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  1. Happy Veteran's Day ! Thank you for your service. It is much appreciated. Sali
  2. I also have been experiencing the same thing. Even after just a few hours,I have to sign in again. Sali
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian cruisers ! Looking forward to a healthier world and opportunities sometime in 2021 we might be able to go on cruises and see old friends and friends we haven't met yet ! Sali
  4. I read an article that thousands of ship crew personnel are still stuck on ships. The cruise lines are still trying to get them home but so many ports are closed because of covid-19. Cruise ships are anchored all over the world. The article has a map of the ships just off the coast of Manila. The first step is to get those people home. Then the ships have been idle and I would assume in need of its of rehab, paint, cleaning, checking all the systems. If you are talking about Regal, Royal, Majestic, Sky, the ships are 2 football fields long and 19 decks. The above
  5. I am on the Nov 5th 10 day Sky reposition from NYC to the Carib. I have not received any information about our cruise being cancelled. I have friends on this cruise and they haven't heard anything either. I will keep checking here so if you hear any updates please share it here. I have read the Euro plan about travel and I don't think the U.S. with all the coronavirus wants any travelers.A number of Carib. islands have strict rules. Sali
  6. Hi Louden, it will be a very quiet July 4th. There are no parades or big celebrations. They don't want any big gatherings. I have followed all the directions, masks, and social distancing. Except for the grocery store ( I go very early in the morning) and doctor's appointments I don't go out and about. We are doing very well locally and the state. I don't want to go back to square one. While we can social distance and wear a mask to visit with someone, I am not going to take any chances. I talk to my friends on the phone or email. I used to go to the
  7. Check out this online guide for the Finger Lakes and other areas in New York State. Sali https://www.iloveny.com/places-to-go/finger-lakes/
  8. Louden, That was sweet of you to notice. I always try to be first to wish my Canadian neighbors " Happy Canada Day ". I noticed that you are in Ontario. Are you closer to Toronto or further west ? Sali
  9. Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian cruisers ! Have a safe celebration. I look forward to seeing you in late 2021 since I am not planning on cruising until I feel safe. Stay well. Sali
  10. I am also on the Sky Princess Nov 5th. After being on the b2b Inaugurals of the Sky in the US I was looking forward to this cruise. Having been on the reposition cruise to the Carib before, I looked forward to reuniting with a wonderful group of cruisers. I have been talking to my cruising friends about this trip. While we still hold our reservations , we are doubtful we will be on that cruise. The final payment is due the beginning of August and I am not willing to make that payment if I don't feel safe about the travel. Needless to say, the idea of flying is not thrilling to me.
  11. Timothy is the same way in person. He was at Passenger Services when I was on the Regal a few times. Also, very efficient and fun to chat with. Sali
  12. Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure. I saw new destinations through your eyes and great pictures.Your food pictures were amazing. My favorite part after this adventure is I didn't gain any weight ! Sali
  13. I have watched all of them more than once. I was delighted to see Tim at Passenger Services on the Regal. He was very funny to talk too and solving issues for people. Sali
  14. Thank you for part 1 and an excellent job. Your stories and pictures captured the spirit of all places you visited. I enjoyed all the food pictures and I didn't gain any weight. I am looking forward to Part 2 Sali
  15. Hi Robert and Linda, I hope you are both well. This has been some 2020 ! I am booked on the Nov. 5 ten day NY repo on the Sky to the Carib. I have done this cruise before and it was wonderful. The Princess summer cruises on theSky were cancelled through the 5 day Sky to Canada. Many people on the Nov. 5th were supposed to go on the Oct 31st 5 day cruise to Canada for a b2b . So there is a possibility of it being cancelled too. Who knows the airline situation. Plus do I want to put myself in that position. NYS and Gov Cuomo have been slow and caut
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