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  1. On 9/12/2019 at 2:32 PM, ober134 said:

    Correct. We had a couple on the Magic (half price on embarkation) and at least one other port day for a couple hours. They are not a souvenir glass.

    Do you recall the hours on embark day they were on special?  We have Faster To the Fun again and are heading out on the Magic this weekend.  Last year was our first Carnival sailing so we didn't know about the drink specials on embark day.  

  2. Really enjoyed your review!  We are on the same itinerary in a few weeks!  We'll also be trying a cove balcony this time around.  We've sailed Magic before but have been in a Lido deck balcony which we loved but found to be super noisy as it was right near the elevators and across from the laundry room where folks congregated later in the week while waiting for their clothes to wash and dry.  

  3. As a local I can honestly advise against the trolley. They are currently running short on units and even when all are running, you could be waiting forever in the stops near the pier for one with enough space to sit. You can walk to Sam Cristobal fort which is closest to the port and then from there to El Morro (about a mile away). You can visit the pigeon park on your way down to the pier from El Morro. Or you can skip San Cristobal and take a quick taxi to El Morro and walk back down to the pier.


    Stinger-pr, what about any local beaches that you take a quick/cheap cab ride to near the port in OSJ? We are coming in on the CCL Magic in November and were planning to do a little bit of beach time and then come back to walk around OSJ before re-boarding the ship.


  4. I know on my previous RCCL cruise they did a discount on massages at the spa if you booked for the first day or on a port day. Does Carnival offer any deals like this, and if so, do you have an idea of prices or discount? Have a friend leaving tomorrow and I told her I would ask the pros.... Thanks so much


    They ran a Labor Day sale on their site where you could book treatments before sailing for I believe 15% off? Most lines offer giveaways if you visit the spa on embark day. My wife won a free teeth whitening treatment in the spa on a Disney cruise one time. We had stopped in and filled out a card on embark day. Entered drawings several times on RCCL on the first day as well. Most will also offer cheaper prices during days the ship is in port as the spa and other "for fee" places on ship are naturally slower on port days.

  5. Going on our first Carnival sailing in early November on the Magic. Got an email/call from the upsell fairy last night. We are a family of 4 (2 adults, 7yo & 4yo) currently booked in a deck 10/Lido balcony cabin.

    The offer was to move to an ocean suite down on deck 7 for a total of $460. I declined the offer. The larger room/balcony was certainly attractive but that "special" rate was pretty much what rack rate was back when I originally booked our cruise. In addition, we feel the Lido deck location is superb as well. I had looked at suites at that time.


    On a positive note...I woke up this morning and did my daily check to see if Faster to the Fun was available again (been showing sold out on our sailing for a while) and sure enough it was! Snagged FTTF and we will keep our Lido balcony!

  6. I would not do a rental car with the limited time you have. Too much hassle especially if South Beach is your destination. Parking is hard to find and very expensive. Super Shuttles are usually really expensive too. Some of the commonly recommended shared shuttle serves (Jiffy Jeff, SAS, QLS, etc) can provide car seats or boosters if needed. You may not be able to get into a hotel until late afternoon so I would plan accordingly.



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    Thanks, we are heading to the hotel first thing upon arrival so they can hold our bags. We'll probably do one of the boat tours or something that leaves from Bayside Market, eat lunch, maybe go over to southbeach etc. to watch the Saturday ships leave port since we leave on a Sunday.

  7. Thanks for all the tips folks! This used to be easier before kids LOL! I had looked at the GO Aiport site and noticed a town car service one way to our hotel for our date of arrival is only about $86 total out the door. I feel like thats pretty darn fair considering it is a private non-stop car.



  8. Hey Folks,


    We are flying into FLL the day before out cruise for our November sailing out of Miami. Southwest only flies to FLL and we are booked on points. We are a family of 2 adults and 2 kids (7&4 at time of sailing).


    What are our options for transportation to our hotel in downtown Miami? I saw Super Shuttle and "GO" airport car service. Are these town-car style services able to accommodate kids our age? Any other ideas? Obviously would like both a fast and economical solution as we land in FLL at 9:30AM and plan on spending the day touring in Miami and/or South Beach.



  9. Have not been on the Vista (yet), but have been in a Cove on the Magic and the Dream.


    Both times we were under the Guest Services or Shore Excursions area and experienced no noise.


    Under the Dining Room should be the same. It is carpeted and most are out by 10pm.


    From what we've read, under the Galley is a different story. They are working all night and noise from rolling carts, etc. can be heard throughout the evening.


    The Cove offers privacy and you are close to the water and may see flying fish and/or dolphins.


    You may experience spray from the ships wake, but the view is spectacular and the spray can be wiped away with a towel.


    We have a Cove booked on the Vista next January.


    Enjoy :D


    Would you mind sharing what room numbers you've had on Magic and Dream? We are finally giving Carnival a try this November and looking at cove balconies!

  10. We are long time RCCL cruisers but have not cruised in a few years. Our girls (7&4) will be old enough to come in Nov/2018 on a 5 night Infinity Western cruise we have booked.

    Starting to 2nd guess myself though as the ship just seems to look boring to be blunt...what is there to do on the 2 seas days on that cruise? They certainly had the best price/perks for the 5 night schedule. Any experiences with kids that young on these cruises? We aren't big kidsclub/daycare type people.



  11. Headed back out on the Majesty again in early Sept. I've honestly never thought to take my cycling shoes w/ SPD cleats on them to get my workout in while cruising. I've never taken note if the spin bikes in RC's fitness centers have SPD compatible pedals. Any fellow cruising cyclists now about this especially speaking of the spin bikes on Majesty? Figured I'd ask here before calling C&A at Royal.



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