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  1. We were on a 14-day 3 nights in Denali land-sea Yukon trip in 2017, and most of the trip didn't have much free time. Day 1: Arrive Anchorage Day 2: train to Denali, arrived about 4.30 pm. Day 3: Tundra Wilderness tour, all day. Day 4: Denali, on your own. Day 5: bus to Faitbanks, lunch, gold dredge 8. Maybe a couple of hours free in Fairbanks. Day 6: charter fllight to Dawson, afternon free. Day 7: Dawson riverboat trip, rest of day free. Day 8: bus to Whitehorse, arrive about b 5pm Day 9: bus to to U.S. border, train to Skagway, afternoon on your own. Day 10: Skagway on your own. Day 11: board ship late morning Day 12: Glacier Bay Day 13: Ketchikan, on your own Day 14: Inside Passage Day 15: Arrive Vancouver Hope this helps, enjoy your trip.
  2. Sometimes, seat selection isn't available as soon as you've booked, despite seeing the flight on the airline's site, as you've found. I recently booked flights to and from Europe, and was able to select the seats on Flight Ease. I managed to pick the remaining ones the next day on the airline site. Try again in a day or two, and you should be able to. Go I d luck!
  3. HollandAmericaFan (which seems to be HAL's "official" YouTube channel) has a 5-minute video posted four days ago titled "Holland America Line Welcomes You Back To Cruising" with Gus Antorcha. There is a little fine print toward the end about proof of vaccination, negative test results for "select cruises", and requiring masks in certain areas.
  4. You may have to wait a bit for the system to refresh itself. We've had that happen, but things inevitably show up within hours. Good luck!
  5. Good idea! I usually take a pic of the day-of-the-week carpet in the elevator.
  6. Be aware that even ports that aren't shown as using tenders may have to use them. We arrived in Juneau on Maasdam to find four ships already docked, so taking a tender was the order of the day. Not difficult, but not as easy as the gangway.
  7. Consider getting a travel vest: lots of big patch pockets, comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. There are also safari vests, similar but with sleeves, and very lightweight. Some have removable sleeves. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Travel+vest&ref=nb_sb_noss
  8. On Volendam last January and February, we found that HAL's Premium Internet (which was the inky plan that allowed streaming video) had a daily limit (IIRC 500MB), and also blocked some sites (why DuckDuckGo search engine?). You might want to call HAL and ask specifically about Zoom, signal strength on particular voyages, and how much daily bandwidth you'd get with the Premium plan. Also, you may want to check the price (notwithstanding Internet service being included in the fare). Good luck!
  9. I check the count periodically, and the count on June 23 was 532, and was 529 this morning, about four hours ago. The May count of one voyage hasn't changed fury at least a month.
  10. I have Navigator 3.1.0 on my Galaxy S10e running Android 10 (I think Navigator was updated last week), and it works like a charm, save that the rather small test can't be enlarged. You may want to check to be sure you have the most current version.
  11. There are 44 cruises shown as "inactive" on HAL's site at the moment. To find them: Click Search under Find A Cruise on the home page. Click Search again on the Plan A Cruise page (you can choose filters if you want). Click Filter (top left) of the page of results. Click Inactive, then click the Inactive button, then click Search. HAL has a real knack for burying filters and otherwise making it difficult to find what you want. (Apologies if instructions are a bit off: I'm working from my Android tablet rather than my desktop.)
  12. We were on the first leg of the South American Grand Voyage last year. At one point, someone several doors down the corridor had a good-sized paper sign on the door (I don't recall how it was held up). The sign was almost as wide as the door, about 2 feet tall, and began a five-day count down for something unspecified. The number of days remaining changed daily. Many on the deck wondered what it was all about. It turned out the staff had put it up to mark the traveler's inauguration (my word) into the President's Club, and the sign (ultimately changed to "Congratulations!"), was still up when we disembarked in Buenos Aires.
  13. Thanks for the info, and exactly right! The nice lady in the air department took care of booking us from Miami > Orlando (family for a week) > Sacramento. As I've seen in other Flight Ease threads, the price was no lower than the three-identical-letter travel agency has, but it does have the advantage of not having to be paid until the final payment date. Thanks again to you all for your thoughts and information. i'm glad it had a happy ending.
