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  1. Electronic cruise documents are typically issued seven weeks [49 days] prior to embarkation date... If you also purchased your flights through Air By Celebrity, issuance of your electronic cruise documents may be delayed by a week or two in order to capture the latest flight schedule changes [which is not to say that they might not change after issuance] that may have occurred since your initial flight purchase... As you are seemingly in the United States [also true for those in Canada], you will have the option of ordering luggage tags for mailing to your home... The link to do so should be apparent when you complete online check-in; if not, call Captain's Club to order them...
  2. Following is a link to a seventeen minute video that Celebrity released during February when they first announced their culinary partnership with highly acclaimed Chef Daniel Boulud. After opening with a minute of written text, you'll find commentary from Lisa Lutoff-Perlo [Celebrity's President & CEO], Cornelius Gallagher [Celebrity's Associate Vice President Of Food & Beverage Operations], and Daniel Boulud himself relative to the collaboration [followed by a video tour of his signature restaurant, Daniel, in New York City] . https://www.celebritycruisespresscenter.com/video/133/chef-daniel-boulud-partnership-epk/ In addition, following is a link to Boulud's very impressive bio as published on Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Boulud I've been privileged to have dined at both Daniel and the less formal Boulud Sud in New York City. Start to finish and from every perspective, the experiences were impeccable and I look forward to dining at the new Chef's Table while aboard a future Celebrity cruise [it was not yet offered when I sailed on Edge in March and again on the Transatlantic that concluded in Southampton on Monday of this week]. If you're a foodie, this new offering--it's just starting to roll out--might well prove to be a real treat. On the Solstice-Class ships, I suspect it will be staged in the Wine Cellar at Murano with a totally different menu.
  3. By invitation (sometimes to Cruise Critic Roll Call members, sometimes for new X cruisers, sometimes for higher level members of the Captain’s Club loyalty program, sometimes based upon level of accommodation though not necessarily limited to suite guests, and sometimes for no apparent reason) and at the discretion of the Captain, Celebrity has often hosted sail-away and—less often—sail-in events on the helipads (occasionally more than once per cruise for a variety of non-repetitive guests) of Millennium-Class and Solstice-Class ships at particularly scenic ports when weather is favorable... Surely not a necessity but a nice gesture affording great views from a very different perspective... For me, most memorable were sunset sail-aways from Venice, Sydney, Honolulu, San Francisco snd Stockholm...
  4. In my Edge staterooms, the bathroom outlet was located one shelf down from the sink top and worked perfectly in terms of accessing my rechargeable Sonicare from the charging base... I can understand why Celebrity didn't locate the outlet at sink counter level given the possibility of water on that surface...
  5. Though not featured on earlier Celebrity ships, Edge does provide a standard 120 volt American electrical outlet--for use other than for electric shavers--in stateroom bathrooms...
  6. I disembarked Edge's Transatlantic yesterday morning in Southampton after having also spent a week aboard in the Caribbean during March... http://www.rclcorporate.com/celebrity-edges-eye-pleasing-bow-goes-back-to-the-future/ While I'm not sure I would necessarily agree with Royal Caribbean's assessment that Edge's bow shape is eye-pleasing [and miss the helipad of her Celebrity sisters], it does--in combination with new technologies [among them, a system that generates a "carpet" of drag-reducing microbubbles]--create an consistently smooth ride through frequent high winds/periodic high seas... Captain Costas indicated that Edge is proving to be extremely fuel efficient. A fire boat--with water cannons creating quite a fountain effect--provided an escort into Southampton port early yesterday morning to welcome Edge to The UK for the first time... It was quite a memorable experience; many thanks!
  7. Facing forward, those staterooms ending in an even number are on the port [left side] of the ship and those staterooms ending in an even number are on the starboard [right side] of the ship... True on all Celebrity ships...
