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  1. I understand that we all absolutely need "to read" about it. And I am not sure... It's just my wild guess... Italy will stay closed, but Spain (with its numbers) will welcome tourists from all over the world. Seriously? It's a chain reaction. Like many of us I still have a couple of cruises booked and would love to jump on that ship, but it's not going to happen this year.
  2. Italy will stay closed to tourists till the end of 2020. Spain will follow. France will do the same.... We already know it well: No cruising (Europe/TA) till April 2021 at best... https://nation.com.pk/26-Apr-2020/italy-to-remain-closed-for-tourism-until-end-of-year
  3. I agree. It is kind of funny. People worry about non-existent $$$ (FCC), but our Tier benefits are also our $$$. I know it's not a lot on a single cruise, but if you combine many-many cruises then you see a good benefit in laundry coupon, three free drinks, etc. I have a feeling that because of this huge financial crack even the survived cruise lines will erase all (or most of) benefits.
  4. I know we are dealing now with something that has never happened before. There are a lot of posts about refunds, FCC, new bookings, re-booking, new cancellations… I saw in the most recent post the thought about potential bankruptcy for many if not all cruise lines. We kind of know that we’ll probably loose our deposits and all our 100% or 125% FCC will be equal to ZERO. But, but, but… What is going to happen to our Captain Club’s Tiers and Benefits? I am so far away from being Zenith (and probably would get to it only in my next life), but I worked so hard to get to Elite Plus.
  5. I am in the same boat. We canceled on Friday when they announced “Sailing with confidence”. Now I wonder if Celebrity will allow us to get 100% refund instead of FCC. If anyone gets it please post here so we know. ❤️
  6. Would you please post a link? RCC site doesn't have anything yet.
  7. I will be following your post since I was supposed to be on B2B March 21 and March 28 sailings. Hope you have a very uneventful cruise! ❤️
  8. 72 year old guy thinks that 43 year old woman is "elderly".
  9. Everybody is already off Diamond Princess! They were off 4 weeks ago. Grand Princess - yes, still out in the waters.
  10. First I thought you were the passengers from Diamond (Princess). That would be awkward. :))))
  11. The new policy applies to Celebrity sailings as well. I just emailed my TA and she is handling all the cancellations for me.
  12. Bravo Celebrity! We will take FCC since we cruise all the time and we are not planning on quiting cruising. But WHAT A RELIEF!!!
  13. We are also on 3/21 and 3/38 cruises. The first one has 2 stops in Mexico and Mexico has 2 (???) confirmed cases. I really hope Celebrity will do something about it: like giving us an option to cancel or rebook.
  14. I completely agree and it doesn't make any sense. If a solo cruiser pays double then I think he/she should get double laundry coupons, double evening drinks, etc. As for tipping, I always tip more than double my stateroom attendant and MDR staff.
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