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  1. ClassAction DOT org came across this. Id give it more time but just in case
  2. Im really sorry you have to go thru this. I hope it works out but in the end he is the only one who can help himself I would cancel the cruise JMHO
  3. CrusieToy


    in the short term we are canceling our first Azemera cruise No way im traveling with these people. We have taken 36 cruises in the last 10 years had 1 issue and Celebrity took care of it, it took a little work but they more than made up for it ...Azamara ha
  4. CrusieToy


    we are no way im traveling with theses people. see katiebeth's post below that is NO WAY to treat a CUSTOMER!!! but seems to be the norm. Am i missing something? are there any good stories with their handeling of this problem? sorry if I missed them but seems "too bad" from the cruise lines and "It;s not covered" from the insureance companies seemed to be the norm
  5. we booked 3 rooms for family. in order to keep booked on board benefit for 2 of the rooms my wife and I had, we put her in a room with our daughter in law and my son in my room figuring out we would just change cards. prob. is my son and daughter in law both want the drink package and neither my wife or I do. Would it be as simple as going to guest services and changing rooms? or is this impossible since we booked the way we did toe get a discount? thanks in advance
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