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  1. I just put together and did an Anthem of the Seas bar crawl. Because they are so many bars we had a pre crawl on sailaway which consisted of all the upper bars: North Star Bar, Sky Bar, Pool Bar and Sunshine Bar in Solarium. Then on the first sea day we did the rest in the afternoon. We didn't bother with the windjammer bars. I had 20 people from cruise critic sign up for it and 12 actually showed up.
  2. Thank you for the tip on the restaurant The Bicycle Thief in Halifax, we just returned from our Canada/New England cruise on Athem and stopped there for a delicious lunch. Our server, Mary, I think was the best waitress we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thanks again for your excellent review.
  3. Can't speak to all muster stations but on Anthem last year we were in the theater for muster drill.
  4. Hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for the very informative posts and beautiful pictures.
  5. Thank you both. Didn't know I could ask for a bucket of ice at a bar, makes sense.
  6. I have two questions: 1. Where can I get a bucket of ice for stateroom on first day? We are in a balcony room and are not high enough in cruise ranking to have access to lounge area. Last year our cabin steward was on a well deserved rest until 6 PM after doing all the first day cleaning. The little fridge in the room isn't really good at cooling down a bottle of champagne and the champagne did not have time to get cold prior to our taking it to dinner. The waiter in MDR did get it cool but I wondered about this. Any suggestions? 2. Can I bring 4 half bottles of champagne on board instead of two normal size bottles? A half bottle is 375 ml and a regular size bottle is 750. Do they look at size or only number of bottles? This just keeps champagne fresher if you don't want to drink a whole bottle with dinner. We always like to have champagne when celebrating our anniversary. Thank you for your responses.
  7. She was outside the dining room as a hostess and not by anyone's table.
  8. We had one hostess in the main dining room who would joke and laugh with us each night. Her manager told her to stop because her laugh was annoying and said she sounded like an animal. On the survey I mentioned her by name and how lovely her laugh was and how we looked forward to seeing her each night. I too agree that the cabin stewards are overworked, they have a very hard job.
  9. So sorry for your loss. I hope this cruise begins a new amazing chapter of your life. Make sure you take care of yourself! Have a great cruise.
  10. Most people I see, myself included dress casual during the day. Jeans, shorts, capri and tees. At night I wear a nicer shirt with jeans or capri.
  11. One of the suite perks in Sky Class is Exclusive access to signature activities what does this mean? Would I be able to go on the i-fly each day? I am considering doing a Royal Up bid for this but want to have a better understanding of this perk. We usually just have a balcony or large balcony room so suites would be new to us. Any insight would be appreciated.
  12. You are weighed but no one can see how much the scale says just you and your instructor. Everyone is standing off to one side while they take each person in line to be weighed no one can see but you are all in the same open space. It is so much fun I encourage you to try it. I am not a roller coaster or ride person and I have arrange a second Anthem cruise so I can fly again! It is a wonderful experience even though it is a short time actually flying.
  13. No thank you in dining room didn't work for me they kept asking so I came up with "I'll only take my picture with puss n boots" a character they have on Anthem of Seas. This makes everyone around laugh and the pushy photographer go away.
  14. My daughter has peanut, soy, dairy and gluten allergies. I, too, always email before hand. When we board the ship we go down and talk to hostess in front of the dining room early in the afternoon. She never ate at the buffet but her's is a very severe peanut allergy. They were very accommodating and brought her the menu the night before to choose what she wanted the next day. One cruise they went above anything we imagined and were making her special desserts each night. Their tip reflected the wonderful care they took of her to ensure not only her safety but that she felt special. We also bring a few snacks on board.
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