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  1. Viewing the Marci Gras Thermal pool on the Carnival website I was shocked to see how tiny it was for a 6000 passenger ship . It would be too small on a 1200 passenger cruise ship. Take a peek before ever booking a Spa cabin or Pass ..
  2. Booking a quad Balcony for only 2 guests may be your biggest challenge . Then keeping it until sailing is another challenge . You could be relocated to a double occ Balcony distant from that Inside cabin?
  3. No sympathy at this point for those not vaccinated , that could be .
  4. I must agree about the Britannia dinning room being spectacular .
  5. Princess and Cunard are the only ones offering the Military OBC . Carnival does not .
  6. Yes, check the Deck Plans . Those few slanted balconies on several decks have more room than the others on each deck . Grab one no matter what the deck . Standard balconies are tight .
  7. Ignore the pressure . Go ahead and book yourself or even better , contact a Good TA for "their Best Deal" .
  8. There is no way a TA can not book exactly the offer that you see from the cruise line . However merely comparing at a TA's "online offer" may not get you the best deal as they are not permitted to "advertise" their better deal . Must contact the TA for that.
  9. I have requested mine up to 2 years in advance , and yes , beyond the next Carnival Corp re- approval date. Once it was rejected as too early but most of the time it gets applied . This applies to my requesting for sailings beyond the re-approval date, for early Cunard , Princess and HAL bookings..
  10. Courtesy Holds ( Options) can vary from 4 days to a matter of hours , depending on how close to sailing or how sold the sailing .
  11. In your example , your TC would be 1 guest Cruise Rate ( $1000 minus port charges and taxs ) ..for every 16 guests booked at Double occ. For small group it is usually returned to the TC after the cruise.
  12. You should always do better booking with a TA . Either cruise price , OBC or other amenities . If you are not , find a TA that appreciates your business .
  13. Every year (except 2020/2021 of course) , Cunard QM2 offers an Independence Day Cruise r/t from NYC which always spends July 4th in Boston.
  14. Exactly! When I was a TA I earned Cunard Commodore status via Cunard's extensive online training . There is no way that I would still have questions about Cunard , especially dress codes after that training and even before actually cruising aboard a Cunard cruise.
  15. I believe the OP will not be a good fit for Cunard . Smart to ask the questions now though . Several Premium cruise lines such as HAL, Celebrity , even Princess without the unique formality of Cunard .
  16. As long as your actual "Special Occasion" date falls within 6 months , plus or minus, of the cruise date , you are good to go . 🙂
  17. Yes, you should get all 3 OBC's stackable from Carnival The OBC from the Rate Code booked The OBC from the Group Amenity The OBC from the Shareholder Plus a possible additional OBC from your Travel Agent
  18. I can't imagine very many guests aboard a 7 night QM2 Crossing saying "I wish this sailing was shorter ".
  19. Best to ask family , coworkers , neighbors and friends (who usually cruise often) , who they use , and why ?
  20. It is the Agency , not the TA who has your bookings to service and any "goodies" that the TA gave you. Not really a reason for a cruise line to pull back all of your bookings. Just contact the Agency , have another TA assigned to your bookings. If he/she doesn't work out for you then move on in the future but give them a chance .
  21. Recall "We are all in this together" messages? It appears we are all not . Come on folks , get those shots and lets get past this sooner than latter. Not fair to the cruise industry and vaccinated guests , to risk an outbreak of the virus onboard that would setback the return of cruising .
  22. You may choose the most wonderful cabin location yet have it ruined by noisy neighbors . Go for Category Guarantee if that cruise rate saves you a decent amount.
  23. Yes, the pause is due to the World Cruise that begins early January , about 110 days total .
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