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  1. What’s the alternative - you miss your departure window so now you can never leave??? Though I guess they could let you checkout
  2. China has some seriously draconian Covid restrictions - which may or may not be helping with the Covid fight, and may or may not be contributing to RCI’s decision. I was thinking of going to China in 2022, but there’s no way I want to deal with their Covid rules. I wouldn’t be surprised if RCI doesn’t feel the same way.
  3. Things I love - “live” trip reports - stream of consciousness posting - Chihuahuas Things I hate - Non native English posters - especially Dutch/German/Swiss - who apologize for their poor English even though their English is better than a significant portion of native speakers. fastening my seatbelt for what I expect will be a fun thread....
  4. I’ve wanted to cruise ever since I was a kid watching the Love Boat sail to Puerto Vallarta each week. Never been, but it’s high on my bucket list of places to sail someday.
  5. Sounds like a good plan, though if it were me I’d book you in with your friend instead of your son. Assuming a reprising isn’t a problem.
  6. They should hire some Italian grandmothers to stand by the elevators and smack any able bodied youngster and point them to the stairs. Note - this suggestion has nothing to do with Covid.
  7. As a former resident of Kings County, something is very wrong with this statement
  8. The CDC has good info. But you are absolutely right that Americans can travel to a high risk country, and be at less of a Covid risk than they are at home.
  9. Are you trying to access RCI from your work computer at Carnival 🙂
  10. You can alway just hop up on the rail and shimmy around* to the next balcony. * doing so could lead to death, or at a minimum getting your butt thrown off the boat and banned for life. But it’s an option 🙂
  11. Seem to me we’ve got at least one who was a woman on carnival, and one man on MSC. Plus more is my guess. But not a lot more.
  12. Here’s another case. I suspect there are more, but not a ton more. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/grandad-dies-covid-days-after-21526739?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  13. Sort of... I was working in Manhattan. You kinda forget it’s an island until all the bridges and tunnels are closed. A rag tag fleet of ships was organized to pick people up and take them off the island. Tug boats, ferries, fishing charters... if it could float and carry people it got recruited. Including cruise ships. I was on a ship that typically does dinner cruises or one night gambling cruises to nowhere. But that day it made trip after trip getting people off the island to New Jersey.
  14. I think we have enough info to realize many ships are seeing a small number of positive cases, but that there have been no or almost no larger outbreaks. Not sure how much more data people need to make a decision. And while many of the expert epidemiologists on cruise critic post with confidence that they know exactly what role each of the measures plays in keeping Covid down, my gut tells me that no one knows and that such posts are....
  15. Always remember to add in the 18% when pricing the package.
  16. Their defense was weak, but they had Brady to bail then out.
  17. Unless the dice pop off the table and the shooter fails to call for “same dice.” If that happens you know the devil will show much quicker than probability dictates.
  18. Did you not read the example above regarding a button popping off the buffet glutton and putting out somebody’s eye?
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