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  1. The something happened to me on the Regal b2b. Almost 200 people were waiting in the terminal while the announcements were made for this family to leave. When the family was finally escorted to the terminal, they casually walked to the seats. No sorry for the hold up from the family. The waiting group just in unison clapped and glared at the people when they sat down. In Dec I will be doing a b2b on the Sky. Since we will have the Ocean Medallion, they should be able to track down the delinquents ! Hopefully, you will have the OM operating on the ship. Then Princess will have no excuse not finding them. Sali
  2. I was on the Ocean Medallion ready Carib Princess in May. When I checked in in FLL they gave me the OM, I asked if I could have a room key also. I was told there are no more key cards. The OM opens the door automatically. On the wall where the mailbox used to be, there is a device that looks like an IPad. It flashes unlocked or locked depending on what direction you are going. In the room I took the OM on a lanyard off. I was afraid if I walked too close to the door I would unlock it when I had no plans on leaving the cabin. By the way when I entered the gifts and sundries shop, my room and name would appear on the sales clerk's IPAD. If you buy something you just put the OM on a spot and the transaction is done. Many people used the OM for other things. Since used it basically only for my door, I can't speak about any other aspect. Sali
  3. Hi tothemall&beyond, Your Nov2019 Transatlantic cruise on the Princess should be great. They will have the Sky Princess Inaugural in Europe. However, they also talk about the Dec 4 US Inaugural and the Dec 7 the Carib Inaugural. I was on the the Regal b2b Inaugurals. The day before we boarded they had a very big party for the VIPs and the many actors and actresses who were on the shows that flew in. The Regal didn't have a Godmother but instead the original TV Loveboat crew were the Godparents. We lucked out when the Loveboat crew sailed with us on the first of the b2b. They had Q & A's with the actors in the Princess Theater. Norman Love, the Princess chocolatier sailed with us and we savored the many chocolate tastings in the piazza and on the dinner menu. Charo was also on the cruise and gifted us with her music and entertainment. She wowed everybody since many never knew that she was a top classical guitarist. While they do not have weddings in the piazza, they made an exception and allowed two travel writers who were special to Princess to get married. The cruisers were invited to the beautiful event with lots of people on every floor overlooking the piazza. The Captain of the Regal and the Loveboat show Captain Steubing both took part in the marriage ceremony. I hope you will enjoy your cruise. Sali
  4. I am on the Dec. b2b Inaugurals on the Sky. We have someone on our roll call who knows someone working on the ship. Sali Click on the printed line above the Christmas tree.
  5. Don't stress. I was on the Carib Princess in May which has OM. I did not download app. In May I was able to print the boarding pass and brought it along. I walked straight the clerk at the counter. They found my medallion and gave to me. They did have a number of people around to help you with anything. The OM came on a lanyard and I wore it around my neck, since I have no pockets on my exercise clothes. The OM opened and locked my cabin. Sali
  6. I think I will follow the Sky Princess cruises in Europe when they start in Oct.. There seems to be a number of people cruising b2b in the Mediterrean and then TA. I will post at that time. I did look at another thread with the same debate. However, the experiences were so different, I can't determine a consistent protocol. Sali
  7. In the past I exchanged the mini bar for the coffee card package. If I was on a b2b, I could just continue using the card. In December I will be on the b2b Sky Inaugurals to the U.S. Instead of having the cards , will the coffee package account only be good for the first cruise . Or can I use it for the second cruise also? Thanks, Sali
  8. The EZ check luggage program is the best ! I have used it many times. Some ports and airlines don't do it. When I was returning home from a cruise out of Seattle , they didn't offer the service there. Hopefully it will be more widely available . Sali
  9. Hi Carolyn ! ( Host CJSKIDS ) I chatted with you and your husband on the May 2019 Carib Princess Sail Away at the Outrigger. It was a wonderful cruise. I always enjoy my zumba and line dancing classes. My favorite band Static rocked the piazza every night. I am looking forward to the b2b Sky Inaugurals in the beginning of Dec. in the US. and hearing Static play on that cruise. Happy cruising and I hope our paths cross again in the future ! Sali
  10. Happy July 4th and birth of the United States of America as an independent nation ! Sali
  11. I hope Kawhi goes back toToronto also !!! Sali I didn't like that the CC host sent my kind greeting to the " Ask the question section " !!!
  12. To all the Canadian cruisers, Happy Canada Day !!!!! Sali
  13. To all the Canadian cruisers , Happy Canada Day !!!! Sali
  14. I have been on a lot of Princess cruises and I always have gone to the zumba classes. Regal Princess has had 2 different people who taught zumba and the classes were offered in the morning and late afternoon. Last month I was on the Carib Princess and they were having zumba classes. I think you itinerary made the difference. Alaska not only has a lot of ports but you have two days going through glacier areas.Glacier Bay is an all day affair with naturalists and rangers aboard interacting with the cruisers and explain everything we were seeing. Sali
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