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  1. what if you have the booze package and dining package? Are both JR and the shakes free? Will be on liberty In a few months.
  2. Ah ok. Thank you. I saw your room on the other thread. Looks like panoramic suite. I’ll be in 1804 in May.
  3. If you have the UDP but end up eating dinner in the MDR a night or two because all the other couples in your group decided not to buy the dining package can you order the Chops from the MDR menu and it be covered? I have tried reading up on the dining package for Royal and it seems to get mixed reviews. I also tried doing a quick search on my above question and didn't see a topic about it....may of been buried though.
  4. This is exactly what caught my eye. The price was insanely inexpensive when compared to others. We had never given the transatlantic much thought in the past before as we thought they would be crazy expensive.
  5. We did the pride of America Hawaii cruise last year when our little guy was 2.5. I’m pretty sure he was the only little one on the boat.
  6. With all this al a carte pricing with ncl how does the UDP work then? With Royal you can eat at as many places you want in a night.....not that I would or have but I know people who have. Does ncl cap you out with a value per day or value per meal?
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone. I appreciate it. I am not to worried about the flights. The little ones did perfectly fine on a flight from Dallas to Honolulu. Just need to time the flights right so they sleep most of the way and then watch movies when they wake up. as for going on Disney....I’m going to pass on that. I have never been a fan of Disney and everything they touch just gets more and more expensive. 7 day cruise on royal in a 4 bedroom suite for 10 people....12k. 7 day cruise in a 1 bedroom suite on Disney for 4 people....35k. It’s not that we don’t have the money to do that....it’s the principle of it which makes me say no. thanks again for the replies. I will keep reading them as they come through as this is something id be very interested in doing. Never know how mich longer you’ll be around so might as well do stuff If and when you can.
  8. Has anyone done a transatlantic with smaller kids? I did some searching and can't find alot of topics out there with that information. The only NCL cruises we have been on are the Hawaii one twice and there wasn't much for small kids on that boat. We have a 4 yr old and 1 yr old. I just saw that the Escape has a drop off nursery so decided to look into that boat a little bit. When i saw the prices of their transatlantic cruise I thought it was pretty good so wanted to see if anyone has done it with a toddler and infant and how their experiences went.
  9. Thanks for the responses. most other boats just have 2 bedrooms right? I’m going through deck plans of other ships and don’t see any other 4 bedroom besides on liberty and her sister ships.
  10. Thanks for the offer. If I see you in the suite lounge may have to take you up on that. I watched the YouTube walk throughs of it and it looks like a decent size for a good group of people.
  11. haha yeah if you have it then I hope it doesn’t show available. I’m pretty happy with the panoramic suite since we have a 4 year old and 1 year old and the wife wants to avoid having a balcony but I also wouldn’t mind putting some of the rooms we booked together to save a few dollars if that makes sense. you did answer my question there for cost though. If it’s roughly 9k for 4 people then it can’t be a crazy amount more for doubling up the rooms with couples instead of singles.
  12. thanks. It’s not showing available for the May 17 cruise so I guess it’s already booked. I will keep that in mind for future cruises though. Appreciate it.
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