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  1. Our embarkation was chaotic, too - but not once we were at checkin. It was more related to the drop off area and luggage porters. Our taxi driver tried to drop us at the main street. We had 4 suitcases, my husband not fully recovered from back surgery, and it was pouring rain. I had to ask him to drive is INTO the pier area, which he didn't want to do. He tried to claim they wouldnt let him in (no one even questioned it). Once he drove us in, it was very difficult to pull up and find a porter. Some of it was the small area, and some was the weather. Once we were inside the building and in the check-in line, it was smooth.
  2. I understand this totally. When my son was that age, we cruised a lot with him, or even took his friends with us. The only rule my husband always had was they could do whatever they wanted during the days, but he wanted the family together at dinner. However you decide to use the credit, I'm sure you can keep it or convert it to whatever suits you best.
  3. We were also on this cruise. We were with friends, and had a great time. Still, my review of this particular cruise is mixed. There were a number of things that weren't up to usual HAL standards. I think this speaks to a management problem on this ship - while many individual crew members were fantastic, there was an overall lack of training or attention to detail noticed. As an example, our breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill had some of the worst service, ever. Getting a cup of Earl Gray tea was difficult, more times than not on 10 different days I was brought black or green tea. Our food was wrong nearly every time (something missing, something other than we ordered). The server that always comes around with the pastry tray only came to us a few days. The butter on our table was used with toast crumbs in it (just plain gross). The bartenders also seemed to have issues. My favorite drink is a Coral Drop - it's on the HAL menu and I've ordered it in every bar for at least 10 years. No one knew how to make it - not in the Ocean Bar, Crows Nest, or Pinnacle Bar. And speaking of the Pinnacle Bar - one night we were served drinks in plastic martini glasses. I asked if they had real ones, and was told they were out. For a restaurant that used to pride themselves on the Riedel stemware, it's a shame to serve a $12 drink in plastic. These things were glaringly wrong to me - but there was a lot that was right. The food, even in the Pinnacle, was excellent. Most of the staff was, as well. Our cabana, and cabana attendants Marco and Alvin were top notch. None of these issues ruined our good time. We noticed because we know how good things can usually be. Still, something felt "off" on this particular cruise. I was with a group of 4 people, and 3/4 of us left sick as well.
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  5. In our experience, this restaurant can have some of the biggest Hits and Misses of a cruise. We've eaten in Canaletto on at least a dozen different ships, and the quality can widely vary, even among what you order on the same ship. We're fresh off the Eurodam, where we at at Canaletto 3 times. Our favorites were: The veal meatball appetizer, the gnocchi with beef short ribs, and the chicken parm which was a special one night. The misses were: Spagetti vongele (with white claim sauce - much TOO spicy), and the Veal Saltimboca special - much too tough. We like the laid back atmosphere and personalized service. It's hard to judge this restaurant a winner or loser based on a few dishes, it's really very up and down.
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