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  1. Hey there - please can some of you dismount your high horses and read my post properly? I don’t need to be brought down about my attitude. I am actually quite positive and looking forward to the trip and I am sure that everything WILL be fine and that the reviews made over the last few months (which are pretty much all negative) will be from those that have higher expectations than myself. All i wanted to do was ask what happens if things go wrong? Has anybody fared well with getting a refund etc from royal Caribbean when things did go wrong? (Please remember I’m a Brit and we are way behind certain continents on the suing/compensation culture. 😉 ) When I have paid out over £1300 per person i would like to be comforted by the fact that i have some recourse if things do go wrong - (yes i can read the Ts& Cs of the contract - but hell i thought i was going to get some posts from those that have had experience of good/bad cruises rather than from those that feel they need to appear superior to others and state the obvious - or those that are vindictive and spiteful “maybe just trolls in training” ?) I’m an experienced traveler and have had flights delayed, poor hotels, excellent hotels etc. BUT, the way i was treated during the booking process left a lot to be desired and I guess my question was really about the ethos of RC and whether they just take your money and its tough poop if their ship and staff don’t meet the normal standard. Ok, hope you’ve all untangled your knickers now - this was not meant to be a serious post by the way - just a “ what’s been your experience” and how best to deal with it - Yes, we have the full alcohol package btw so we will be ok come what may !!
  2. Hi there, Last year we arranged and booked with RC to cruise on the Islands of Japan and Philippines tour in August. Already we have been informed that we are no longer stopping in the Philippines so a fundamental mis-sell already. Anyway, not particularly a showstopper in itself but nonetheless annoying - unfortunately we had already paid out for flights from UK to Hong Kong and return so we couldn’t really pull out. However, really concerned of the reviews on this site with regards to the RC Voyager ship and current onboard staff and amenities. We sailed with RC last year from NY to the Bahamas and really enjoyed ourselves so convinced others to join us. I’d hate to get on board and find it is really as bad as the reviews have said. I am hoping its not the case and that we all have a fab time. We know its an older ship and I do know that some people have higher/lower expectations etc. However, i would feel more comfortable if I’m prepared if it does turn out to be a “motel” on sea i want to make sure that i collect all the relevant data/photos i need to claim refunds etc (and whether indeed this may be a mute point with RC -?) We have already lost first deposit as they sold us a “you won’t get it cheaper than this deal” which transpired to be £2000 more expensive for our group of 9 than the cost 6 months later - we lost deposit (over £1000) and rebooked saving £1000 but as you can imagine it has already left a very bitter taste already with regards to the customer service of RC. So back to my question - has anyone claimed and been successful to receive a refund? What sort of things do i need to record/photo/talk to if things are bad? By the way, I’m hoping that I really don’t have to - but like the girl guide i was - i like to be prepared ! Many thanks
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