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  1. I was lucky enough to spend a summer in St. Martin. Because of a couple of cruises I took prior, I just had to see the whole island. There are so many amazing beaches. Although the restaurants and services are nice at Orient, it is actually one of my least favorites because of the sargassum. Same goes for Dawn. My faves, (in no particular order) are Mullet: a bit crowded, but the beach is great, Friar's: similar to Mullet but the food is better and you can snorkel over to a secret beach plus it's usually not as crowded as Mullet, The Rainbow at Grand Case: Staff is amazing, lots of fun and the beach is gorgeous, Anse Marcel: because of the beauty and it's always pretty quiet. There's also a wonderful upscale restaurant with has nice chairs and excellent food. I'm actually surprised no one has mentioned Anse Marcel. It might be my top choice. And lastly, of course, Pinel Island. It might be my favorite...hard to choose. I've been back a couple times since, on a cruise. One day I picked Mullet because it's not too far from the ship. The other time I picked Anse Marcel. It's a hike from the cruise terminal, but totally worth it. St. Martin is by far my favorite island that I've ever been lucky enough to visit!!
  2. Well Said. I leave with my 11-year-old son next weekend. We have a couple of cultural excursions planned, as well as a beach day. I love Mexico, and can't wait for this cruise!
  3. I feel like the pillows are just a bit too firm. That said, I have had neck surgery in the past and need a pillow my head will sink into to keep my spine aligned. I always travel with my own pillow. I sleep well on their beds though!
  4. THIS!! The cruise terminal is my favorite! They have a "Captain's Lounge" for plat's, diamonds, and suites that really is super nice. That said, I've only cruised a few terminals since turning platinum, so maybe there is a nicer one, but I love Long Beach. CCL did an amazing renovation. It's a wonderful way to start off your cruise if you're an early arrival. You will be so happy.
  5. Sailing in 2 weeks and hoping for the blanket as well!! :)
  6. Did anyone click the link and read the article? I did. Couldn't help myself. LOL! Imagine that, a bunch of ministers/priests/clergy, etc... throwing a fit because the DJ played "Bump and Grind", then later played "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. LMAO!! I can't stand R Kelly either, but c'mon...who here CANNOT help themselves but dance like fire when they hear Blurred Lines?!?!
  7. Hmm, I wonder if they change the rules once in awhile? I know in March of last year the aft (hot tubs) were because there was a small sign posted and my son got booted. Oh well. :)
  8. idk I'm sensitive to light too, and the balcony curtains have done a decent job keeping the sun from waking me up. in any case, OP, you made a great decision. If you're a light sleeper, I don't think you would have slept well near the dance club... And now you have a balcony! :)
  9. I've never sailed the newer Vista-class ships, but I've noticed on other CCL ships the hot tubs are just luke-warm. I'm wondering if perhaps the Havana area hot tubs are actually hot? Has anyone noticed this? Thanks.
  10. I agree. I was in an aft balcony cabin last summer on deck 6, above the Punchliner. Since it was an outside cabin, I didn't think it would be an issue. It was. My white noise maker and the Ambien didn't help. One of the best things (for me) is the sound sleep I get on a cruise ship. I love the gentle motion of the waves. It typically puts me right to sleep, but the music kept me up til the place closed. I would upgrade if I were you.
  11. Not sure about the Magic, but the Dream is adult only...although kids can still be in the general area... they just cannot go into the pool or hot tub. I believe this is generally how it works for most or all CLL ships, excluding Vista class which have different rules regarding stateroom catagory. Perhaps someone else has more accurate info on the dream-class ships, or any other class ships, for that matter?? I think it was the same for the Conquest and Victory last summer when I sailed.
  12. THIS! Yep! I completely and totally agree. People who bash Freeport have never been to this beach!
  13. So glad you got it! I personally think it's totally worth it and you made a great decision! I wasn't trying to be mean at all, I just know they don't last long so wanted to let you know to grab it while it was still available! Yes, you'll need to reprint everything. I usually show up around 11:00am, depending upon the departure port. Happy travels!!!
  14. If you want it, get it, like NOW! Ignore the check-in time that's listed on FTTF. It doesn't apply.
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