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  1. Has anyone done a kayak tour of the Inner Harbour? Just looking for recommendations and reviews of anyone's experiences. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, we sail next May and are looking forward to Alaska and the Ovation. Great review!
  3. Thanks for your review, did the Key benefits include any private time slots for Northstar or iFly? Thanks again.
  4. Have you come across anyone selling the Chef’s Table Experience and if so what price are they offering it for onboard? Thanks.
  5. We were on the 3/1/20 itinerary and this cruise was just cancelled as well, so the 3/8/20 will be the first cruise with the new amped up Freedom OTS unless it gets extended again.
  6. On our last cruise on the Oasis of the Seas this past March it was $39 for 12 and $69 for 24 plus an additional 18% service charge. This was the price on the cruise planner and I do not know what they charged onboard.
  7. On our cruise on the Freedom OTS last year we received the code and our Sea Passes when we checked in, on our recent Oasis OTS cruise we received our Sea Passes at check in and the Voom code was in our cabin in an envelope.
  8. Just off of the Oasis a couple of weeks ago and we had music before 10. Most bands started between 9-9:30, and there were some limited options even earlier.
  9. Agreed. These type of posts (tipping, dress code, should I purchase or not purchase the drink package, MDR food vs Specialty dining food, ships water vs bottled water, etc), usually start innocently enough with a legitimate question often with a new cruiser looking for advice. They quickly turn into opinions and references to "this is how I do it, so you should do it that way as well" Not looking to offend, but most of these issues are addressed by the cruise lines in their policies and recommendations. To my knowledge the tipping policy is posted on the website and it simply states the industry standard is auto charged and can be removed or altered if necessary. I have no idea what happens to my auto gratuity once I pay it but I've read many posts and online articles how it's divided, who gets it or how it subsidizes workers pay. I really have no idea if any of those are accurate. We try and do what we think is right and fair and realize others may or may not do the same based on their income or other factors. This issue won't be settled here on a message board, people will continue to tip, tip less or not tip at all long after this thread is closed. Now if we could just do something about chair hogs or people from the back of the plane that rush to the front to try and get off first then I say post away!
  10. It looked like to me that what ever was anchoring the bungee cord on his left failed, not sure if that was the anchor itself or i'm guessing a carabiner that attached the cord to the anchor. If, and I stress if that's the case I would think this guy has a claim even if a waiver is signed. As many have stated a waiver would only protect the company in the event of an accident to the participant that was not due to negligence or improperly maintained or defective equipment. As far as the security officers attempt to block the video from being taken, I'm sure he was doing just as he was trained and his actions did not prevent what looked like appropriate medical care. Plus providing medical care is not his responsibility. Taking video or pics at an accident often adds more stress to an already chaotic situation.
  11. Just off the Oasis OTS on Sunday, points showed up today.
  12. It’s funny on our recent Oasis OTS cruise my wife and I were discussing this exact topic. The chair hogs were definitely out especially on the first sea day. I think charging for loungers has probably at least been discussed by the cruise lines. I hope this never happens however new revenue streams seem to be the way cruises are going. Programs like the Key, charging $2 for popcorn, room service fees, etc are just a few newer ones that we’ve noticed. Would people be willing to pay an amount to have the same lounger all day? I think there would be some that would and it wouldn’t surprise me to see some trial program in the future. This could be a complete non-issue if guests would just follow the posted rule. Again, I hope this never happens!
  13. Just off the Oasis OTS and I asked in the spa and they confirmed that the sauna and steam rooms were for a fee and not public. I believe this is true for the Harmony OTS and all of the ships in the Oasis class. A little disappointed as I enjoyed using the sauna and steam room after working out in the gym on the Freedom OTS last year.
  14. Sabor, Chops, Giovanni's table & Chef's table.
  15. Just used Cortrans to take us from Port Canaveral to MCO on March 10th from our Oasis OTS cruise. Great service, easy to find right outside of the terminal when we disembarked. Would definitely use them again. Nice vans that they operate with a lot of room.
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