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  1. It expects 80% of its capacity to be in service by 2021 end and turn cash-flow positive in about six months. You are kidding, right? They just canceled their cruises. 80% capacity means 80% of ALL ships will be 80% full on average. Cash-flow positive in 6 months? 100% false and everyone knows it and this should be investigated. Management is a total disaster! Every day it is something new with them- they will file BK and reorganized. No way they get out of this anymore.
  2. 100% you should take your refund. The CEO and RCL is a total mess during this pandemic. Truly unbelievable. Just look at his video logs. This was the cruise I wanted as well- Radiance nine and five day. They change every day with cruises and protocols. Do they even have a reason or this? At this point the ship is grounded so to speak moving forward. Fact is, no one is getting sick on the ships. The percentage is nothing and it is no more than a minor "cold" at best if you are vaccinated or not!
  3. The answer is cancel because RCL changes their policies with the wind. Delta is also infecting fully vax'ed people- proof is many weddings and parties were vax only parties and many got sick, very sick, and a few deaths. This is what I am seeing about the CDC's change in mask policy. A cruise vacation is not a vacation at all right now.
  4. Coronavirus has been around forever. We never tested for it before. The health authorities are not consistent and in fact told us to NOT wear masks before. If you want to save lives stop driving cars, etc. They simply hate cruise ships. Everything else is wide open. The cruise industry will collapse under the current system. That is obvious. Bookings are pathetic, especially considering many people have cruise credits to use and ships are only booking to certain capacity. Watch the CDC extend their protocols November! That is what they do. Then what? Also, if you are vaccinated you will still catch covid. Start testing everyone like before and watch the numbers skyrocket. So many athletes are testing positive, with zero or minimal symptoms (think like common cold), yet none ever die or anything.
  5. That is the problem. Leadership is awful imo. I have nothing booked. Seems they don't want anyone to cruise. You see how they treat some passengers lately too. I'm finding alternative vacations right now, sadly.
  6. "A spokeswoman said mitigation measured on board included masks, social distancing and a track and trace system." It is just insane. the media won't cover this. Fully vaccinated, masks and distancing and still testing positive. I 100% guarantee you test everyone on RCL you will find the same. The only difference now is they only test unvacinnated people. Add to the fact the tests are not accurate enough!
  7. I think when the promotion first came out the answer was no, but I do believe they lifted those caveats.
  8. If someone did their research they would know they do not end cruises in NYD so yes is was called for. Obviously if they did end a cruise on NYD they would have a celebration at night still- get a clue people. Sorry. Unreal.
  9. Now that we have a new C&A drink system with included drinks at $13 and under does anyone have a list/menu they can post?
  10. The fact they want people to wear wristbands at all times is ridiculous and classless on a cruise. Save it for the waterpark. The leaders at RCL have been a joke during this whole thing. How they got to their high positions I will never know.
  11. Agree. Yet half the country demonizes cruise ships including the CDC, which has proven to be safe from Covid as demonstrated by all the recent cruise successes. Thanks to the cruise industry for always stepping up in crisis and saving those at sea.
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