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  1. I wasn't too concerned they'd see us, I was worried they'd laugh.
  2. We have sailed on Zuiderdam twice in cabin 4061 (category HH), and the view isn't bad (we picked it for the good price, and because it was at the end of a lifeboat and had a partial sea view.). There are three categories on deck 4, and, as you'll see from the deck plan, both H age HH are largely behind a lifeboat (or its machinery). However, the G category cabins have windows that are smack between two lifeboats, so the view is better. These cabins all have windows that are floor-to-ceiling, and about six feet wide, so, even behind a lifeboat, there's plenty of light. Pick careful
  3. We enjoyed the Lincoln Center performances on occasion, but did miss the Explorer's lounge. Also, the loss of the library, which had all the comfy furniture removed and got filled with tables for various games, which also made the space much less quiet. We disembarked at Buenos Aires, but are continuing the trip next year.
  4. We were on her January and February 2020 for 41 nights on the Grand South American and Antarctic voyage and were delighted with the ship's condition throughout. She was immaculate, all systems worked as advertised, the crew was splendid, and we were very pleased that our OV cabin had had the bathtub replaced with a large stall shower. We were in 3320 on the Lower Promenade deck, and couldn't ask for better. We're booked for another 83 nights on her next year, and are very glad that HAL didn't scuttle her along h with the rest of the S and R classes.
  5. I gave up on FB five years ago. HAL isn't getting the word out any other way that I know, so they're missing a lot of folks.
  6. By putting all their eggs in the FB basket, they ignore those of us who don't (or won't) use FB.
  7. Does the refundable deposit fare include a package of "benefits", such as free gratuities and drinks, free extra-cost restaurants, etc? You may find that the extra cost is worth it to get these. We usually don't, as we figure the daily benefit is about $65 ($30 for gratuities and $35 for 2 coifee drinks and 2 glasses of wine). Good luck!
  8. We've been on Zuiderdam twice, both in cabin 4061, and it had (and probably all partially-obscured OV cabins (behind the lifeboats) on that deck have) a tub-shower combination. We were on board in September 2018 and September 2019.
  9. A note about the big-box "gift" cards: they're "shop" cards that cannot be redeemed for anything but merchandise.
  10. Thanks, I can't take any credit for my avatar: he's the great and wonderful Bill the Cat, who was in "Bloom County", lo, these many years.
  11. One of the beauties of aging: so much is new every day.
  12. You won't receive cruise day credit for any on-board spending ot anything else, _only_ actual shipboard days. This happened to us on a Grand Voyage last year, so we're still champing at the bit to use some of our new perks 😉
  13. If HAL's interested in promoting these trips, they're remarkably quiet about it: no sign of it on their home page right now, but lots of blather about awards, "stunning" ships (at least a little better than their "elegant" fleet), and more. One wonders if there's anyone at the helm for promotion.
  14. My wife got this today from her financial advisors. Note that Gray Line is selling the tours. Experience Alaska Land Vacations This Summer with Holland America Line and Princess Cruises BY PR Newswire — 12:35 PM ET 03/04/2021 SEATTLE, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- For those ready to travel again, there's no better place to start than Alaska, offering opportunities for travelers to see glaciers up close, spot bucket-list wildlife, explore national parks and see Denali – North America's tallest mountain. This summer, Holland America Line and Princess Cruises of
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