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  1. Still very disappointed, the price difference between our booked cat. 9 inside on the TA Journey and balcony is now €100 per person, upgrade bids accepted from $1200 per person. No early booking for us anymore... Bob en Cor
  2. Not bidding, from $200 pp for outside and $1200 pp for balcony. Dit not receive an email but went to the Azamara site and just tried
  3. We booked a guarantee inside and we can bid for an upgrade outside and balcony.......
  4. Upgrade programm for our TA. From inside to balcony $1260 pp minimum. At this moment you can book a balcony cheaper than an inside....
  5. Hello Bonny, we already posted pur concerns in another post a few months ago when this cruise already disapearred. But blaming our travelagent for not informing us about the change is not very nice. We booked a Premium cruise and we receive all kinds off offers through pur email and you cannot inform is about a change off ports? How much we like Azamara this will be our last, too many issues the last years. We did receive a change off port from Celebrity for our cruise in 2021! So same company but different rules?
  6. Nice to see this here. But we did not receive this. Poor customer service!
  7. No word from Azamara yet, do they know that people booked this cruise and they would like to know where they are going? This is not good, and not our first time with Azamara.
  8. Happened before a few months ago.....
  9. My guess a lot off Brazilians onboard lol
  10. I tried, but it seems I I not eligible, our cruise is next wednesday:)
  11. We submitted our Upgrade Form for our cruise march 20th 2019 on 31-10-2017. So now I have to apply again? I tried but got this message: Sorry - looks like you're not eligible for an upgrade at this time. Please verify that you meet the eligibility requirements listed below and check again within 90 days of your departure. Does our original request still apply....... Bit confusing
  12. Great to see, maybe we get some additional info, still bit suspicious and wait with booking our flights:)
  13. Sorry, but we have been on 60+ cruises and this is the second time we had issues and again with Azamara, we again are very disappointed Bob
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