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  1. I don't know where, but I suggest conch fritters if you see them. Had them 2 years ago (at an all inclusive, not near the cruise port) and it's my main purpose when I visit Nassau again in a couple months.
  2. I haven't stayed here yet, but am booked for a night at the Sagamore before our cruise late September...I feel like it fits your criteria. Good luck! I had a heck of a time narrowing it down, there are so many choices!
  3. Overtime baby!! I rarely turn down overtime, have a travel rewards credit card (paid off weekly), and hubs doesn't travel (I have travel buddies) so I just have to pay for me.
  4. Thank you all! My lifestyle is such that I honestly don't own a little black dress, or non-jeans. I live in jeans and shorts. Having worked at an airline previously, I know the stand-by/carry-on-only life pretty well :) And having read your responses, I think it couldn't hurt me to find some decent capri's or pants in the next couple months. I do own a decent fancy dress, but will have to discuss with my travel buddy if we even want to participate in that...or just buffet it that night. I appreciate others love for formal, dress up nights...I would just rather spend my time and money on more excursions than a dress. I'm thinking a Windjammer visit might be in order that night. Thanks everyone for your comments, I appreciate it!
  5. Hi all. Going on a 4 night cruise to Nassau & CocoCay this fall on Navigator of the Seas. I've read some conflicting thoughts on formal night attire in the MDR, but what about the other 3 nights...the non-formal nights? Are 'nice' jeans and a dressier top acceptable or should I go pants shopping? What about Chops or any of the specialty restaurants...should we choose them. I would assume no jeans? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all. I'm paralysed with indecision. There are so many choices! Travelling with my mother in law. Arriving in MIA around 2 pm, cruising out of Port of MIA the next day. I 'm looking for a nicer hotel, near restaurants and shopping (wine/soda), and breakfast (doesn't have to be free, just available). Ideally, i would love a sofa and balcony too. Not too worried about shuttles, I've gathered Uber is generally a great option in the area. She could care less and has told me to choose a hotel. I'm stuck on really wanting a balcony. Anyone stayed at the Double tree Biscayne Bay? Is it near walkable restaurants? My 2nd choice is the Hampton Inn Brickell because of the rave reviews...but no balcony. Which would you choose? Is there another option I should consider? Thanks for your thoughts
  7. On our last cruise, inside cabin...we hadn't learned the "turn on the tv to the outside camera channel" yet so we had a hard time with no daylight. We slept so much! Having said that, a week in an inside room is wildly better than a week at work. 😉
  8. Cruising with my mother- in- law late September, flying in the day before. What are your favorite things for a fun day/evening in MIA and restaurant recs for dinner? Thanks!I **bonus points if these things are near a hotel with free airport shuttle 😁
  9. Hi all! So, below is from the website. I chose 1108, I was so excited about the size, but I'm second guessing my choice...how crazy windy is it way up front? Am I over-thinking, or is this a valid concern? The size is hard to pass up! (Going to the Bahamas with my MIL if that matters/helps) Thanks for any thoughts!
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