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  1. Free drinks for everyone= one hour wait to get said drink.
  2. Booked it back to back 16 nights last fall. Watched every night when at 11:30 it opened up for the second leg of a back to back cruise so I got the cabin for the full 16 nights. Someone cancelled their Cuba cruise. Pros: Cabin size- you have a second room so to speak. I had a "queen" size bed while S.O. took the second room. Made it easy to sleep and the large bed was great. Plenty of storage. Second room has curtain Windows- two windows- one facing forward so you can watch the front as you sail, and the side window over the bed. Location- right off deck nine aft elevators. Small ship so aft was no big deal. Also, right below bar that we used for Diamond Drinks every night. Air conditioning- Ice cold. Best ever on cruise, contrary to last Empress Cuba cruise with inside cabin (deck 4 inside) where air conditioning was brutal! Cons: Right below ping pong table so sometimes some noise Air conditioner made strange noise every 3 seconds but got that fixed quickly as they recognized the noise and problem Woke up a few nights with crew moving deck chairs around at 3 a.m. Conclusion: Would book again, and have it booked, but will likely cancel August 2020 cruise for the obvious : ( Love the Empress!
  3. Stop people from coughing (or sneezing). That is how things spread so good luck. I get sick a lot on cruises and it is from people coughing nearby. I wash my hands constantly, does not matter. Limit the Diamond lounge and others? good luck!
  4. I'm cancelling my schedule cruise for August, but waiting until near the deadline just in case. I'd also proof my post for a lot of things if you can still edit it.
  5. I think all our clubs are closed. Sucks. But I think they should fill the holes mostly with sand so the ball can drop a little. Upside down with the ball rolling over does not seem right.
  6. As a healthcare professional you may know you may have taken your last cruise then. No guarantee of vaccine based on history of other viruses. Hope this is not the case.
  7. You people don't need to cruise with all the good food and drink you are showing. 😀 uhh, I need to diet so I can pig out on the next cruise, whenever that will be. I put on half a pound a day when cruising- drinks and food. Miss the beef tenderloin medium rare the most right now. It's tough in Illinois, been restricted for awhile now, but it will be much longer.
  8. The banks and companies all did the same thing under the Obama stimulus. That is why they are putting restrictions on the funds now. Some probably do not want the money. If I was going to use the money to gamble I'd wait for a lower price. No rush with the ways things are going.
  9. If you call, get a quote, and book, and they do not verbally disclose it on the phone then it is not legal to enforce. I call because my agency I use has special rates sometimes on the phone not advertised online- more than residency, senior, etc.
  10. I have a cruise booked- did it over the phone to inquire about travel agent or group discounts, etc. Agent did not disclose anything about cancel fee or change fee. After I got the invoice, the fine print says there "may" be a $50 change or cancel fee- I don't think so. You have to disclose that before you take a deposit. Otherwise why not say the fee is $500 per person? Doesn't fly unless you disclose. Not sure what other people have going on.
  11. I booked a refundable deposit for August 2020. Thinking of cancelling at the appropriate time (before 90 days). I booked over the phone, no mention of cancel charge. The invoice after the fact stated there could be a $50 charge per reservation for cancel or change. If that happens, I will dispute the charge for non-disclosure at point of sale. Luckily, no flight booked yet either or insurance. Flights are nothing right now in cost terms, but right of cancel could still be high, missing a cruise then.
  12. Well, considering the stock analysts have told us that CCL has the best balance sheet, then it does not look so good, and this soon in the process, as you said!
  13. On the back of CCL announcing securing another 6 billion in debt. Never mind they won't be sailing for awhile.
  14. Up to near $50.00, and down the next day to $34, in large part to the "bailout" news. Amazed it took so long for anyone to figure that out. Yesterday was the only day I did not look at the stock. Had some things going on and was sick of seeing the stock move up everyday being overvalued. It got me. Could have ran a short but I'm sure TD would have said nothing available to short. Don't want BK though.
  15. In the good old days this was always the protocol, but more out of class than disease prevention.
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