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  1. again why just cruising you can go and stay at a resort for a week what is the difference. I hate when people say they are doing it for others and by that I am not which is crazy I have 4 kids and I am reminding them all the time look out for others give them space, wash your hands wear your mask.
  2. I have been working the public since day one and now we are back in school and I am working with kids been to Disney 2 times I have flown on a crowded plane, why does everyone think we cant cruise and I don't understand why we cant use the same safety protocol where our masks stay away from people when you can. was just at the Las Vegas air port the line for security was really long so an officer came up to all of us and said move together and this woman called out we need to stand 6 feet apart and he says you will not be 6 feet apart on the plane so what does it matter, I hav
  3. I work at a school and we are not allowed right now to hang anything on the walls because they are fogging for covid I am sure they will be doing this on ships too when they open back up. we just stayed at a timeshare in Orlando and they fogged it before we were allowed to go in
  4. I want to go on a cruise, so my fingers are crossed. I have been working at school since all of this started and we have been good. washy washy
  5. with these last cancelling's did NCL offer the 20% off if you rebooked within a certain time frame? we are suppose to cruise in November and wanted to know just in case that one gets canceled too. thanks
  6. so if you have a cruise next certificate it just goes back on your name
  7. when you rebook do you have to put a new deposit on the new cruise before they transfer the fcc ?
  8. I am one of those I work for the school board as a cafeteria manager our hours have been cut we are working harder then we ever have and my husband is a realtor so that should tell you something. I hate this stupid virus. but I keep telling myself we will get through this.
  9. thanks everyone you just made my morning before work! Have a great Day!
  10. all cruise lines are doing the same if you canceled you get the credit if they cancel you get an option.
  11. everything is sad right now!! I used to love to come on cruise critic and relax , it was my morning routine before going to work. now it is the worst everyone is complaining about everything. am I the only one that just misses going on a cruise!! let's try to find some happiness in this crazy world we live in right now.
  12. we were going on the Harmony March 14th we cancel with in the 48 hours because my work told me I had to or lose 2 weeks of sick time then RCCL canceled the cruise and we still have not gotten any money back for taxes, drink packages and we bought the unlimited dinning they owe us 1500.00 just in those things and the rest is in a FCC at 100% no extra because we cancel before them. NCL is giving more then Royal by far
  13. loving your review Thanks for taking the time to do it! We love the Getaway
  14. did anyone who was on this ship get sick? since you have been home? I have a hard time believing that this person was sick and ports allowed them in? Cruise lines have taken the biggest hit and is sucks not right now for everyone. I just don't believe everything I hear right off the bat, if more people get sick from this ship then maybe but is sounds like just walking around New Orleans could be the problem. I have been couching and blowing my nose for a couple of weeks ( because of allergies)
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