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  1. Just one (Barcelona to Rio on Insignia) about 10 years ago. We were interested in the TA on Riviera so I called to get a quote and the rep made this offer. Could not refuse...hope it gets carried over as we probably will postpone.
  2. We were offered all 3 O-life benefits by the Oceania rep (Ultimate package?) instead of the choice of only one. We had 2 days to accept which we did.
  3. I have the same question. We have all the O-life benefits on our March 31st Riviera TA. It was offered as an incentive to past Oceania cruisers and not as a specific cruise offer. Will it carry over as part of the FCC?
  4. My wife uses a cane/walker as well...we have a walker that converts to a transporter. It can safely be used anywhere and we take it on cruises as it folds neatly for plane travel. See below for one similar to ours... https://hugoanywhere.com/products/hugo-navigator-rollator-transport-chair/
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