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  1. Been seeing a few asking about upcoming Alaska cruises so I thought I'd share what the cruise tour combo was like for us on the Grand Princess. A Feast For Your Senses: Fuel for your sense of wonder and sense of humor
  2. Been seeing a few asking about upcoming Alaska cruises so I thought I'd share what the cruise tour combo was like for us on the Grand Princess. A Feast For Your Senses: Fuel for your sense of wonder and sense of humor
  3. We did the 15 day Connoisseur tour with stops in Fairbanks, Denali, McKinley, and Kenai before doing the southbound inside passage cruise on the Grand Princess. I've been writing up our experiences at the lodges and tours on my blog, A Feast For Your Senses: Fuel for your sense of wonder and sense of humor. Will also cover our ship tours soon. Hopefully it helps answer some of your questions.
  4. We did the Connoisseur cruise tour back in 2015, Fairbanks to Whittier for 8 days and 7 days on the Grand Princess to Vancouver. With Alaska cruising season coming up, I have started writing up our trip on my travel blog. Hope it helps answer some of your questions and if you think of any that it didn't, please let me know.
  5. Thanks for the advice! We're definitely leaning toward going into Toronto early and touring some on our own as well.
  6. Thank you georgiacat, this information was very helpful!
  7. A rundown would be so helpful! I'm having a hard time finding reviews online about the land portion. For the time at Niagara Falls, did you feel like there was enough time there? Are these few tours they list ones that last all day or is there a lot of down time at the hotels? Thanks!
  8. Sorry, should have been more specific. The itinerary starts in Toronto with 5 days on land ending in Quebec City where we board the Caribbean Princess for a 13 day sailing down to Fort Lauderdale.
  9. Can someone who has done the land/cruise Canada combo share what it was like on the land days? We've done the Connoisseur Alaska land/cruise combo where we had a tour in each city as a group with the option to add more for ourselves to do but the itinerary for this one sounds like you spend most of the time seeing the cities while you travel by bus to the next town instead of tours. Thanks!
  10. We sailed on the Regal Princess on the Baltic itinerary in 2017. According to the Patters, the main theater showtime varied based on whether it was a production show or guest entertainers. Production shows were held at 8PM and 10PM each night while the guest entertainers held shows at 7PM and 9PM.
  11. A few years back, we both had this package so we asked the bartender for a non alcoholic mudslide and a non alcoholic dirty banana. She replied "So you want two chocolate milkshakes, one with banana?" Never realized that all that was left once you leave out the alcohol was the cream/milk and flavorings but they were very tasty.
  12. Just a note to add that my review is now complete with the addition of the daily "Ship to Shore" schedules.
  13. There were passengers on our sailing who have only done ACL cruises and thought everything was picture perfect. Then again others who agreed that it's not normally like this. I guess that could be said about any cruise. I'm sure part of my reaction is that I have cruises on the big lines to compare it with (service wise, not just ship amenities and port activities). But yes, for the price we paid for this cruise, we expected so much more.
  14. What classification of cruise tour did you book? I'm curious to see if that makes a difference compared to our experience. We did the connoisseur cruise tour in 2015 and also had a suite. We did get the better hotel rooms at some of the lodges but then so did everyone in the connoisseur tour group. I.E. we were given rooms in the newer A & B buildings at the Denali lodge instead of the ones with doors to the outside.
  15. If you're interested in the Titanic at all, I highly recommend the tour that visits the Titanic museum and the memorial in Belfast. Dublin we just purchased Princess' shuttle (I think it was $20 pp round trip) into town and then walked around on our own. In St. Peter Port (Guernsey) we visited the German underground hospital. If you're a history lover, you'll find it interesting. Kirkwall is so tiny we just got off and walked around enjoying shortbread flavored ice cream. Le Havre is a long drive into the city of Paris and we did the Eiffel tower & Louvre city tour. Long day with a lot of logistical mishaps but the sites themselves were worth seeing once. Cork we had a late arrival so they combined everyone's Blarney Castle tour into one and it became either get in a 2 hour line for the stone or see the castle grounds. For the rest, aside from the novelty of visiting Loch Ness, were all tours to one castle ruin after another.
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