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  1. Just curious I know when we are in Miami and order drinks we have to pay taxes do we have to do the while in Alaska?
  2. thank you every one! we are bringing our BC with us just in case . I am not paying extra to have it done before we go because we really do not need it and I wanted to wait to do all 4 of ours at the same time.
  3. thank you that is what I was thinking
  4. I cant seem to get a right answer ,we leave 06/01/19 come back on 06/08/19 our passport expires on the 8th we are doing a rt out of Seattle our kids passports expire in November 2019 the reason we are waiting to renew is our son turns 16 at the end of June so wanted to wait to get them done at same time so theirs will be good for 10 years too. I know we really don't need our passports for this trip but would still like to use them us says passports our good until their expire so not sure how to take that ncl says they have to have 6 months on them? thanks
  5. how cold is it by mendenhall ? last tiem we were in Alaska we did not go there but when the ship was by hubbard glacier it was really cold so wondering if it will be the same? Thanks
  6. we are sailing on the Joy June 1st and this will be our first as Platinum with NCL , do we book our 2 dinners once we are on board? also for the ship tour do we book that with the excursion desk? and will they let us bring our 2 teenagers with us (they have cruise as many NCL cruises as us but do not get the perks LOL) thanks for your input.
  7. I would rent 2 cars in Skagway the train cost about 150.00 pp you could rent 2 mini vans for about 400.00 and drive the Klondike hwy we did this with our family the road and the train follow each other but with the car you can stop and get out you can pay for Murry's guide I think it was about 5.00 and it gives you driver guide and what to see. we also rented a car in Juneau it was cheapest way to get to the glacier in Ketchikan the bus system is easy to use you can go to their website and download the maps they have a free city bus that does a loop around the city and if you use the regular bus it is 2.00pp each way Vancouver Stanley park is a must see and if you are staying a couple of days there go to Capilano suspension bridge the kids will love this
  8. the Klondike Alaskan family adventure we had friends do this tour and now we are going in June
  9. we rented a car from Juneau car rentals they have an office right by the port we have 7 people so we rented a mini van for 126.00
  10. we are going on the Oasis of the seas and Cant find pictures of the thermal suite we have done NCL and love it!! how does the Oasis compare? and do they only sell a certain amount of passes
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