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  1. Don’t think anyone can give a definitive answer if they will have global entry lanes open yet in the Princess terminals as they haven’t sailed from Florida yet since their shutdown here. Hopefully they will continue to have the Global Entry line as it was a perk that I enjoyed.
  2. I was told the same thing about the extensions just before.
  3. Miaminewtimes.com will also have articles on which restaurants will be open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so that’s always a good place to look as it gets closer.
  4. Las Olas is nice but as it’s Christmas Day, many places will be closed. As a tourist a boat tour on either of those boats mentioned as well as the water taxi would be a lovely way to spend some time followed by a nice dinner. Uber and Lyft is an easy way to get around if you do want to go some place that is not within walking distance. @BlueHerons do you have any great suggestions Hope whatever you end up choosing you have an amazing time followed by a fantastic cruise!
  5. I was able to exchange mine without issue for the same reason and they were happy to do it.
  6. There will be some handicap spots but they aren’t always easy to get and he will have to pay full price for the parking. I do not know of any other offsite parking that would offer a discounted price to a handicapped vet. Thank your father for his service please.
  7. While it isn’t a big deal, it was a bit of a pain. Even though I live in Florida and was in Miami where we had to wear a mask even while outside, there was just something strange about being in a bathing suit and then having to wear a mask to visit the bathroom on the cruise. Won’t keep me from stepping back on board again!
  8. Enjoy Miami! The area has changed a bit since your last visit, hasn't it?
  9. That would certainly make sense. Hoping all of these kinks finally get worked out.
  10. You need to make a reservation for the test at either Walgreens or CVS. Walgreens only loads a few days prior where CVS does 13 days prior. As the other poster said, appointments are always available. The only issue is you will need the Uber driver to take you through the drive through for either of those options as they are drive through only. Since it’s not a drop off, they may not be willing to sit however long the line is so taxi may be the better option. Another option would be to order one of the monitored covid tests. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/is-there-a-telemedicine-option-for-pre-cruise-covid-19-test
  11. https://therealdeal.com/miami/2021/07/29/bankruptcy-could-lead-to-redevelopment-of-downtown-miami-holiday-inn/ They are looking to redevelop at some point.
  12. The bag drop area is outside and you can absolutely drop your luggage off and then park. The porters take the bags without looking at what time your check in is. They will then direct you to stay to the left to enter the parking garage.
  13. No formal nights on the 3 night. Shorts were acceptable in both the MDR and the speciality restaurants.
  14. Guess most people decided to stay by the pool because yes, the lagoon pool area was crowded. I can’t comment on the beach since I wasn’t in that area. When we got back on board, there was no one up on the pool deck. The pool deck on board was also crowded and both us and the people we sailed with said that we couldn’t imagine the ship with twice as many people on it using the pools.
  15. I was on the Freedom from Sept 3-6 and there were 2000 people on board, though at one point we were also told almost 2400. As garywatson stated, we were at CocoCay with the Mariner and the lagoon pool was crowded.
  16. Just an FYI, though I’m the Host of the Princess boards, there are many Hosts as well as actual employees to handle all of cruise critic and work all the boards!
  17. Effective immediately, COVID-related discussion should be limited to actual policy on board ships (and other forms of travel) and its practical application. Discussion should NOT veer into opinion or debate. Every one of us has experienced the unprecedented restrictions, disruptions and changes to our cruise travel, work, shopping, schooling, social interactions and so many other aspects of our lives since the global pandemic began in early 2020. Frankly, we have been inundated with news, information, mis-information, frustrations and opinions. We’ve heard them, we’ve shared them, we’ve argued about them. Over the past few months, we have heard from many of you that the discussions, debates and arguments about the virus, distancing and masking policies, various politicians’ statements and actions have been overwhelming and divisive. Many topics have derailed or devolved into arguments. Cruise Critic understands the passion you all have – we have it too! -- and we are confident that we’ve moderated with a light hand and most discussions have run their course. However, there simply are better places on the web to learn about -- and debate -- scientific, medical and political issues. The good news is….we now have a great deal to look forward to! Cruise (and travel) is beginning to open up again and it is time to refocus on why we are here: our love of cruise! So, here are the specifics: We will NOT welcome debate or opinion about medical, scientific, or political aspects of the pandemic. There are a few often repeated trigger items that won’t be allowed: No statistics about infection rates, no discussions about where the virus may have started, no dialogue about individual rights, no commenting about after-effects of vaccinations, no debate about whether vaccinations or masking are effective, no anti-vaxxer or pro-vaxxer comments of any kind, no discussions about which governor or politician or news personality did or said what. We will welcome information on COVID policies RELATED TO CRUISE. Things like: vaccination policies issued by individual cruise lines, venues or destinations, cleaning or distancing procedures in use, practical tips for cruisers or things they might need to know that are different from ports of call to embarkation ports are all valid topics. official policies issued by cruise line, travel destinations, airlines, etc. regarding requirements for boarding or shore excursions can be shared. This information needs to be on-topic for the specific forum and thread where posted. We understand that you may be passionate in your opinions on this topic and want to discuss or debate them, and appreciate your understanding that there are more appropriate places than the Cruise Critic Community to do that. If, however, you are here to talk about the most passionate of vacation travel -- cruising -- let's get on with it!
  18. Thank you everyone for the quick replies.
  19. Quick question about dining at Giovanni’s on the Freedom. Will they allow you to order a small portion of pasta as your appetizer and then get something else for entree for dinner? Thanks!
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