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  1. I'm happy to report this morning after 61 days we received 100% of our refund for our Alaska cruise that was cancelled by RCI that ironically was set to sail today. We were originally told 30 days when we were notified via e-mail of the cancellation. I did call last week to inquire about the status of our refund, after being transferred to another agent and a total of 2 hours on hold the very nice agent stated the refund had not even begun to be processed. This was obviously frustrating to me that on day 52 our refund was still not being processed. He then brought up our booking and read back the amounts that were on 2 credit cards and initiated the refund on his end immediately. He stated it should show on my card statement within 7 days and it did. To all of those that are still waiting I feel your frustration and best of luck with your refunds or FCCs.
  2. I agree, I believe 60 days regardless of the amount of cancellations is unreasonable. Day 51 of the promised 30 day refund and we're still waiting. I'd be happy with the promised follow up e-mail to update us on the status of our delayed refund that we were supposed to receive on May 6th. I'm glad that some have posted a screen shot of that follow up e-mail that we never received so we at least know its content. It's sad but CC is becoming my go to for information on refunds and communications since RCI has not delivered.
  3. I agree with this completely My issue is what many of us were told by Royal: 30 days, 30 buisness days, apology e-mail with a promise of a follow up e-mail that never came, plenty of other e-mails to book a cruise, then 45 days and all have passed without promised refund by Royal.
  4. As of this morning no refund for the cruise itself. We were originally told 30 days (not business days), then received the e-mail apologizing for the delay and if we did not receive the refund we would receive a follow up e-mail on May 6th, as others have reported we did not receive that e-mail. We did however receive countless e-mails to book new cruises and other promotions. Today is day 45 which is our new promised date to receive our refund, nothing as of this morning. 2 phone calls within this time period to Royal customer care have not been productive What we have received: All of our cruise planner purchases as we cancelled them about 3 weeks before Royal cancelled our Alaska cruise, those took 1-3 weeks to receive them all. From other travel companies we have received refunds and credits either immediately or within a week including: All lodging, all airfare, airport parking, 3rd party travel insurance and all of our excursions. I feel the disappointment and frustration that others have that have not received a refund yet from Royal. As far as other cruise line refunds taking as long or longer I don't really care. This is what was promised to many of us by RCI and not delivered again and again. Some posters have said to just be patient as this has been a difficult time for Royal to process the amount of refunds. I think most of us have been patient and understanding, this has been a difficult time for everyone, not just RCI. I think the way myself and many others have handled this situation so far is the very definition of patience especially when it deals with thousands of dollars that are owed. The fact that our refunds are being delayed this long or the communication has been this poor to me in my opinion has become inexcusable.
  5. We have not yet received the May 6th update e-mail we were told that we would receive today either.
  6. Glad you got your refund so quickly, did you just cancel via the e-mail that was sent from Royal or did you call yourself and request the refund? Like most, the date we were told by Royal we would receive our refund has come and gone. So disappointing. We did receive the e-mail from Royal last week apologizing for the delay and that we should receive the refund soon.
  7. We used a third party and they gave us the option of receiving a credit or a refund for a cruise cancelled due to COVID-19. We chose the refund and it took about 8 business days for a check to arrive in the mail for 100% of what we paid. All of the information was on their website as well as a link to enter the dates and cruise info. Check your insurance companies website and see if they have something similar.
  8. It sure does, just read my response on page 1 of this post "At this point I'm mildly concerned with our May cruise", the world looked a lot different then as it does now that's for sure.
  9. Yes we were cancelled by RCI and in the "30 day" waiting period. I've been active on the other threads about refunds on the boards so I am aware of the issues with the refund delays.
  10. I agree, I foresee having to intervene but I'll wait for things to settle down a bit. First hurdle is waiting for our cruise to be refunded then we will deal with the OBC.
  11. We were given a gift certificate for OBC as a Christmas gift and applied it to our now cancelled Alaska cruise, I would think that would be cancelled and available for future use so that we can apply it to an already booked cruise we have in 2021. I hope RCI honors that.
  12. You are correct, I have no idea how RCI's internal refund system works, and I'm willing to concede the fact that this is an unprecedented time and that is why I feel myself and most customers are being patient and waiting the promised 30 days for a refund, but speaking for myself I have some concerns. Those that have gone over 30 days and are now being told 45 days or 30-90 days or 30 days from the date of sailing have every right to question or take action to try and speed up the process. I do hope your assumption is incorrect on cruisers money going into several buckets and someone from home having to manually figure out where it is and manually get the refunds calculated and returned. That could take much longer and would have a high likelihood of mistakes. I'm confident that RCI's systems are capable of handling the refunds in a timely manner, RCI has for the most part delivered good customer service, shown great technology and ingenuity with their ships and in my opinion an above average vacation experience. Again the rest of the travel industry that I've dealt with in cancellations, refunds and credits have all come through efficiently and in a timely manner I am concerned that RCI can do the same. As far as RCI keeping the money because they can, in my opinion it is not because they can it's because they need to. From reading the business reports it sounds like they have an issue with liquidity and with little coming in they need cash on hand to operate. They still have to pay the bills and the borrowed $2.2 billion which sounds like a lot, can only go so far when you have massive cancellations, employee payroll, new ships being constructed, private island acquisitions and other infrastructure costs. They also probably overestimated how many would take the 125% FCC over the refund. I'm sure every dollar is being watched and accounted for, and that includes cash on hand for refunds that is still in an interest bearing account providing capital for RCI.
  13. So true, I think the frustrations from those seeking a refund come from the feeling that Royal is holding the money for their purposes not for their customers interest. I'm still less than 30 days so I don't have a complaint, yet. I am being patient. But like you said, the whole travel industry is dealing with major cancellations and still managing to communicate with their customers and process refunds in a timely manner. The cruise industry is not the only industry faced with this crisis. This board is filled with examples of customers being told incomplete and inconsistent information. The communication from Royal Caribbean has been sub par in my opinion. 30 days from date of cancellation is what most were told and received on the cancellation website. Not 30 days from when your sailing was to take place, not our company has been overwhelmed with refunds and not 30-90 days. In the absence of communication and action from RCI people will become that voice and speculate as to why they're not getting refunded. I still have 12 days to go so I will continue to be "patient", but reading about other cruisers experiences who have gone over the 30 day period and receive nothing yet makes me skeptical. It's okay to question and criticize RCI's handling of the refunds so far. I still have a hard time understanding why it takes so long to reverse an electronic charge, 30 days is more than enough time regardless of the impact this has had on RCI. They still manage to e-mail me to book a future cruise and I can still go online and make purchases on the cruise planner for our January cruise, and that money paid to them is instant.
  14. Completely agree with this, even the website I used through the e-mail I received from Royal to cancel is concerning. No reference number and it doesn't even have Royal Caribbean's name, logo or contact information. No details of the cruise that I cancelled like dates, etc. Just a 3rd party survey company. When I called Royal to get my reference number they said it's the same as the cruise confirmation number.
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