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    Now we'll be able to see the questions she answered start filling up the CC boards again
  2. Good Wisdom Bo, and like yourself I looked up the previous recipients and found a diverse mixture of people that made a difference
  3. You are right, the companies we all remember with fondness and the good old days like the Polaroids, Compaqs, Timex, Pan Am, General Foods, Borders, Howard Johnsons, Sears, etc that used to dominate their fields chose to stay where they were rather than innovate and move forward. In many cases they were swept under the rug by the competition, and/or no longer exist.
  4. Very proud of LLP and her accomplishments. She's earned every accolade she gets. After spending 31 years at Celebrity/RCCL shes more qualified as a CEO than anyone else in the company/industry. I remember meeting her ~15-20 years ago when she was onboard revenue manager at the corporate office, and her mentioning starting as sales manager for the Northeast US. Done every job in the company from maritime/sales/hotel and launching 2 classes of ships w RCCL and X Maybe people aren't happy with her empowerment for women in the company, and encouraging women to work towards leadership position like she has.i think it's amazing to see women take some of the leadership roles. I think it's awesome to see 20% of maritime /engineering/bridge officers will be women. I think it's pretty sad when people assume she somehow got the job because she's a woman. Empowerment and respect for all guests and teams onboard and ashore are bigger than any awards she gets. I'm all for criticism of anyone when it's deserved, but when it's all gossipy you lose credibility "I hear that the crew......" As far as nickel and diming going on and loss of perks, I can't think of one hotel chain, cruise line or airline that hasn't cut back. I wish I could still fly TWA out of JFK with punchbowl sized bowls of fresh shrimp in the lounge, but these days I'm grateful to get 2 oz of pretzels on a 3 hour jet blue flight Times change and so does travel, if it doesn't it goes out of business. Congrats to LLP, she certainly deserves the Eleanor Roosevelt leadership award. Leadership takes courage, innovation and a ton of hard work, and that personifies LLP. She talks to talk, but also walks the walk.
  5. Agree 100%. Prob have gotten 20 massages with Canyon Ranch and maybe 2 were average quality or better. For deep tissue they tend to use elbows instead of hands to provide the pressure since they do so many in one day. I normally preface the consultation with a brief statement stating please don't try to sell me any products as I really interested, and instead just concentrate on the massage. Last few years have waited for the port and find a massage therapist there.
  6. And you can combine the two discounts if you call and ask them 10% for prepaying in advance + 30% for Elite = Total of 40% off (or 45% for Elite +) Many times the TA or Celebrity agent won't know the two discounts are combinable, but I know I've gotten it at least the last 10 cruises by requesting it with TA or Vacation Planner
  7. Have eaten in both and always found luminae better in quality and service. Blu is a more intimate space, but found the food pretty much same as MDR just with more emphasis on the healthier options and smaller, and as someone had mentioned you can order anything from the MDR in luminae, not true in Blu
  8. Thanks VT Cruising, I mistakenly put it on this board instead of the LLP one
  9. Hi Lisa, I know from my Navy experience when a new class of vessel is created, there always lessons learned after the first one is launched, and it's an going process to make each vessel better than the last based on feedback from guests, onboard teams and corporate lessons learned . I was wondering if you could share some of the changes we'll be seeing on Apex and Beyond (literally and figuratively). Personally I loved just about everything about Edge, so much so that I'll be doing an Edge TA on November 1st 2019, but did see a few tweaks I would have made going forward. Anxious to hear your thoughts. John
  10. I wonder who will be Captain on Edge for the November 1st crossing, any ideas?
  11. Not sure, but I do know about 8-10 crew are trained on each ship to be "Care Team" members, this is above and beyond their onboard function. Care teams on every RCCL ship/brandm, not sure what the other ones do. I met two of the Care Team on our Eclipse cruise (one in guest relations, one a restaurant manager), and learned a bit about it after this happened on Eclipse. They are generally people that speak several languages and then undergo specialized training so they can facilitate between port agents, Miami office, and the ships and the needed off ship facilities (hospitals, police, immigration etc). BTW Bill I do think it's funny that you are in Fishkill , and I'm the next town over in Wappingers.....small world sometimes
  12. This might help https://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherelliott/2018/08/18/the-best-and-worst-travel-insurance-companies/#5424d3ee4fc2
  13. I wish I could say any of us did have some CPR training, but the reality was a few of us the generalities of it, and got real lucky. I agree with you Bob, I know he didn't have any evacuation insurance but it did become a topic for all in our group a few days later. I know this year I bought a annual medical travel plan through Allianz ($50K evacuation/$500000 medical), hopefully I'll never need it, but the $250 a year seemed reasonable. Thanks to all for the good health wishes, he's a good man and has a long road ahead to good health, just glad he's home.
