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  1. What Cunard ship for Cruise Sept 20, 2020? Hope it is not the Victoria as everything Cat BA and above is waitlisted already ? Chances of a Sale with Reduced Deposit may be slim?
  2. No comparison at all. A Princess mini suite is more like a deluxe balcony and has no suite amenities and no private areas and dining room.
  3. Compare itineraries and prices for the dates you wish. An Alaska Cruise is all about Alaska and the ship is secondary . Also look at the 2 lines that have the most ships as well as years doing Alaska , Princess and Holland America .👍
  4. Cruised both . Regal hands down . Epic poor layout , crowded (especially bars), weird cabin bathrooms , reservations for shows . Like Princess and NCL for their different Cruise experiences but not the Epic . After they built the Epic , NCL , thankfully , broke the mold . 👍
  5. Wow , looks like the only positive posting about this idea , is from the OP ?🤔
  6. Easy solution , which we have done before with other cruise lines that have the same day of sailing Transfer rules. Find a Independently booked Flight # that lands within Cunard's transfer time frame , and have your TA input that as your flight schedule for the transfer . Transfer can be added to your booking in TA's POLAR booking system if that is how your UK TA books your cruise. This works for Cunard bookings from the US .Unless your UK Cunard booking has some crazy restriction , it should work for you .
  7. By the overwhelming negative response to this idea for the Annual Band Trip , another good old amusement park trip would be best for chaperones and especially the unfortunate cruise guests subject to this bad idea,
  8. Keep in mind that each Sale covers a range a cruise dates, ships and itineraries that may be sooner or farther out from when you wish to cruise . Best to book the current Sale if it meets your needs then monitor future Sales until Final ,for a re fare.
  9. These are all of the Rate Codes available for the Landmark Sale on a qualifying Princess sailing. If you book Princess online you may only see K7A , non-refundable. TA's will see them all ! KD1 11SEP20 PRINCESS SAVER FARES - NRD K7A 03SEP19 LANDMARK SALE - 10% NRD NL1 31DEC20 N.AMERICA STANDARD PUBLIC FARE N7A 03SEP19 LANDMARK SALE - 10% REF DEPOSIT PA1 30NOV19 STANDARD QUALIFIED CAPT CIRCLE SAVINGS Automatic Z7A 03SEP19 LANDMARK SALE GRP PROTECT
  10. Exactly ! Whenever I wish to book a Princess cruise , my TA begins a 1 week Cruise Night Sale for me if he doesn't already have one active. Now that is Service ! Costs the TA nothing to just activate a Sale in POLAR.
  11. TA’s may choose to have week long Princess Cruise Night Sales, Many times a year if they wish. The book with the BoGo as well as reduced deposits are included with every Princess reservation during these Sales .The book actually comes from Princess and will be in your cabin. Contact your TA for more info about it.
  12. Correct ! A Top Producer TA will have Princess contacts that can do wonders at times solving problems like this , and costs you nothing .
  13. We always purchase FCC's onboard Cunard . Takes care of your yet unbooked cruise deposit and a nice OBC for it, Add OBC's for Military , Shareholder , Cunard Sale Promo & TA Group OBC's , all stackable .
  14. Yes, used it for water and Bogo Dinner 1st night.
  15. This will be a good test to see how valuable your TA or PCC really is , to find comparable cabins for all .
  16. On embarkation day (both New York and Southampton) the price is $14.50 rather than 19.50. Does this mean that dinner for all nights, the price is discounted if booked on Embarkation Day?
  17. Contact your TA to let them know that you would accept (not just consider) a move over if offered . Couldn't hurt ?
  18. We booked a very reasonable $293 1 way fare from Tampa to London using Cunard for our 9/26/19 QM2
  19. Jade was the perfect size ship for us . We are booking away from the Amusement Park ships on NCL , CCL and RCI lately.
  20. The original Cruise line Sale perks that you received will be removed and replaced by any perks included with the re-fare . Princess OBC from FCC , Mil and Share will not be affected but OBC and goodies from your TA may change.
  21. Op did not mention a Group but I these 30 people are booked as their own Group there is a Group Coordinator for every ship that may reserve a public space/time .
  22. Generally no savings above what Sale is currently available shoreside . Just purchase a Future Cruise Certificate onboard which gets you OBC and covers your reduced deposit on the future cruise.
  23. I want to do a solo cruise as a writing retreat for myself, so mainly I'll be hanging out writing in the quieter spaces (although I do like being outdoors in the shade) Just wonder why you have chosen 2 giant amusement park ships ? There are still some quieter ships out there .
  24. Cruising from your closest port (s) is fine if you enjoy the cruise experiences more so than itineraries. Take from a long time Florida cruiser , the itineraries can get boring but we love the shipboard experiences of all the different cruise lines/ships cruising from Florida.
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