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  1. Host CJSKIDS

    Favorite Miami hotels? Kid friendly and pool!

    Don’t hold your breath for the W pool to reopen anytime soon! It’s officially been 2 years since it closed and they are still having major issues. The pool at the Biltmore is fantastic.
  2. Host CJSKIDS

    Ocean Medillion Questions

    I filled out everything properly in the ocean ready app like I did for my Regal sailing last December and it’s ocean ready. Also placed my order for my medallion in November and got my email with the order #. Got an text yesterday from DHL that a shipment was coming from Singapore (where they are mailing them from) and I should expect my delivery on Wednesday. Package picked up and made it to Hong Kong and through customs. Now it states that the package has been returned to sender. Call the Ocean Navigator department and according to Princess, they don’t mail medallions ever for the Regal and they are all to be picked up at the port. They can’t tell me why I have the email, why I got the text and what happened to the order. Called DHL and they have no clue as to why it was returned!
  3. Host CJSKIDS

    Uber MIA to Port of Miami Holiday Inn at 12:30am

    Uber is up and running at 12:30 am here in Miami so don't worry about it at all. It's a big city, flights are still coming in at your time and nightlife is still going on with bars being open until 5 am. I have never had an issue getting home from anywhere late at night. Many of the uber drivers only work the night shift.
  4. Wow, sorry to have missed him. Hopefully they get someone good there because I do love when the entertainment is great in Crooners. I’ll make sure to go to Wheelhouse as well.
  5. Andrew, how was the entertainment at Crooners?!
  6. Host CJSKIDS

    Favorite Miami hotels? Kid friendly and pool!

    I have to say that the advice of there not being anywhere to kayak around Brickell isn’t a fair assessment of the area at all. There are plenty of places to kayak near Brickell and I see them all the time. Right over the Rickenbacker bridge over towards Key Biscayne is a great place and there are rental places there. I have friends who kayak locally. There are people kiteboarding and kayaking all the time! Key Biscayne is beautiful and you will feel very removed from the city. Lots of nature and mangroves in the area. Here is a great link in regards to it. If you hit the one rental place you can see some amazing pictures. https://www.miamiandbeaches.com/things-to-do/water-activities/kayaking-canoeing The Frost Science Museum in downtown Miami is fantastic and a great way to spend some time.
  7. Love the review, I’ve been waiting for it!! And love all the pictures of you and Brad, especially the Christmas card! Come back on in January!!
  8. Host CJSKIDS

    Recently off REGAL...

    Thanks for such a detailed review. Glad you had a great cruise. Unless you were in a full suite, aren't Platinum always given boarding group 2?! Boarding group 1 is usually Elite & full suites.
  9. Host CJSKIDS

    Using Hilton points

    The Conrad Miami is a great hotel, more upscale than the doubletree and in a prime location on Brickell. This would be my first choice out of the two.
  10. Host CJSKIDS

    Miami Hotel

    Brickell has changed a lot in the last month as you know! LOL I was just over by the Marriott a couple of weeks ago to go to Mike's at Venetia Irish Pub. We took the metro mover from Brickell over and took Uber back. The metro mover station there sure does have more interesting characters hanging around on a Saturday evening vs. weekdays, that's for sure. There is still not much over in that area, it hasn't changed all that much. Though Verde at the Perez Art Museum close by is incredible for dining and the view is fantastic. You will have no issues taking the metro mover to the Brickell area and ubering back to your hotel afterwards. Since you have a ton of points, why not try the Marriott Marquis or the JW Marriott. Great hotels and right in the Brickell area with lots near by. Courtyard by Marriott needs a reno according to a friend who stayed recently for work.
  11. Host CJSKIDS

    Hollywood and water taxi

    I was going to say the same thing, they are less than two miles apart. It's a short 6-8 minute drive. They are close but Las Olas is so much nicer.
  12. Host CJSKIDS

    Miami Brickell Area - Post Cruise

    didn't even see your answer before I posted mine and they are the same!!!
  13. Host CJSKIDS

    Miami Brickell Area - Post Cruise

    There are a few ways to get back onto 95. One of the easiest ways without lots of traffic will to be actually to head south for a mile or so and this is the way that my husband takes every morning to get to work and I always use to leave town. 1. Make a right out of the Hampton Inn parking garage and at the stop sign, make a right onto South Miami Ave. (Apollo Bank will be on the corner on the left hand side.) 2. Follow straight south on South Miami Ave. When you get to the roundabout by PM Steakhouse, you need to keep going straight which would be the the 2nd lane of the roundabout for you. (There will be an entrance to Simpson park right there) 3. Go to the traffic light and make a right onto SW 25th. Stay in your right lane when you turn because the entrance onto 95 will be about 2 houses up on your right side at the next traffic light! Merge onto 95.
  14. Host CJSKIDS

    Miami Brickell Area - Post Cruise

    That's okay. And absolutely you will be fine! I go to that Publix often and park in the back parking lot which is across the street from the Atton. As a 56 year old women, I don't have any issues being alone with my groceries there in the evening. There are some homeless people here in Brickell, the majority are not aggressive at all. Brickell is usually pretty busy with people milling around. I know some of them by name and have seen them for years. I've found the homeless in Paris to be much more aggressive. If it makes you more comfortable while walking, go through the parking lot which will bring you right to the front of Publix and condos. There is always a security guard there until Publix is closed.
  15. Host CJSKIDS

    How to get to last post in a thread.?

    Exactly! And if you have posted in there, instead of a round button it will be a blue star.