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  1. Gyu Kaku is a great yakiniku (grilled barbecue) where you grill your own meats. There are hundreds of them in Japan and quite a few outposts here in the US. The one here in Brickell is very busy and actually gets a ton of Asians coming into the area to eat. https://www.gyu-kaku.com/locations-menus/ As someone else said, there is a Benihana close to you on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables if you want the traditional Teppan Style. You are also close to Little Havana (short uber ride away) and there are lots of new amazing restaurants right in that area. From traditional Cuban to one of the best Thai restaurants (Lung Yai Thai Tapas). Michele Bernstein has a great new place there called Cafe La Trova as an example.
  2. Naoe and Chef Corey are fantastic, however it's mainly sushi and the menu is chef's choice so it's very limited. Definitely not Teppan style.
  3. The cabanas also have two lounge chairs out in front of them in the open air that are included.
  4. 1-844-525-0942 is the phone number for the Ocean Ready Department at Princess. They should be able to help your friend get ocean ready.
  5. I had my girlfriend check this last week as she is on the Regal and those are the exact times she gave me. I don't know if the Regal and Royal have changed times since they have the cabanas on them but like you I had thought it was earlier.
  6. Hate that season is almost over but Joe's will have crabs past that date. They do flash freeze them but know how to defrost them so they are not fishy at all. We ate there last summer right before the closed and the stone crabs were still fantastic!! Last year it was the end of July when they closed.
  7. Gyu Kaku in Brickell is lots of fun! I've actually gone to the one in Honolulu, chicago, NY and quite often here in Brickell and always enjoy them.
  8. If you want to safeguard yourself from not having to take that 2nd cabin if the 5th person does not come, then definitely book them by themselves in the cabin as others have said. Once you know if they are indeed coming, then you can hopefully make changes so that 2 are in one cabin and 3 in the other as that will be cheaper. If for some reason you can't move the 4th person into the single occupied cabin, then you lose out on the $99 4th person fee and can make whatever sleeping arrangements you want once you are on the ship.
  9. For purchases you will have to take it out and put in on the medallion scanner. If you have ever used Disney's technology, it's the basically the same. You place the medallion up against "reader" which is a round circle and it reads your medallion.
  10. Yes, you can a lanyard which has a holder for the medallion. They have brought back the wristbands and some have been successful and ordering those rather than the wrist band for free. Otherwise it's $10. They sell necklaces and bracelets as well as a clip holder. You can also simply just carry the medallion in the small plastic case (or take it out of the case) in your pocket or purse.
  11. Yes, they now have a small card in there for you to use to turn off the lights and such. Prior to the medallion they wanted you to use your card (I personally always bought an old hotel key card for this) but now with the medallion there is a small card in the slot for this reason.
  12. There is a sticky at the top about the medallions so we can try and put all the questions and answers in one place for the medallion!!
  13. I put a sticky on top about the medallions so hopefully we can't put all the questions and answers into one place!
  14. Yes, for now it's only the US that Princess is mailing it to.
  15. I thought it would be a great idea to have a sticky so everyone can put their questions in one place for any questions about the ocean medallion so others who have experienced it or have answers could help out rather than having many threads open. This is a great way to share experiences and knowledge. Plus maybe we can get some official answers on here at some point! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Figured I would start with what I have experienced in regards to the medallion. I know one of the big questions asked if when the medallion sailings get added to the Ocean ready app. It appears for now that it's somewhere around the 60 day mark. Mine have been added on their own without having to add them myself. Another question I have been seeing posted here with frequency is when when the medallion be mailed. It appears for now that Princess is mailing them out so cruisers receive them around 2 weeks prior. I know when you order the email received does say 2-4 week however. Also see people questioning whether or not you need your cell phone all the time to use the medallion. Without carrying your cell phone, it does work for opening your door, charging at any venue like stores, bars and speciality restaurants as well as using in the casino. You can also use the large screens that are around the ship to locate those in your party and other things. Perhaps other posters can share their latest experiences with it. I've used in twice on the Regal and I'm using in next month on the Caribbean Princess and excited to see how much more it can do now.
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