  8. I believe the AquaClass showers--and baths--have been/are being replaced on Millennium and Solstice class ships as part of the "revolution" process. If they are like those on Edge, you will likely find that... The baths, showers, sinks are larger. Storage is better, There is a true electrical outlet in the bath. The glass shower enclosures do a far better job of preventing water from leaking on the bath floor [design already varied between Millennium and Solstice class but the problem was common]. On Edge, there is a very nice stationary rain shower overhead with a hand-held option. Shower jets are available but, as I recall, they cannot be used in tandem with either the overhead or hand held showers. Fixtures are high-end/high quality. After 239 nights [17 cruises] in AquaClass before sailing Edge last month---I'll be back aboard for the Transatlantic on Sunday--I liked the shower and bath redesign [though I liked the prior configurations too], Have never personally had a problem with water pressure on a Celebrity ship. In the unusual case when the panel-mounted jets seemed sluggish, I found that either [a] guests had attempted to adjust them beyond their directional capability and they'd not been reset, and/or , the jets had some calcium buildup that diminished water flow.
  9. I'm at top loyalty level in Captain's Club and a big Celebrity cheerleader but--beyond my serious disappointment with the Infinite Veranda concept--I otherwise found things to be desired with the AquaClass cabin I occupied during my first Edge cruise last month [I'll be back in AquaClass--different stateroom--for the Transatlantic on Sunday] and found it questionable as to whether the cabin designers--consulting or within the Royal Caribbean organization--had ever spent a night aboard a cruise ship. And so, I'm also disappointed that Mr. Abel's comments--as relayed by Cruise Critic--don't mention livability issues [some of which are easily remedied] at its most basic level... In-room safes are seriously undersized despite the fact that the space allotted for them is not fully utilized. I could not store my Microsoft Surface Tablet--11" wide, 7" deep, less than an inch high--in the safe... If I'd brought my laptop or my digital camera/lenses along, neither would have fit--alone or together--either. It's a matter of security. When I mentioned the lack of an in-room clock to my Stateroom Attendant, he told me to turn on the TV and tune in to one of the navigation channels! Really? What happened to the clocks on the phone--as on other ships--that take up no added space? The cabin had two nightstands each with a lamp--the larger stationary, the smaller movable if the very comfortable bed is split into twins--but it is the smaller that is crowded with the phone and a pad with the useful but, to my mind misplaced, USB ports above At night I'd activate an alarm clock app on my phone and propped it up--with an inch to spare on the already cluttered movable nightstand with the intention of sleeping on the other side of the bed adjacent to the stationary nightstand [copious uncluttered surface to accommodate my glasses, meds, a bottle of water, and the TV remote]. It worked--sort of--but I couldn't see the time on my phone from across the bed without groping around for my glasses. On future E-Class ships, the USB ports ought be mounted above the larger/less-cluttered stationary nightstand. Loved the oversized TV but, without a swivel mounting, one needs to be watching from bed for a direct line of sight. The sofa is a logical option for propping up/stretching out to watch TV--even if indirectly--but, with the sofa's silly one-armed design oriented toward looking outdoors and no swivel TV mounting, quite an unappealing/uncomfortable option. Storage space--particularly drawers, cubbies, and even the otherwise useless tom-tom--is copious [in the well-designed bath too] but the closet hanging space--and its too late to do anything about it from an Edge perspective now--is seriously undersized with too much competing for available space. The very nice robes take up a good bit of space for full-length hanging [somewhat reduced by a utility conduit that runs from the bath into the closet], But the adjacent "stacked" partial-length rods for hanging shorter clothing were of insufficient height to hang my sports jacket--and I'm not particularly tall--without it draping on the rod below or on the closet floor [which is usually a great place to store laundry needing to be done/shoe in the absence of a top-of-closet shelf]. In AquaClass, a good bit of floor space is further taken up for storage of yoga mats. I suppose that some may use them but those will be under the bed or removed by my Stateroom Attendant as soon as I board on Sunday. Whatever happened to the unobtrusive hooks just outside the bath? They certainly wouldn't ruin the aesthetic and proved