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  1. Captain just woke everyone up. Says that the now estimate arrival at 13:00 today.
  2. On my previous sky cruises there's not a lot of swiping cards to check for anything. I've seen it happen sometimes in the first day but after that it's open season. On the GA this week I can say I'm seeing a lot more underage drinking - either under 21 getting their hands on liquor/shots or under 18 getting alcohol petiod (usually girls getting beers from 18-21 year old boys). Plus the under 18 teenagers have been rampant in spice and the bliss club at night and security isn't checking anything.
  3. I'm currenrly waiting right behind someone to get on the phone with AA and change my flights. I get that they can't just open up free calling to all the rooms as that would overload the available satellite bandwidth. The airlines aren't making it easier and communication from Norwegian staff on the boat has been VERY inconsistent or just downright nonexistent (I've gotten way too many blank stares, it's as if they've never planned for such a thing as this). Up until now it's been a great experience, but despite the best efforts of the Frontline crew the management is doing a horrible job handling this and not communicating at all to crew or passengers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So I do have to give credit to the crew in guest services handling the situation. They've got open lines to each of the airlines and they are just moving people through as fast as they can. But it's a mess. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Here's some pictures of the mania in guest services earlier: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. We are now making 22.9kts according to the scan display channel on the TV's. Position 22 56.23n 84 13.23w heading 49.7. Any one of the brilliant experts want to give an ETA?
  7. The captain just announced a minute ago the search has been called off by the USCG. We have turned around and are making 17.5kn NE back toward Miami. Position is Lat/Lon: 22.746040 / -84.433266. Captain still estimates arrival in Miami at 3pm.
  8. The reports we heard from various crew was that the jump was in the very late night/early morning hours...like 0400-0600, and the ship was only doing about 14 knots during that period and 1300 when it turned around.
  9. So guest services is a mess indeed. Theyve opened up three phones for people to call their airline so there are massive lines for each. Now they're telling people that any compensation will have to come from the head office in Miami after the trip, and they cannot say how much will be offered. Also saying captain will make another announcement at approx 9pm advising on estimated Miami arrival. But they're still insisting that we will be there at 3pm tomorrow per the Captain's earlier announcement. Some guests are saying they saw a plane overhead but that's just hearsay at this point.
  10. This is accurate. They made 2-3 PA announcements for the crew member to call a certain extension. The crew working where I was at told everyone that it meant he hasn't shown up for duty and they checked his stateroom. One even mentioned they knew the person and that 'he hasn't been doing well'. Just before 1pm the ship turned around very quickly and you could feel it jumping up to full speed. Captain got on PA and announced just after that.
  11. Yeah...for some reason I could have swore the post I quoted said 27-28 hours. I guess it depends on when we get relieved from search by coast guard. On a side note, there's a lot of very upset passengers in the atrium/guest services and the cruise director is unsuccessfully trying to pacify them. They're going to have to do something pretty quick to make this better for the guests.
  12. And we're still traveling in a Westerly direction....so I think it's safe to say the odds are slim to none that we're getting back into Miami tomorrow.
  13. We're doing the grid search now. Our position a few minutes ago was: Lat/Lon: 22.811168 / -84.233367 Assuming 21kts (the speed we traveled for 5 hours to get to this approximate area)...how long is it going to take to get to Miami?
  14. Captain just made an announcement that we are about an hour from the coordinates and will begin a search pattern at that time. Also informed us that arrival in Miami will be delayed to 15:00 (3pm) tomorrow at the earliest. Also captain said that the crew member did jump over and did not fall over. Cruise director then informed that they will be opening up internet cafe for people to change flights, but will NOT be reimbursing any change fees for affected flights. Also will not be opening up phone lines to call airlines, you will have to use internet cafe. Is the not reimbursing for flight changes due to their cree member jumping over standard practice? Or am I just going to have to raise hell with the home office about it when I get back?
  15. This morning there were numerous calls over the PA for the crew member and then finally the captain came on and advised us probably five minutes after the turn around. We're booking at full speed and it's a little rocky right now. The bartenders on vibe deck seemed quite disturbed and said that the person had not been aboard long, plus the announcement said the crew member had a 'defect' and went over board. Several crew members have said that indicates he intended to jump over. Hopefully it goes well though.
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