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  1. We did not do it but I took a look at it - and the price list. I'm pretty sure it was 45E for 10 or 15mins. There was shorter time for less money. DH and DS and grandson are all big racing fans but being form the US - 45E was just too much (like $80). It looked like a racing car on a pedistal. There were only a couple of people standing around like us looking at it, no one was in it. It really did look like fun, just too expensive for us. I doubt you would have a hard time booking it. Maybe someone else can give you more info.
  2. Formal dining on Costa is not as formal as other ships. I saw jeans on formal nights. Aside from that, in the evening they put some white tablecloths in the pizza area and instead of standing in the pizza line, you sit down and they take your order. They have different pizzas offered each day. There was also a salad bar but no desserts. We only went there once to check it out for a late snack. We ate in the dining room every night and even though we weren't really crazy about the food, we usually ate enough to last us. We just wanted to walk up and grab a piece of pizza and we had to sit down and wait. I was not ever in the buffet at dinner time but it was not listed in the daily paper as a dining option - and I did make a point to look.
  3. There is no dinner buffet. There is pizza and some salad, that is all. A couple of nights there was a midnight buffet. We had early dining on the Concordia and we didn't starve. I read where there was some tea sandwiches and pastries late afternoon in the buffet but I never made it there, it was too close to dinner for me to eat - and also we were off the ship at that time every port day.
  4. Janice, nice talking to you again! Switzerland must be beautiful, it is on my list of must sees. Sorry you have to spend so much time away from Mike though. That is the way to see Alaska, we just did the cruise so I have to go back and finish seeing everything I missed. You will have a great time with your family, don't worry. We are getting way off topic here, I will look for you on the Princess board.
  5. Hi Janice! June is the best time to see Alaska, prices are not real bad and the glaciers are starting to rumble. That's when we were there. Cold some, warm some. What line is the Diamond? Not familiar. No, I wasn't nuts about Costa. You hear so much about people saying Costa is a great cruise for the money. It wasn't any savings for me. I got a small suite and paid top dollar. I didn't get any of the pampering like on X but we did have a fantastic time. I miss Europe and can't wait to go back. With the sad shape of the $, it may be a while. May think about another Alaska cruise in the future, we didn't get to do a cruise tour, just a cruise and I really missed seeing so much.
  6. I can't tell you about the ship's excursion because we took a private tour. I can tell you that the ride is 3 hours from the ship. We used DeCastro Tours, loved them and one of the people on our tour wrote a glowing review on the Africa board and it was removed by cc. Something about it being an unsolicited advertisement.....A camel ride was included, our tour guide made the arrangements (bartering etc) and when the deal was settled we went over and got on. You could ride double or single, whatever you preferred. The ride is short, maybe just a little bit longer than a carnival pony ride. Yes, the camels do stink. I know we saved a lot over what the ship offered and had a better tour - but I will not venture to say anything more.....about the tour - but do be careful, leave your purse on the bus and hide your money in your pocket.
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