useful while dressing, for day-to-day storage of a robe in use, and for laundry delivery while leaving the hooks on the interior bath door for towels not yet in need of laundering. I asked my Stateroom Attendant for a pen to fill out a laundry slip; he offered to get me a golf pencil. I get/support the "Save The Waves" mission but thought this was taking the concept too far and did not otherwise see the same restriction placed upon crew members. Who wants to fill out a laundry request [now two ply rather than three]--or better yet, one's disembarkation luggage tags--in pencil??? I eventually found a pen in my carry-on and, though I shouldn't have to do so, have already packed one for my upcoming trip. During turndown service, my Stateroom Attendant lowered--and I appreciated it--the shade. But when I returned to the room for the night, the shade would automatically raise to full height the moment I unlocked my stateroom. I asked the Stateroom Attendant--and I've since come to understand I've had far better--why he bothered to lower it; he responded by saying that his card did not cause the shade to rise after lowering it [as if the disparity was proper] but didn't suggest that I ought contact Maintenance--or offer to do so on my behalf--for reprogramming. And finally, there's this. No, I hadn't been drinking. And I couldn't possibly make this up. The top of the desk/vanity table retracts or extends into the adjacent dresser so as to allow the guest [I never touched it] to determine its length. Very early one morning, I was seated at the desk--hands in lap--checking e-mail and glancing at the news. All of a sudden--and I didn't otherwise detect it; Edge provided a very smooth ride--the ship apparently started to rock side-to-side and the desk top with my tablet--started to contract/extend, by an inch or two, with the movement. I initially thought I was delusional! I was able to reduce the movement a bit--which I also noticed one night while watching TV; by that time it had become funny--by adjusting the outboard legs of the work surface to be truly perpendicular to the floor. My Stateroom Attendant shrugged it off and said that I was not the first to report it; in any case, it appears to be a design defect. Please know that I liked--and sometimes loved--the common areas on Edge and I'm not some cranky old guy who boarded with the intent of comparing the ship to those in Millennium and Solstice-Class. I'm not change-averse/don't live in the past... And I don't spend inordinate amounts of time in my cabin--an hour or less as I get ready for the day, less than an hour freshening for dinner/the evening--and another hour or less before turning in; otherwise, I'm out and about on sea days and port days. Let's just say that I found my stateroom somewhat quirky [it was generally comfortable once I adapted or resigned myself to most of them] rather than the norm I've experienced upon first boarding other Celebrity ships--new or remodeled--which I've found to be more thoughtfully designed and more immediately welcoming... We'll see... I fully realize that not all of my observations are shared by other guests and I know that the die is cast on much of Edge's design... But to my mind, there are some things that X can be considering--without significant expense or protracted time frames--in terms of making guest-focused improvements to Edge cabins now and in terms of planning/implementing future E-Class builds.
  10. I am the one who reported that the Maitre 'D at Roof Top Garden Grill told me--while aboard Edge last month--that the restaurant would be enclosed to address wind and soot issues... And in fact, he told me that he was expecting that the work would be completed before I reboard Edge this Sunday for the Transatlantic... You will find my related comment--it wasn't a review--as post #21 in Jenn's thread... She subsequently reported--in the same thread--that the work had not been completed while she was aboard but did not further mention the issue or project status [that I noted] in the context of discussions with Brian Abel...
  11. Most often, TripAdvisor--parent company to Cruise Critic [okay to mention here]--has far more information with tons of reviews relative to inquiries such as yours... I'm an avid traveler and, after looking at Celebrity's offerings, TripAdvisor is my "go to" website for deciding what I want to do and, as appropriate, where/with whom I want to do it...
  12. I last sailed with Captain Costas aboard Equinox--it was a thirty night B2B in Europe--during September/October 2016... At the time, he had just been appointed as "take out" Captain on Edge and was bursting with excitement [I had dinner with him twice] relative to his new--and very different--assignment.... He is extremely capable... Quite social/visible... And just the nicest guy...
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