  14. No: SMF > DFW > EZE. No, but almost: 326 days today (May 5). Thanks everyone for the thoughts and info: I'll call HAL today.
  15. For our 2022 South America Grand Voyage, we booked a flight to Buenos Aires, but left the return trip from Fort Lauderdale open (we weren't sure of our plans). Today, when I went to book that return flight, the FlightEase web site said "Your current air booking excludes flights to your home city" and the controls aren't available. Does anyone know why this is so? I don't recall seeing any such restriction when I booked the outbound flight. Thanks!
  16. We booked a longish (40 days) voyage for '23, and HAL deferred the deposit ($1750) until the final payment date after I complained about losing the FCDs.
  17. We had a NZ-Oz trip that we should have been on right now now canceled last November, and received a message from HAL that said in part "IF YOUR BOOKING HAS BEEN PAID IN FULL, you will receive a Future Cruise Credit for 125% of the base cruise fare paid. These credits may be applied to the cruise fare of a new booking. IF YOUR BOOKING HAS NOT BEEN PAID IN FULL, you will receive double the amount deposited (up to the base cruise fare amount) as a Future Cruise Credit. This credit will waive the required deposit on your next booking on a voyage up to 29 days in length." (emphasis added) This seems very ambiguous to me, and I've always understood that the FCC can't be used for a deposit (which, I must say, makes me angry, since HAL rolled $1200 FCD (4×$300) into the FCC for several canceled trips, so we had to come up with more deposits. Argh!) Good luck!
  18. Two notes: 1. How can we get to Europe or Asia or some distant land to board a ship, if not by air? You wanna get there? Flying's really the only way. 2. We just booked today (through Flight Ease) Sacramento to Buenos Aires (via DFW) for Feb. '22 on American, economy main cabin, $502 each. The same flight in reverse (BA >LAX > Sacramento) Feb. '20 was over $1300. I'm happy paying 30% less.
  19. I wasn't too concerned they'd see us, I was worried they'd laugh.
  20. We have sailed on Zuiderdam twice in cabin 4061 (category HH), and the view isn't bad (we picked it for the good price, and because it was at the end of a lifeboat and had a partial sea view.). There are three categories on deck 4, and, as you'll see from the deck plan, both H age HH are largely behind a lifeboat (or its machinery). However, the G category cabins have windows that are smack between two lifeboats, so the view is better. These cabins all have windows that are floor-to-ceiling, and about six feet wide, so, even behind a lifeboat, there's plenty of light. Pick carefully, and you'll be rewarded. Also, unlike most other OV cabins, the bed is not directly in front of the window (it's sideways) so you can sit on the it and get a decent view, even if partially obscured. (Some cabins are directly behind a lifeboat, through, and the view's not much.) One caution: there's a catwalk outside the window for maintenance, so don't be surprised to see crew there working. Good luck!
  21. We enjoyed the Lincoln Center performances on occasion, but did miss the Explorer's lounge. Also, the loss of the library, which had all the comfy furniture removed and got filled with tables for various games, which also made the space much less quiet. We disembarked at Buenos Aires, but are continuing the trip next year.
  22. We were on her January and February 2020 for 41 nights on the Grand South American and Antarctic voyage and were delighted with the ship's condition throughout. She was immaculate, all systems worked as advertised, the crew was splendid, and we were very pleased that our OV cabin had had the bathtub replaced with a large stall shower. We were in 3320 on the Lower Promenade deck, and couldn't ask for better. We're booked for another 83 nights on her next year, and are very glad that HAL didn't scuttle her along h with the rest of the S and R classes.
  23. I gave up on FB five years ago. HAL isn't getting the word out any other way that I know, so they're missing a lot of folks.
  24. By putting all their eggs in the FB basket, they ignore those of us who don't (or won't) use FB.
  25. Does the refundable deposit fare include a package of "benefits", such as free gratuities and drinks, free extra-cost restaurants, etc? You may find that the extra cost is worth it to get these. We usually don't, as we figure the daily benefit is about $65 ($30 for gratuities and $35 for 2 coifee drinks and 2 glasses of wine). Good luck!
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