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  1. jeannep

    Newport pier

    Where does the tender drop us off? Is it right by the center of Newport?
  2. jeannep

    Port Canaveral Docking/Disembarking

    You can open your bags when you retrieve them just move to a corner because there will be a lot of others looking for their bags. Enjoy the trip.
  3. [quote name='bluegirlum']I'll be on the same cruise. You'll have a great time!!![/quote] We are also on the Feb. 28th cruise. Can't wait.
  4. jeannep

    Blue Lagoon or O'Sheehans on the Sun?

    [quote name='newmexicoNita']you didn't miss it; neither are on the Sun, but my guess and it is just that: eventually they may turn Las Rambles into O'Sheehans. Right now you can get similar food in the sports bar, but only in the evening. We really enjoy going to the sports bar, watching football or baseball and having wings among other things. Sometimes before we do that we go to Las Rambles for tapas. I hope I am wrong and they do not do away with the place.[/quote] We are going on the Sun in June. Is there any 24 hour place to get wings and things? We love the Blue Lagoon/O'Sheehans.
  5. jeannep

    Restaurants on the Splendor

    Thanks for the responses!!!!
  6. Hi All, My friend will be traveling on the Splendor this September to Canada from NY. We have checked the website but can't figure out what restaurants on the Splendor are free and which ones are "for a fee". If anybody has a list, it would really be a big help. Thanks,
  7. jeannep

    Blue Lagoon or O'Sheehans on the Sun?

    [quote name='Hikini']The Sun and the Sky don't have Blue Lagoon/O'Sheehan's.[/quote] Is there anything similar?
  8. I was just looking at the dining options on the Sun and did not see the Blue Lagoon/O'Sheehans listed. Could I have missed it?
  9. jeannep

    Atlantis: Book from NCL or Comfort Suites?

    When we were at Atlantis (just sightseeing and walking around) we saw people getting a walking tour and they had their bathing suits with them. If you take the NCL Atlantis tour, do you have to get the full tour or can you just go to the water places?
  10. jeannep

    NCL Breakaway - Worst Vacay Ever

    [quote name='AE730']I hope you have allergic kids in your family whom you take on this wonderful journey - then we will talk about negative rants!![/quote] Wow!!! Wishing someone allergic kids is so sad.
  11. jeannep

    Is the coffee that bad?

    DH and I enjoy all the coffee onboard NCL. He gets decaf and I get regular. Never a problem. We do not like weak coffee and we never found that on NCL. ENJOY!!!!
  12. jeannep

    Smoking on Breakaway

    We had a wonderful cruise on the Breakaway. One thing I did notice was the smell of smoke in and around the casino. It never really bothered me before. I smoked for many years but have been smoke free for 12 years. This time the smell was really thick. As soon as we returned to our room, we had to change our clothes.
  13. jeannep

    Epic Laundry

    They have a special which accures once a week. Fill up their laundry bag as full as you can get it and it is returned the next day folded beautifully and some things might even be on hangers. I think the last time it was about $25 but not sure.
  14. jeannep

    What is different about Norwegian?

    [quote name='GSLMOM']I would say the biggest difference Is that it's very laid back! (Of course, that's probably because of freestyle.)[/quote] I agree. They have so much to do or nothing to do. Going to dinner when you want dressed resort casual is the best. The other cruise lines have anytime dining but it is still in the same dining room all the time. NCL has at least 2 main dining rooms, and a 24 hour place and a buffet and many others (with a small fee). The only problem is trying to decide where and when to go.