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  1. I have now added the MDR menus and Compass editions from our sailing. Just click on each one to read a bigger clearer version. Thanks! A Feast For Your Senses: Fuel for your sense of wonder and sense of humor
  2. Thank you for the kind words! We're still considering a few different options for the next trip.
  3. I noticed a couple times during this cruise that the Compass had the wrong thing listed or two different things in the same space and time frame. That's a pretty rare occurrence. Usually the discrepancy is between the paper schedule and the app but the Grandeur doesn't have that issue. I love your philosophy though, definitely have to cruise again!
  4. Did you get that answer about the aerial shot of the giant bird shaped crop circle in visual famous places? No we would have had absolutely no chance at the ABBA trivia unless every answer was Mama Mia or Sweden. 🙂I'm not sure I could have stayed awake any longer for the movie anyway. I also rarely stay awake trying to watch TV in the evenings most days. Thanks for the kind words!
  5. I'd say 12-13 at the most. They had more spots set than people this session. Can't say if the other times had more interest.
  6. It was fun and completely hands on which I found better than the pasta class we did on the last trip. It was definitely a lot more to eat per person than I was expecting to. You will love it!
  7. Thanks for checking out my travel blog everyone! I just updated it with the first port day in St. Croix. A Feast For Your Senses: Fuel for your sense of wonder and sense of humor
  8. I've also been reading the other review threads. Great hearing about the same sailing through different perspectives. We have lots of great reviewers on this site!
  9. Hello all, I've recently started writing up our last cruise on my blog, the 12 day Southern Caribbean on Grandeur of the Seas. Please check it out! Happy to answer any questions or comments either here or on the blog. Thanks for reading! A Feast For Your Senses: Fuel for your sense of wonder and sense of humor
  10. My apologies to you both. I never got the notification that there was responses to my post here. I changed around the blog format so hopefully it's easier to read the text now. Not sure why some posts were changing the way the text is displayed. As far as the menus, I'd say they are similar to the Carnival Pride. I don't recall though seeing any specific to the port dishes like Carnival offers but I guess when it's always Hawaii that's not practical. There's a list of dishes that are always available and common fare. I also noticed quite a few repeated dishes so chances are you will find something another night you thought you'd miss out on if you chose specialty dining instead. NCL doesn't really have a "formal" night so there's no special options on the menu like there can be on other lines.
  11. We currently have a 2 bedroom suite booked on Grandeur for April. We had been on a waiting list for any full suite since at the time they were all showing as sold out. One day I happened to check online and spotted a 2 bedroom suite guarantee. Figured with only four of them it was the most safe time to book a guarantee cabin. We ended up getting assigned one of the 2 midship. Don't know if that was a fluke of timing or not since when we booked our 2 bedroom aquatheater suite on Oasis for last year, it took calling and having the rep book it.
  12. I've also been looking into a private tour that visits the donkey sanctuary and confirmed with the sanctuary that they've fixed their road.
  13. While I agree with the above posters who voted for a later in the morning/early afternoon time slot on a sea day, can I also ask that the time slot avoid coinciding with any onboard activity that "requires" a person to attend every session? It's one thing to have to choose between attending the M&M or going to the art auction for example but another when it's a session of progressive trivia where one's attendance each time counts.
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