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  1. Thank you for the help! So much to consider. It looks like the ships are pretty similar. I like having the water slides and stuff doe the kids (teens) to do on seadays.
  2. We are looking at two cruises for next Spring. We are BEACH people and are looking for beach days or some kid of active adventure excursion. (Rafting, zip lining, etc). We haven’t been to any of these ports, so they would all be new to use. Help me decide which one would be better. 😎 1. Carnival Breeze from Fort Lauderdale 8 day St. Maarten St. Kitts San Juan Grand Turk 3 sea days 2. Carnival Radiance from Port Canavaral Curacao Aruba Grand Turk 4 Sea days The price difference is so small, i
  3. What is your favorite Carnival port of call you've visited and why? 😎
  4. We are looking into our first RCCL cruise. Brillance of the Seas. I've researched the itinerary and now I'm looking at the ship. I can't find much info on it and I was wondering if anybody had a link or a quick overview of the ship. We have three teens who love the water slides, rope courses, etc. Am I missing something or does this ship not have these? Besides a teen club, what kind of things does this ship have for 12-15 year olds? Thank you.
  5. Thank you! Pretty much the same questions I have above. I’m trying to to figure out if the bus stops in Gamla Stan and we can get out. also wondering if the Vasa was a guided tour or you do this on your own. Did you have enough time for shopping and/or to grab a bite to eat? thanks so much for the help!
  6. Excellent! Thank you for responding. So the Vasa museum and the town are the only two places you get out of the bus, correct? Is the Vasa Museum on your own, or a guided tour? Do you get off the bus is Gamla Stan or just pass through? They reference “the old town” twice, but I can’t tell where they are referring to. Glad to hear there was time to stop for a drink and shopping. That was going to be my next question. thanks so much!
  7. Just asking about this specific tour. I wasn’t referring to bus time to and from the port. The tour itself. If anybody has been on this tour, I wanted to ask some more in depth questions and some of the things they did. Thanks.
  8. Looking for feedback on the "Beautiful Stockholm & Vasa Museum" tour. Sounds like more time in the bus than we would like, but honestly our priority is the Vasa museum and we will be docked pretty far from the city. So we are looking into this one. Any feedback? Thank you!
  9. Does anybody know which movies are being shown on the outdoor screen this month? On the Getaway. Thanks.
  10. Can you post a link to your review? I will be on this one this month. Thanks so much!
  11. Carnival has self- service laundry machines and I REALLY miss these on NCL. I don't trust the "send your laundry away" services. It has nothing to do with the price. I like stuff washed in cold and some things don't go in the dryer. But we are going on a 9 day cruise and no way can we pack enough clothes to not have to do laundry. (Family of five.) So thinking about just sending out socks and underwear and maybe a couple of basics that can be washed and dried hot.
  12. I'm trying to find a website (or if somebody can answer for me, that much better!) that shows which ships are in port on a specific day. Monday, July 29, 2019 Nynashamn, Sweden and Stockholm, Sweden. Thank you!
  13. Can the 13 year old sign the 8 year old out of the kid's club? I thought an adult needed to. Not sure which cruise line you are on, but you might want to double check this.
  14. I'm looking at my reservation, trying to order a case of bottled water to have in the cabin when we board. I don't see that option. Lots of flowers, decorations, wine, diapers, etc. Do they not offer this? I know I can purchase individually on board, but I like to have a case of water in my cabin for throughout the cruise. Thanks.
  15. I will definitely double check. Thank you for pointing that out, if I got my measurements wrong. If that's the case, there is no reason to change cabins. The bathtub is the only difference??
  16. NCL website says Family Mini Suites are 239 sq. feet and Mini Suites are 207 sq. feet.
  17. We currently have a Mini Suite with balcony on the Getaway. Deck 13, midship. The price of our cruise has gone down and we have the opportunity to switch a FAMILY Mini Suite with Balcony. Deck 12, close to the kid's club. We are happy with our current cabin and we're close to the rest of the family here. So I would be fine staying put. However, just seems silly to not upgrade to a larger cabin (with a tub that will be used!), if we can for no extra cost. Any thoughts? What would you do? I would be interested to hear from somebody who has had a Family Mini
  18. Thank you! We are trying to put together a balcony cabin and an inside cabin for 3. So if we choose 8224 (balcony) and 8125 (inside/3 pax) we could use that connecting hallway?
  19. Thank you! We are trying to put together a balcony cabin and an inside cabin for 3. So if we choose 8224 (balcony) and 8125 (inside/3 pax) we could use that connecting hallway?
  20. I've notice there are tours/transfers from the Southampton cruise terminal to Stonehenge to the airport, but are there any that will take you to the St. Pancras train station? Thank you.
  21. We are trying to choose two cabins close together on deck 8 of the Explorer. Can anybody tell me what this area is? Just a open area? Odd to see inside cabins with their own hallway. Cabin 8226 would just to a large open space?? I don’t think I would like that. we have the highlighted cabins to choose from as well as an inside. Just trying to pick the best one. thnaks.
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