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  1. Looking for opinions on Royal Caribbeans Big French Key beach excursion.
  2. So what has been done so far? Im getting nervous nothing will be completed by 2/2020
  3. I see some people go through Daniel Johnson, others through Justin's Island Tours. There will be 5 adults and one teenager . We don't want to see the shops or the lookout....just the sloths, monkeys and a gorgeous beach. We are in port 9:30-6:00. I'd like to spend a few hours at the beach.
  4. We rented a 4 door Jeep at Hertz right at the cruise port. It was is terrible condition . The windshield had a big crack. The bumpers were all cracked and smashed, scratches dents and rust all over the body. Inside the clothe was filthy and the dashboard scratched and marked up. There was rust on the metal parts of the seats and the roll bar lights were completely rusted out and broken. The low tire pressure light was on and the check engine light came on after we got to the beach. I question if it was even a rental or if it was an employers own car. The guy came and took his phone and belongings out of it before we got in it. We should have refused to take it but we just wanted to get the most of our short time in port. While driving the backseat door flew open. Fortunately my 12 year old was wearing his seatbelt. I emailed hertz today....let’s see what they say. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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