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  1. I am Black bar appears saying " Your previous content has been restored, Clear content " Which I do and nothing happens Box disappears HELP ????
  2. I was under the impression the Gem was refurbed before she reentered service after Covid shut down. Apparently not so ! Anyone have some information on why she is off almost 4 weeks so soon after the restart ???
  3. I don't see any feedback on wearing masks on board. Not required at all ? Not required in dining and bar venues ? Casinos ? Required indoors ? Not required outdoors ? Poolside deck chair spacing ? Help please
  4. To be very clear, I already purchased my independent Covid Policy coverage at time of booking after I was quoted an MSC insurance price by my TA. They are accepting my paid for policy only if I pay the additional $100 and $150 total $250 surcharge. I can't get my Premium back., so I am paying almost twice the price for SAME coverage. It's outragous !
  5. I always buy travel insurance when booking cruises with better coverage and generally lower cost independently, not the offered cruise company insurance. Now after final payment for two B to B cruises ( 4 night Med. pre 16 night Trans-Atlantic cruise to Miami. Even though I have superior Covid covered insurance, I am now required to purchase "MSC Covid Protection Services " at a cost of $100 for 4 night portion and $150 for the TA. portion I am stuck and find that my Travel Agent could care less !!! This is a warning to people contemplating MSC cruise or checking this out before you make your final payment. That $100 for the 4 night cruise adds 15% to what is no longer any bargain.
  6. I am booked Inside Cabin on TA from Barcelona on Nov.2nd to Miami. Last week I saw a Balcony Cabin for 4 days preceding the above Seashore Cruise for $600 US and grabbed it, The price for an Inside Cabin was over $900 US for same 4 days meaning the Insides were at close to capacity as you could also take the TA from Genoa to Miami. This begs the question of capacity (non issue?)and its effect of landing on USA soil in Miami without taking a "TEST" cruise ??????
  7. Anyone have factual information if MSC current cruises through 2021 are capacity controlled 50%, 75 % ????????
  8. Don't have to think about now. P & O just canceled my booking saying it is too complicated to accept booking from non UK residents !!! My fourth cruise canceled in last 6 months.
  9. THAT WOULD ALLOW YOU TO ROAM FREE WHICH CURRENTLY IS OUTSIDE COVID RESTRICTIONS ??????? Hope we can get some feedback from P & O cruises to Canary 's before end of October ! According a Canary website they are among the lowest Covid infections is Spain. Locals can move freely among the islands without restrictions. Portugal and Islands ??
  10. Shuttle Bus provided by P & O is highly touted in their adverts is another part of the Port stops. Any idea what's going on there ?????
  11. My point is, if only shore excursions are those run by P & O because of Covid, I and others on our upcoming cruise in October to Canary Islands, we will not be able book private tours which is our preferred way for the reasons you stated above. So far I have not found a Written P & O policy on this on a website in the US. Help me if you can . Many thanks !
  12. AHA !!!! So it seems that P& O tours do make stops at Toilets that just happen to have gift shops near or attached. I guess that my real complaint is the number of bus passenger s (40 or so) versus ( 6 in a private minivan ) that take ten minutes to file off and on the bus and the one couple shopping for that perfect refrigerator magnate for Aunt Tilly holding the other 38 people hostage.
  13. Are you saying that those toilet (loo) stops do not have gift shops on P & O Port stops ??
  14. Many cruise lines are only allowing you off the ship taking their supposidly sanitized shore excursions. at port stops. Anyone aware of P & 0 policy . I dislike large buses stopping a shopping venues I have no interest in with time wasted on long lines at toilet stops.
  15. Thank you very much for the information and also the other cabin service food menus
  16. First Time on P & O I enjoy a drink or two in my cabin before dining. On other cruise lines I can order a bottle that typically comes with 4 to 6 mixers, i.e. tonic water. Is this service available on P & O and any idea of cost of a premium brand of Vodka ? Bruce
  17. WOW ! When I posted my disappointment in HAL entertainment offering 3 years ago, i.e. BB Kings doesn't play Blues and in the Queens Lounge with low ceilings is too loud., twin Pianos play by poor entertainers, Lincoln Center ( I love ) playing only one set per night during Early dinner seating as they had to play live for Planet Earth, , no continuous music in Atrium anymore, no Dance Band sets before or after dinner, no more dance lessons, no more time time passing activities such as Putting or Bowling, Golfing, Kareoke, etc. I was told people didn't want these activities by fellow cruisers. They are alive and well on NCL, Celebrity, RCI, and others where I went after HAL. I cruised before Covid four times a year. I have never met a Piano Bar with sing along that was not SRO night after night. Because you are not interested and/or it only attracts a certain group, don't knock it. Something for everyone was/is a winning formula. Attracting younger people for destination cruising, they are back packing though Europe until they reach the time and money 50+ to join us. or going on Carnival with water slides to Caribbean islands with their children. You and I really don't want them crawling under our table at dinner. Just some observations from an old Curmugeon with 40 plus cruises under his belt.
  18. Three years ago after 9 straight HAL cruises I left for other cruise lines because the repetitiveness, sparseness, of musical offerings and total lack of interest in Opray "style". Planet Earth can be watched only so many times. ! Most competitive lines generally offer more than one venue going at the same time, giving you some choice. Has anything changed in the last few years ?????
  19. The above information is dated August of 2020 ! Does anyone have an updated Shore Excursion info on MSC and are all Cruise lines coming on line this summer going to be at 70% of capacity for social distancing ?? Also the recent spike in many European countries, i.e. Norway, could change the playing field again ????? Also, packing people densely on a 45 seat bus is better than letting them off to wander a town in the fresh air, Hello !!!!!
  20. Is this in Writing anywhere with any cruise line ??? Particularly MSC which seem to be out of the gate with many of their ships in the next 3 months ???
  21. Is there any truth that due to Covid, You will only allowed to leave the Ship for the Cruise Line Excursions ??
  22. I am replying to your remarks that because MSC offers a well priced cruise product, we should put up with their often less than Ethical business practices. And I wanted you to know that I have sailed with MSC (many posts are by people criticizing cruise lines they have never sailed on). When on MSC, you do get a decent product for the price you pay. They choose their price points ! My comment on multiple language announcements was just a "heads up" for those who have never sailed "foreign " cruise line .
  23. I have cruised with MSC twice and Viva la Difference, listening to multiple language announcement is slightly annoying, but you are saying its okay that their business practices should be tolerated because they are MSC is not logical. Ethical practices are universal !
  24. WHAT ABOUT TRAVEL AGENT INCOME ? Upon questioning a TA as to whether they are paid to handle all these cancelations by cruise lines, I got a vague answer of "Some do, Some don't". Any TA want to fess up about what is going on ??????
  25. HOW TO BORROW CASH FROM YOUR CUSTOMER: You create itineraries and prices for cruises you never intend to fulfill at great prices (MSC and others) Cruisers book and send in their deposits (cash flow). You also move up final payment dates from 60 to 90, maybe even 120 days (more cash flow). Your customers are told " you can get your money back and/or Future Cruise Credit (with a discount). Surprise ! Your cruise is canceled ! You or your TA apply for credit. Oh Dear !!!! MSC is so backed up handling these returns, it will be Three (3) to six (6) months before it's credited back to your credit card. You are better than a bank, you don't charge interest as you loose your interest income I am surprised Travel Agent Associations are letting this happen !!!!!
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