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  1. Host CJSKIDS

    Luxury Miami Hotel advice please

    Glad to help! I was quite surprised at how it was covered the hotel itself was. last minute travel has the Four Seasons at a nice discount quite often. I have a friend who stays there often when coming down to see us.
  2. Host CJSKIDS

    Regal ocean medallion

    There are actually other cabins that have the medallion working. Three decks forward and for some reason they added C336 and C337 right before our December 2017 Regal sailing. It was easy to find out cabin while in C336 because we were the only ones who had it. I think know the list of cabins are on here some place. There were 3 decks. Same 110 cabins as when we sailing last year.
  3. Host CJSKIDS

    Luxury Miami Hotel advice please

    Noticed while going to Whole Foods yesterday that the entire river side of the Epic is covered with netting and scaffolding and not sure when that is going to come down. Just something to think about. Yes, there is also construction going on next door. Other wonderful luxury hotels near the Epic are the Mandarin Oriental on Brickell Key. It's on the water, has a great pool and a small man made "beach" right on the water. Great bar and you can walk to great restaurants and nightlife. Four Seasons on Brickell is absolutely fantastic. Their pool area is spectacular!
  4. Host CJSKIDS

    POM 17 December

    I totally agree. There are lots of cruise ships in port all the time, there were a lot today and I’ve never noticed surge pricing when they are here.
  5. Virgin has purchased a minority stake in Florida’s Brightline trains and will be renamed Virgin Trains. With the new Virgin Cruises coming to Miami, this is a very nice tie in. https://www.thenextmiami.com/brightline-will-be-renamed-virgin-trains-usa/
  6. Host CJSKIDS

    New, Swank Downtown Fort Lauderdale Hotel.

    That’s a great note for everyone. Makes the bright line perfect if coming from the Miami airport or Miami area.
  7. Host CJSKIDS

    Serious incident on Royal

    Interesting update, thanks for posting. At least they said the husband was interviewed but as a witness and is not a suspect. How horrible for the family. Whether it was a murder or suicide, it’s so very tragic.
  8. Host CJSKIDS

    New, Swank Downtown Fort Lauderdale Hotel.

    Thanks for the info!! Exciting that new hotels are going up in the area. Keith1010, Conrad is beautiful. Opened about a year ago. And as a side note, hope you are getting down here prior to the spring. You favorite Perricones will be closing, we’ve been told Janauary by some staff.
  9. Host CJSKIDS

    ALL things Regal, now that she is back in the Caribbean

    On the Western the formal nights are the first sea day and then the day in Grand Cayman.
  10. It’s the same last minute emails that everyone gets if they sign up for them.
  11. Host CJSKIDS

    Anyone currently on Regal? Unlimited internet??

    Thank you!
  12. Host CJSKIDS

    Anyone currently on Regal? Unlimited internet??

    Was that 500 per or did they give you each 250 minutes? Hope you had a great cruise!
  13. Host CJSKIDS

    FLL airport to MIA airport without toll

    There is a charge going westbound as well. Getting on the 836 from I95 and then off for the airport is 70 cents.
  14. Host CJSKIDS

    Your favorite food On Princess

    that's my favorite!!
  15. Host CJSKIDS

    Regal goes full Medallion Dec. 16

    Ok, I've had the ocean ready site since my ocean medallion sailing in 12/17 and had dumped the compass one.