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  1. Adventurous Grandmom

    Message for Bonnie

    Thanks Bonnie-looking forward to seeing the shore excursions! Kathy
  2. Adventurous Grandmom

    Message for Bonnie

    Some how my thread got hijacked--I asked Bonnie about shore excursions for the Pursuit March 20,2019 cruise. There are no excursions for any African ports. Bonnie you said to get back to you if they didn't show up by mid October. Thanks kathy
  3. Adventurous Grandmom

    Message for Bonnie

    Hi Bonnie-I wrote to you a few weeks ago and you said to get back to you if shore excursions were not posted for Pursuit -March 20,2019. I was looking for excursions for Casablanca and Agidir. It is now Nov 1 and still no excursions for Africa. Hopefully some will be available soon! kathy
  4. Adventurous Grandmom

    Question for Bonnie MacLaird-Pursuit-March 20,2019

    Thanks so much for checking.kathy
  5. Hi Bonnie--I am on the Pursuit sailing March 20,2019 -We have no shore excursions listed for the three African ports--Cape Verde, Agidir, and Casablanca. I have contacted the shore excursion office and they are checking -However it has been quite a while and we are still seeing no excursions. Can you please tell us if they will be offering these excursions? Thanks so much. Kathy:)
  6. Adventurous Grandmom

    Food decline?

    [quote name='4774Papa']I didn't eat the food, so I can't say it was good. However, when people on cc use the word "inedible" I almost stop reading. What made the specific food not fit for consumption? Was it spoiled or rotten? I have set dishes back on both X and NCL (more on NCL) because the dish I ordered was not what I expected, not cooked properly but never have I been served food that was inedible. That would account for 14 ocean cruises and three river cruises. Further, the times that I have sent food back, I can count on one hand.[/QUOTE I have also been on 25 plus Ocean cruises plus one river cruise andI think I explained what I meant by inedible--we could not cut the prime Rib with a steak knife-I would say that was inedible. No the food wasn't spoiled or rotten but it wasn't good either. I have never had food this consistently bad on any cruise.
  7. Adventurous Grandmom

    Food decline?

    I just came back from an 18 day cruise on the Solstice and the food in the Main Dining room was at times inedible-we ordered Prime rib for our dinner on the first night at the recommendation of the waiter and we couldn't cut it let alone eat it! After that the most of the dinners were very disappointing. I talked to people who ate in Blu and Luminare and their food was fine. There have definitely been cuts in staffing in the Main Dining Room. I did contact the Main Office at Celebrity in Miami and they seemed very interested in my opinion of the food. I have cruised on Celebrity twice before and the food in the MDR was very good both times. So even though food is subjective I definitely noticed a big difference in the quality between my cruises.Kathy
  8. Adventurous Grandmom


    I just sailed on the Solstice and had Select dining in the MDR--If you are in Aqua class and can eat in Blu-consider yourself very lucky. The dinners in the MDR were not good for the most part. We had Prime Rib the first night that we couldn't cut and the food didn't improve after that. I would have loved to had the choice of eating in Blu. By the way I have cruised on Celebrity before and loved the food in the MDR. I have no idea why it was so bad this time. Many of our fellow diners agreed. kathy
  9. Hi Linda--Thanks for your blog--enjoying reading it -I am envious since we left the ship in Perth--We did spend three days in Sydney after the cruise We also went to the Blue Mountains and also to Manley Beach-Manley is an enjoyable 30 minute ferry ride across the bay and has a wonderful beach walkway and stores and restaurants. If you have time you would enjoy it. Have a great time in Uluru. kathy
  10. Adventurous Grandmom

    Going this summer! Solstice questions!

    Hi--we were just on the Solstice in Australia and NZ-You should definitely take the Aqua class rooms--The food in Blu is so much better than the Main Dining room. We had a 1A balcony on the Hump with a larger balcony. It wasn't worth the horrible food in the main Dining room -Friends ate in Blu-It was so much better than our food. I have cruised on Celebrity before and the food was always wonderful in the Main Dining Room but things have definitely change. I would book Aqua class kathy
  11. Adventurous Grandmom

    Blue mountains tour suggestions

    We were just in the Blue Mountains a few days ago with peter Bailey of Baileys Tours -He takes private groups in his van. Very friendly personable fellow-great tour, great restaurant for lunch in Leura We also went to Featherdale Wildlife park and Peter has wonderful knowledge of all the animals. I highly recommend his tours.
  12. Thanks Terry for the great pics of the Solstice--We board her in a few weeks for an Auckland to Perth Cruise. Your pictures heightened the anticipation! kathy
  13. Adventurous Grandmom

    Sydney's Hip, Happening . . . The Rocks!!

    Thanks Terry for the article on Sydney and your wonderful pictures. We are spending a few days in Sydney after our Solstice cruise in February. I printed the article for future reference. Kathy
  14. Adventurous Grandmom

    First Class Lounges/facilities American Airlines

    American Phl to DFW and American DFW to Honolulu Hawaiian _Honolulu to Auckland-My ticket says first class.
  15. Adventurous Grandmom

    First Class Lounges/facilities American Airlines

    Sorry-We are on American Airlines and Hawaiian air. I am Elite-My friend is not a frequent flyer.