Thank you. 🙂
  2. What is the weight/height or age limit for these? Thank you.
  3. MaiTaiMary

    Drink Package on RCCL

    That doesn’t make sense. If you can’t order two at a time, then there must be a time limit between ordering drinks.
  4. MaiTaiMary

    MDR menu for Explorer

    I’m just trying to get a general idea. I didn’t realize it was so specific. Looking at the 14 day Baltic/Russia cruise out of Southampton.
  5. Foe those who have sailed on other cruise lines, how does the drink package on RCCL compare? Meaning, on Carnival, they are extremely strict. You can’t order two at a time..have to wait 5 minutes between drinks. Etc. We recently sailed NCL for the first time and it was a very different experience. They were super laid back. We were able to get multiple drinks at one time and half the time they didn’t even check our card. I also liked how I didn’t have to sign for the drinks. Just wondering how RCCL runs their program. thanks.
  6. Hello, can somebody post or direct me to a link that shows come current MDR menus for the Explorer? Thank you.
  7. Packing for the cruise now. I just assumed there were hair dryers in the cabin. Yes? (Then again, I also falsely assumed there were self-serve laundry mats, like on the other cruises I've been on! LOL ) thank you!
  8. MaiTaiMary

    Laundryroom on NCL Star

    I just read there is no self service laundry room on board for passengers. Is this true?? I was really relying on this.
  9. MaiTaiMary

    Teens getting bored on ship

    Of course. We already have our cruise booked on NCL, though.
  10. MaiTaiMary

    Teens getting bored on ship

    How do you keep your teens from getting board on a ship that doesn't have a lot for kids to do? My kids are 11, 12, and 14. They aren't big into the kids clubs, but I'm sure they will give them a try. No waterslides or bells & whistles on this ship. (NCL Star)
  11. Is anybody familiar with beaches around the Split (Croatia) port?
  12. Any tips on getting to Krka River National Park from the cruise terminal? Our cruise line has an excursion but it's $109 for adults and $75 for children. As far as I can tell, that just includes the transportation. Seems awfully expensive, especially since we are a family of five. We just want to check out the waterfalls and if the weather permits, go for a swim. Any advice on getting there and back? Thanks. :)
  13. MaiTaiMary

    A bunch of questions about NCL Star...

    I hope not, too! :o They've been spoiled with Carnival's biggest/newest ships. Our cruise is very port intensive (5 ports on the week long cruise; only 1 sea day), but I still want them to have stuff to do on their own.
  14. We are jumping over to NCL from Carnival. :) I have some questions and I'm hoping you guys can help me out. Feel free to answer whichever ones you are familiar with: -Can somebody post (or a link to) the current MDR menus? Any "must have" recommendations? -Does the cabin steward come to the cabin twice a day or once? -I just read that I'm supposed to reserve our show times before we sail. Ack! I didn't realize that. Any shows in particular that we shouldn't miss? -Can somebody post the kids club itineraries? (ages 11, 12, and 14) -My kids want to know if there is soft serve ice cream 24/7, like on Carnival. ;p -There are no set dining times for the MDR, correct? Do you just show up at the dining room or do we check in elsewhere? I think that's it for now. :) Thank you so much!!
  15. My kids are 11, 12, and 14. We have a very port intensive cruise, but when we ARE onboard, what is there for them to do? They've been pretty spoiled with ships that have a lot of bells & whistles. I just learned that the waterslides have been removed. Very sorry to hear this. My 11 and 12 year old aren't thrilled with the idea of sharing the kids club with the little kids. How do they separate the older kids? Any idea what kind of activities they have planned for them? Is there ping pong? Basketball hoops? Is there a 24/7 soft serve ice cream like on the Carnival ships? Bonus points if somebody can post the kids club activities for these ages. :cool: Thank you!!