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  1. Host CJSKIDS

    Parking MIA

    Park at the port! Safest answers for this area.
  2. Host CJSKIDS

    What's the driving like in Miami?

    This can't turn into a personal debate as that is off topic. There are differing opinions and as someone who actually lives in Miami and drives here constantly throughout the day, I just wanted to give my daily experiences in regards to traffic and driving locally. There is ALWAYS traffic during the week, traffic doesn't move smoothly during rush hour and my husband who has been commuting what is actually the reverse commute for the last year sees crazy things on a daily basis. If someone asks a question, they do deserve to hear many answers so they can be informed. Coming to Miami thinking that there is almost no traffic and crazy drivers sets very unrealistic expectations. That can ruin a vacation. If you are a confident driver who doesn't mind traffic then it's great. But, plan your driving around town knowing that rush hour getting out of Miami starts in earnest at 3 PM now, used to be at 3:45 but has moved up. Plan accordingly.
  3. Host CJSKIDS

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Very true for those who are early birds! 7:30 is normal for us which I guess is considered the early bird in Miami! No control as that’s about when my husband gets home from work i actually like 7:15 new dining time.
  4. Host CJSKIDS

    Bon Voyage Program - Thoughts??

    We have done it around 8 times and its always been a nice time. Our family and friends seem to enjoy their time on board. We have a nice lunch in the dining room, they get a glass of wine and a picture. You can either take the formal tour or walk around yourself. They are able to enjoy anything open on the ship from pools, to all food venues and bars open.
  5. Host CJSKIDS

    Future cruise deposits on web site

    Let's hope they get that up and going. They are down so I can't get in to see my cruises. Wonder what changes I will find.
  6. Host CJSKIDS

    Priority boarding line at Port Everglades?

    Keith, when did they change this? We had one this past February and in Dec 2017. Guess it's another change!
  7. Host CJSKIDS

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    I went to check my next cruise and the website is down. I couldn't get in and got the message "we are having technical difficulties". Perhaps they are overloaded with people changing their dining times?!!
  8. Host CJSKIDS

    What's the driving like in Miami?

    I very respectfully disagree with BNBR and agree with Capt_BJ, driving in Miami in not what I would call tame and I have driven in NYC (from there) and other major cities a lot myself. Just did the NY driving last month. As someone who lives in Miami, I don't think it's fair to let people believe it's tame. I've lived on Brickell for over 6 years now and it's gotten so much worse over the years. My husband does the commute daily from Brickell (Miami) up to Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale as does someone else we know and they both say that it's insane during rush hours. Rush hour getting out of Miami starts at 3 pm daily. Not a day goes by where he doesn't witness someone getting into an accident, cutting illegally through the cones so they can get into the express lanes or various other things on 95. Driving in Miami is not for the fainthearted at times. Driving around the downtown/Brickell area has gotten to be an absolute pain due to all the roadwork and construction. Not to mention the thousands more people who have moved here due to all the new high-rises. And there is always traffic down in Miami, at least when I'm trying to get around going to Costco, airport, midtown, mall, etc. It shouldn't take me 25 minutes to go 5 miles, but it does. Let's just say that I don't think I can make a drive around here any longer without swearing out loud at one point, well usually more than once, during the drive! OP, just map out where you want to go before hand and know that traffic is frequent around here. I know not to try and leave town before 9:30 am and if I leave anytime after 3 pm I'm going to be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. People will cut you off, people are aggressive and many don't like to use signals when either turning or changing lanes. I will say that I laugh that I used to complain about traffic during season while living in Naples for all those years. I would give anything to go back to that, that was tame!
  9. Host CJSKIDS

    Live from the Crown... Mediterranean 10/02-10/13/18

    Beautiful pictures.
  10. Host CJSKIDS

    Forums Off On, back Off and now Back ON

    They are working on the roll calls. If you go to the general page you should be able to see the listings. Unfortunately the search by isn't working at the moment. Hopefully soon.
  11. Host CJSKIDS

    New Format - New Questions

    Okay, not a definitive answer from the powers to be but a guess is that the avatars were smaller so even with you reloading, the file size may be too small. They are going to see if tech team can do anything. Sorry I couldn't get a definitive answer. I do know they have been working very hard and working lots of hours to try and make things work well and the transition go smoothly. Hopefully something can be done or maybe you can re work the picture and try uploading it again. I tried uploading a different picture but it stated the file size was too big.
  12. Host CJSKIDS

    New Format - New Questions

    I don't have a clue honestly. Mine was as well but I reset it while we were testing the site last week to a new avatar which is clear. I know those were some of the last things to move over so there must have a few issues with that. They are still working on a few things. I'll ask and see if I can find something out.
  13. Host CJSKIDS

    New Format - New Questions

    If anyone hasn't noticed yet, when you go into your account profile, you can now add a cover photo as well.
  14. Host CJSKIDS

    What??!! We're back.........

    It just started today and they are fixing issues. Why wouldn't you give the site a couple more days to get everything straightened out? Change is always hard but things like signatures and stuff are being worked on!
  15. Host CJSKIDS

    Season 9 of Yellow Fish Cruises blog has begun

    Can't wait to follow along again this year. Hope it's the best cruising season yet for you both!