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  1. Thinking about the 7-day on the Vista the first week of March. The first 2 days are sea days. I'm wondering if I'm risking the weather not being warm enough to use the pools on these days. I know out of Long Beach, it takes time to get far enough south to warm up. Obviously we can't predict the weather, but might someone be able to advise me on this? Also, I would be flying into the Houston-Bush airport. Anyone know how long the drive is to Galveston? Is an Uber possible? Thanks in advance!
  2. So I'll be on a cruise that will be docked from 8 -2. At this port, I usually go down to Pillory Beach, but I'm unsure of this idea because I don't know if there will be enough time. I'm thinking of staying at the beach near the pier, maybe going over to Jack's Shack. My question is...What time will these beach bars/restaurants be open? Also, how is the beach near Jack's Shack? I have read the beaches near the pier are rocky. Any input is appreciated!! Thank you.
  3. My vote is for Pillory Beach. the Bahio Resort is small, but WOW!, the beach is amazing. You can literally walk for what seems like miles and not see a soul. This is what I did with my son years ago. It was one of the best days we've had on vacation. The sand was warm, the waves were perfect and the water wasn't rocky. The resort has a very well maintained bar and restaurant with kinda-pricey but worth it food and drinks. It's my version of perfect!
  4. Same happened to me. I had priority boarding and had the platinum card with all the benefits as soon as I boarded the ship, first leg. This was 2 years ago. Congrats on your 20th anniversary. Have a great time!
  5. My two cents: I thought is was good advice by another poster to contact customer care with an email of your dilemma. It cannot hurt. Second, I'm platinum now, but not too long ago I literally had always been lucky finding a FTTF, even at the very last minute. That said, I used to check about 3x a day. I always had great luck.. I don't know what your schedule is, but if you are able to check 3x's a day, I would suggest that you keep checking back. Now if I was in your position and these things do not work, since you already have one, and are boarding with your kids and a dependen
  6. Gross. So gross. At least this will force me to drink more water.
  7. Not that it matters, but last night I had some wine when I posted this. I re-read it a few times. Something about it looked weird, but I couldn't figure it out. So I just thought, "oh well", closed my computer and got ready for bed. Then this morning, I woke up with a visual of my post. I realized I typed "stock" instead of "stalk". So odd, that was my first thought when I woke up! I had a bit of a laugh, and thought I'd get on here and correct it. So, yeah, sometimes I "stalk" the website for better cabins. On another note, I used to "stalk" the website for FTTF which has worked as well. :)
  8. I feel the same way! I grew up near the ocean, but now I live so far from it that I need at least an aft balcony so I can be out there with more room and without the annoyance of the wind. Plus having a better view of the stars (and sometimes moon) at night is so worth every extra cent (for me)....and the aft-wrap is a huge bonus. I can't ever book more than 6 months out, but I've still been lucky in getting an aft, then I stock the website daily to see if a wrap becomes available. Usually, one always does.
  9. In my experience, FTTF is not needed in San Juan. My first time is San Juan, I arrived at the port around 10:30 and there was barely anyone there. San Juan is a great place to walk around. There are wonderful shops and dining, plus lots of places to take beautiful pictures and explore. I think because the departure time is later, most guests take advantage of this and don't board until the afternoon. This itinerary is my favorite. Have a great cruise!!
  10. Thanks for your input. It's good to know. I also wonder if perhaps the cabana cabins get too much foot traffic after 7:00? Isn't there a walkway on both sides on deck 5 that goes to the rest of the ship? I have wondered if there are doors, or how it's accessed?
  11. I'm surprised about all the not-so-impressed aft-extended balcony reviews. IMO, the only negative thing about booking an aft or especially the aft wrap is that you'll never want to go back to a regular balcony. I feel like the regular balconies are far too small and windy to really enjoy for an extended period of time, and the view isn't as impressive. 12 night cruise though, awesome! You'll have a great time no matter what you decide! :)
  12. I wonder this as well. From what I've read, the havana area doesn't get too crowded after 7:00pm since this is usually when people are eating, going to shows, etc..I have to wonder what the reasoning is to this. I've also read on the Horizon, it's already open to all ocean-suite guests, as well as they've expanded it to all aft-cabin guests. Iv'e read this hasn't been an issue though. However, opening it as a "pay-to access" area might make it too crowded. ?? I admit, I'm concerned. I just splurged on one of these cabins for a New Years cruise with my (now 12-year-old) son...specifically
  13. I was lucky enough to spend a summer in St. Martin. Because of a couple of cruises I took prior, I just had to see the whole island. There are so many amazing beaches. Although the restaurants and services are nice at Orient, it is actually one of my least favorites because of the sargassum. Same goes for Dawn. My faves, (in no particular order) are Mullet: a bit crowded, but the beach is great, Friar's: similar to Mullet but the food is better and you can snorkel over to a secret beach plus it's usually not as crowded as Mullet, The Rainbow at Grand Case: Staff is amazing, lots of fun and the
  14. Looks like fun, but it's only 3 hours and $100pp. The thing is, it has great reviews on Carnival's site. Just thought I see if anyone has done it and can offer input. (My son is really into creating things and cooking.) Thanks in advance!
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