  14. Generally I think we all are much more Celebrity Critics than we are Celebrity Compliments, so thought I would share this. To me it's one of the reasons why Celebrity keeps my loyalty. It shows me again and again that sometimes it's the things you DON'T see/affect you that matter the most Celebrity Eclipse March 24th Sailing Day 3 of a 15 night cruise (next port Lima Peru ~.1.5 days out)) about 10-12 of us had gotten together in a smallish conference room for a small celebration. During the get together one in our group started convulsing and stopped breathing & he turned blue. Luckily no one panicked and we took the right steps We called the emergency number on the phone We flagged down a nearby ships officer who used his mobile to alert everyone that needed to be notified We cleared the room of chairs and got the man on the floor and started cpr, and after about a minute he started breathing again Within about 2-2.5 minutes, about a half dozen senior officers , a doctor, and a nurse arrived on the scene with a gurney to move the man to medical. We would find out that the plan was to move him off in Lima, Peru. Until then he would be kept stable and monitored in the ships hospital. We were just glad he was breathing and even making jokes the next day, even though he realized how serious it was. Celebrity has a policy of "No one is left behind" so a member of the specially trained "care team" was left with the afflicted gentleman and wife in Peru. She arranged for a hotel for the wife (The care team member stayed in an adjoining room at the hotel), and stayed with her for the next three days, providing comfort and translating everything since not a lot of the people in the hospital spoke English, and neither of the couple spoke Spanish. She would tell us later on that Erica (the Guest Relations Care Team Member) was their "true angel", and they really don't know what they would have done without her. The human resources manager on Eclipse (Kathleen I think her name was) also checked in with all of us individually to see how we all were doing after it all happened, and to see if we needed anything. The couple was medevaced home and Erica returned to Guest Relations after 4 days in Peru. He still has some medical battles ahead at home, but the whole team both onboard and shoreside showed genuine compassion, and really treated them both like they were family members, not just cruisers. When I returned home I was recounting the story to a friend, and she said "when I hear of a company go above and beyond obligations, and treat people like that it restores my faith"
  15. I would def check the website (if you haven't), as I didn't receive anything by email or mail, the only way I found out was checking the website
  16. But as a friend told me that works for RCCL told me they can ask (1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform? And if they lied about those facts, and its found out once onboard they can leave the passenger and their pet in the first port, and/or ban them from any cruises on the RCCL brands for violating the terms and conditions of the cruise contract Also according to the ADA it's not a carte blanche policy. The handler is responsible for the care and supervision of his or her service animal. If a service animal behaves in an unacceptable way and the person with a disability does not control the animal, a business or other entity has the right to ask that the dog be removed. A business also has the right to deny access to a dog that disrupts their business or poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others. For example, if a service dog barks repeatedly or growls at customers, it could be asked to leave.
  17. And that's what I liked about the Florida law, if you really need a dog (like in your cousins case) for true medically therapeutic reasons and a (non internet) medical doctor agrees, you're not going to be fined for pulling a scam
  18. Nice to see more and more states taking this route, I think FL would be the 23rd state to start fining people for this nonsense https://people.com/pets/florida-fake-emotional-support-animals/amp/
  19. The good thing is there is a program in place that prevents people from just calling their animal a service animal.Since you have to notify the cruise line well in advance. They can legally ask Can you confirm that the dog is required because of a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act? What physical service tasks has the dog been trained to perform?
  20. In August of 2018 RCCL and all its brands banned ESA's (Emotional Support Animal) of any kind. Anyone who had booked before then are still allowed to bring their pets on so that's probably one of the earlier booked pets . Anyone who requested to bring one after that date was told NO, not allowed. Service animals are still allowed (A service animal is a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability), just no longer ESA since people were abusing the intent of the policy and taking pets on vacation with them. Watching a service dog work is truly amazing if you've never seen it. Like a well oiled best friend/coworker helping when needed, true professionals, and grateful for those that train and work with them.
  21. Same here, the one way flights to Rome were coming up high $2400 in biz class , $900 in economy, called Choice Air and found them to be less than half the price. Someone at Celebrity told me since Celebrity awarded a new vendor to handle their Choice Air program, these glitches in pricing have come up quite a few times, so best to call and verify.
  22. As always great insights. Really enjoyed following along. I have mixed feelings on the table in the room though. I actually liked having the rocker, even it though is a bit bulky. I just don't know where they would put a table though and would interfere with the nice sight line to the sea from the bed. Not sure which is a better option. Liked the Retreat Lounge as well, feels much more open with its angles and sections and less "woodsy" than the other Michaels Club I am curious to see what they do with shower tubs though. I was in a forward suite 9180 so really didn't see any water leaving the tub area, but seems like a common occurrence from quite a few threads. Will keep my eyes open to read if they try a fix to it before Apex Thanks Again
  23. I agree, I think sometimes the most honest criticism can be found from people that have never cruised before, as they haven't been tainted on what is considered normal.They are more likely to see things objectively rather than subjectively
  24. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, Edge might have a few minor flaws, but no doubt be ironed out by Apex. I'm really looking to my second sailing on Edge on November 1st for the TA. Fantastic ship, design and crew. You are right Bo, I think it's one of the downsides of CC that valid points (like shower design in aft cabins) get watered down (literally in this case), by user specific complaints rather than ones that might affect a greater audience I'll be on that same cruise with you on November 1st, hope you join our roll call (If you already haven't)
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