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  1. In case this comes up in trivia! It's a myth that temp changes can skunk a sealed beer, direct sunlight can very slowly (weeks) progressively skunk bottled beer but not cans. Constant temp changes could degrade other non-beer beverage items, though
  2. What's the capacity been lately?
  3. And its a base two cents, TPG states for the best redemptions redeem your points for international travel on partner airlines
  4. I was on a the 7/24 edge sailing and fellow pax did a B2B 7/24 and 7/31 and reported the drastic experiences between both. 7/24 required no masks (for the vaxed) or covid tests to board. 7/31 was the first cruise they implement required covid tests to board and the crew had to wear masks 7/24: MDR dining, they would pack people into sections only opening a new section once the other sections were completely full 7/31: MDR dining, they spaced people out more, particularly those areas where two person tables which can be less than two feet apart
  5. 1) In the uber app, you can change your "home" pickup to "FLL" and dropoff to the cruise port, it's $52 at the moment plus tip, generally rides are more expensive when you start at airports; you may want to check the rates on the exact day at the exact time you land to get a more accurate quote as pricing fluctuates all the time based on demand 2) X does offer transports but they can fill up and maybe only offered once a day; uber may be cheaper especially if you have more people in your party
  6. Also, need to ensure the ship didn't just arrive from a TA; if it did, often it takes far longer
  7. It appears the cruise only option opens up about six months prior to the sailing to room categories that have lower occupancy. Unfortately, the price difference between AI rate and the cruise only rate is minimal
  8. Yes, while its important to verify the above information, the OP did mention FLL, I was there in April and again in late July (for an X sailing) and did see folks holding up signs in FLL. I travel quite a bit and in every US airport I've noticed baggage claim is on the lower level and allows folks to come in. Also airport staff will offer help for free however you may need to a wait a bit to utilize them.
  9. Solution: Home doorman will help from home to load into the uber Have the uber driver drop you off at the curb side check in, if the driver refuses to help, the curb side staff will help those with mobility issues Hire a $50 private driver from Chiefton to meet you in FLL, they'll grab your bags from baggage claim and will take you to the hotel From there utilize the hotel bell hops and the porter once to the port
  10. In the interest of clarity, this was Feb 2020. For the 2021 NFL season superbowl, it takes place on Feb 13th 2022 which is the same day the Edge departs. The next day is Valentines Day
  11. I don't know your reasons for wanting this but I would re-elevate using these types of extremely expensive services which also take a while to receive; cheapest rate is 7 business days between pickup and drop off. There are so many cheaper alternatives, shuttles driver, taxi drivers, ride share drivers should help you with your bags. Find out if your airline has curb side check in. For the pricing, I feel like hiring a private driver from your home to home airport and again from the cruise port airport to the cruise port or nearby hotel would be far cheaper. I did find one who services X; here's an example of pricing from the west coast, about $124/bag for a check in size bag one way, pick up to delivery is 7 business days: https://app.luggageforward.com/trips/new
  12. You should be fine because: 1) Facial recognition, FLL has it and no other port is faster 2) No long Custom's line, even if you have to see a customs agent, due to the facial recognition the agent line shouldn't be long 3) If you miss your flight the airline will rebook you for free, as long as you book directly with the airline, if you miss your flight, go to ticketing and they'll re-book you for free on the next available flight; particularly a domestic flight...Disclaimer, this applies to almost all airlines but I would recommend double checking the missed flight policy; 3rd party bookings may charge a change/new booking fee even though the airline doesn't charge the 3rd one and also, things can get complicated when trying to rebook a codeshare alliance international flight
  13. I recommend Eden over le petit, yet if you want eat there, the X cover is cheaper compared to the known land based locations: 1) X = $55/person ($49.50 w/10% discount) 2) Prague Hilton = $134.50 USD = 2960.00 CZK all-in 3) MI = $190 ($150 base + 20% tip of $25 & est. $15 tax Psssst, don’t book this and book the Eden
  14. There wasn’t a show on my sailing, unfortunately
  15. Coincidentally, I’m in Prague and it is here
  16. speaking of slots and payback, regular slots have some of the worse paybacks on the planet. To be fair, many land based casinos can still have well below average paybacks
  17. You get comps yet the rate you accrue them is far worse than land based casinos and that’s compounded that the odds/rules are also generally less than land based casinos
  18. yes, many in the casino dept (blue chips clu) could combine both your MLife benefits and Capt Club benefits; coincidentally when that was bought on the forums here, a memo went out to the reps that you could no longer “double dip”
  19. Capt Kate cleared up some of this. Celebrity elected to go originally 95% vaxed and to NOT do test cruise, this did allow them to sail out of the US first. RCL and CCL elected to go the test cruise route. Why does that matter, why didn't X elect to go 100% vaxed overall and would ports be willing to remove restrictions are all separate debates. Coz was originally closed, crew could completely free roam but pax couldn't even get off the ship unless they had a bubble excursion booked. Yet after the excursion was over you could free roam around and mingle with locals, other cruise pax from other ships, contact tracing untraceable.
  20. For some aspects yes but for others no. Now the Apex's recent sailing in Greece was like 10% pax capacity and I'm surprised they even sailed with that little. Supposedly on the Edge, the suites were nearly 100% capacity. I was on an Edge July sailing as a non-suite guest which was around 55% capacity which was the last sailing which didn't require a covid test and the crew didn't have to wear masks. The MDR experience wasn't different, rather than space parties apart they were cramming parties next to each other. This was even mentioned on Capt Kates Q&A, "X is stacking people on top of each other on the MDR". Furthermore, the specialty restaurants were full yet its still easy to get on a no show list. There were advantages to the reduced capacity particularly finding open seating whether the hot tub, buffet, theater or grabbing a bar seat.
  21. The insecurity trait known as "gossip" isn't tied to age/gender/location
  22. Free Covid test if one's required!
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