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  1. From memory, Flatbush Flyer straps a carton with 6 bottles of wine to his hand luggage (which has wheels). Very convenient. If your hand luggage also has wheels, this idea could be adapted to handle a carton of IPA.
  2. In this scenario, I assume the guys are the reason the girls drink?
  3. I reckon if they put the same product in 2 different bottles and labelled one as shampoo and the other as bodywash you would use them both and be none the wiser.
  4. So true. My wife tells me I will cop a punch in the head one day but I can’t help it. Whenever I am standing at Terrace Cafe and someone says something like “I’ll take some scrambled eggs, some bacon and two sausages” I always say to the server “He (or she) meant to say please. He (or she) just forgot”. That usually results in a glare (as yet no smack in the mouth) but it just makes me angry when the staff are treated with such disrespect. No wonder some crew get grumpy towards the end of their contracts.
  5. We spent this last Christmas onboard as part of a Sydney to Bali cruise. Christmas day was wonderful. The ship was beautifully decorated, the entertainment crew were everywhere carolling, and the atmosphere was joyful. The GDR had an all-day buffet going with tables just groaning with goodies. We both agreed it was the best Christmas we had ever had. Very memorable.
  6. Be grateful you did. It's very unedifying.
  7. I was having a meal with a F & B Manager once onboard Oceania and he mentioned there is a Lobster farmer (if farmer is the correct term) in Maine who Oceania has made very rich. His produce is shipped all around the world to Oceania ships to ensure quality.
  8. Oceania cruises to Alaska. Many if not all those cruises stop in Ketchikan. Some passengers on those Oceania cruises may be contemplating scenic flights on small planes.
  9. https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/Authorities-working-to-rescue-victims-of-two-float-plane-crashes-near-Ketchikan-509872001.html Terrible news. Deepest sympathies to the families of all lost.
  10. My point remains the same. Oceania can’t override the UAE. If O were originally told you would be allowed to stay onboard but then the UAE changed their minds, I fail to see why your anger is directed at Oceania. Don’t get me wrong, I am sorry for the situation you are in but unless I am missing some relevant information, it appears you are the victims of a less than reputable government rather than mismanagement by Oceania.
  11. Not sure I am following you here Assaf and Talia. Are you seriously saying you thought Oceania had the final say in this matter rather than the UAE? While I certainly don't support UAE's decision, it was always there's in the end and I think it may have been a little naive on your part to rely on the word of Oceania alone. A bit more research may have been required.
  12. You have to leave the ship to zero balance passengers. Crew will help you pack and relocate to new cabin.
  13. This thread is 17 pages long but has some excellent info you will find useful-
  14. No love for Ray Carr? I laugh more on a cruise with Ray than anyone else.
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