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  1. For those having browser problems or privacy concerns, you may want to check this article about browser privacy. It shows that, for privacy, Edge is the worst, Brave the best. Since knowing who you are can affect a site's pricing, privacy may save you money. Also, as far as I know, Edge is an unremovable barnacle on Windows 10. Good luck!
  2. I was under the same understanding, which is why we took (part of) this year's South American Grand Voyage to see the Antarctic, based on this thread: New Ice Class in Force Not sure what's gong on here, but definitely, 100% worth it. Happy travels!
  3. I check every couple of weeks, and the Conditional Approval gurus still shows that it's being processed. Is there any way to contact them to see what's going on? My wife signed up a few days after I did, and she's in the same boat (ahem).
  4. We applied for Global Entry in early October, and are still waiting for something - anything - to happen. I'm beginning to think it's all just a government scam to get another $100 out of taxpayers.
  5. Just order it: your wine steward will take your card and charge the wine to it. Quick and easy.
  6. Although it didn't have any bearing on my getting the shop card vs. OBC, I called and applied the FCC on Friday, and the nice lady said she'd check with her supervisor and get back to me re: the $25 card. I didn't expect anything to happen. The phone rang late morning Monday, and it was her, reporting that her sup had called HAL and had gotten back the full (?) amount of the card. I told her how much I appreciated her effort and quick resolution. This isn't the first time I've had this experience with them. We live about 2 miles from the BB store, so it's 'way too easy to get there and buy lots of good stuff 😜
  7. That was my recollection, too, and was surprised that the TA said it was January.
  8. For the big-box TA, the agent I spoke to said they went to shop cards in January.
  9. Please forgive me if I've missed it, but I would think that, at a time like this, the Legal department is the controlling entity for any communication - period. This explains the delays, prevarication, silence, and just about everything else being complained about. It may well be that management agrees (and may well have suggested a course of action (or non-action)), but Legal almost certainly has the final say in just about anything, and likely has initiated many things as well. I think management may not have the free hand to say or act that everyone thinks it has.
  10. I was told that our ~$800 balance would stay in our Mariner accounts.
  11. HAL posted a webinar to TAs today that explains about compensation options. I don't have a link to the webinar itself. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2749272-hal-webinar/
  12. I want to clarify a bit about the shop card amount: at the moment, we're getting $1070. Before the FCC was applied to our booking, the shop card was $1260. I think that the shop card amount is based on the fare from the cancelled trip. If this is true, they're not including the 25% bonus taking the FCC instead of a cash refund. The TA is still swamped, and there's no rush, so I will call them in early June to see if this is the case, or that there's been a mistake. I will keep you posted.
  13. The lady I spoke to said some other cruise lines were now letting the TA offer OBC, so it all must've switched at the beginning of the year. it used to be that HAL was one of the few to offer OBC, and the others offered shop cards.
  14. I thought you got the shop card no matter what. The nice lady (sadly, I can't remember her name) said that they went to those and stopped giving OBC at the beginning of this year, when a contract expired. (I remember seeing that other cruise lines the TA represented already had the shop card as a bonus...although I've seen mention here very recently that they're now giving OBC; I can't keep up.) It may take a little longer to do the booking, but it should be worth it: the kind of money you get for many trips will buy you a lot of TP and water there 😉 Good luck!
  15. Yes, that's the word she used (although I think it referred to the cancelled voyage). (It turns out they got the amount wrong (pulled from the voyage they cancelled, not the one I booked in April): it should be $1260, but no rush to correct this.) I hope others can get their cards fixed.
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