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  1. Thanks ... I wasn't sure if just the format was the same as Celebrity or if the OP had created a spreadsheet as well ... too bad, as it's difficult to search on the thread.
  2. I apologize for asking a question - but is there a spreadsheet or something like the Celebrity board? How do you 'search' or 'filter' to find the specific ship and cabin
  3. Thank you! We will be in Cartagena in February and we were just thinking of stopping by the fort for pictures and then on to the walled city (I'm assuming that is the clock tower) to tool around, maybe some lunch and then before boarding, go to the free wildlife place at the port. This help a lot --- go outside of port for taxi, negotiate and agree on a price before getting in the car - thank you again!
  4. I know this is an older post, but maybe someone will know --- is the $3 or $5 taxi to/from the Old Town per person or per taxi ride (up to 2 or 4 people)? Thank you!
  5. I'd like to know as well ... going to be in Aruba in February
  6. Thank you! We decided to book with Woodwind on their 4 hour tour (morning tour), so we might be 'snorkeled' out afterwards - what other things would you suggest we do for a few hours before going back to the ship?
  7. This is GREAT!!! Question - I know that Bonaire is one of the best places to scuba - but what about snorkeling from the beach/shore? If we rent a golf cart, which of the blue markers are best for snorkeling? Also, we will be there mid February - is the water temperature nice and warm or is it chilly? Thank you so much!
  8. Will they sell Carnival gift cards on the new program? This sounds just like when Verizon changed their program and of course, their new program no longer sells the Carnival gift cards.
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