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    Upgrade - Do you lose perks of original deal?

    If you are paying for the upgrade , you pay the current rate for the new category and get the current fare promo , lose previous fare promo . Reservation # remains the same , not a cancel , just a refareto do this .
  2. MCC retired

    NEW - Did I pick the correct room?

    Don't be overly concerned with your chosen cabin . You can have the very best location with no noticeable noise concerns , then have inconsiderate neighbors , especially for Balcony categories.
  3. MCC retired

    Valentines Day $1 special - Booked it!

    Why would Princess do this $1 deposit Sale ? For people like us who had no Princess FCD or have been cruising other lines and no intention of another Princess cruise just now . We speculated on the last 2 $1 Sales and cruised each one . Have one booked for 2020 now. It works for Princess and us .
  4. MCC retired

    Carnival Shareholder Benefit Expiration

    I just had my request for 12/20 cruise rejected , too early .
  5. MCC retired

    Coupon Book?????

    That is good news! Be sure that you book with your TA during their weekly "Cruise Night" sales to receive this Coupon book .
  6. MCC retired

    Valentines Day $1 special - Booked it!

    So tempting ! Especially booking something far out . So much time to adjust rate to a better Sale and the $1 is even Refundable ?
  7. MCC retired

    Epic Interrupted

    If the ship is going to Freeport , it is for repair as there is a major shipyard there .
  8. MCC retired

    Cruise ship categories/sizes

    Lower deck , midships cabin would be the better ride in ruff seas on any ship size . However , retreating to your cabin while feeling motion sickness is the kiss of death .Walk the open decks , eat and eat . Best to take medication first if you are known to experience motion sickness. Big ships will ride better .
  9. MCC retired

    Cruises to Great Stirrup Cay

    OP has been to Harvest Cay which I enjoyed far more than GSC . I hope OP is not disappointed with GSC?
  10. MCC retired

    Wear bathrobe to spa? Gym clothes appropriate?

    We always walk from our cabin to the Spa in our bathrobes .Usually route thru the passenger cabin decks , avoiding most of the public spaces . Of course the elevator /stairs can't be avoided.
  11. MCC retired

    Last minute cruise fares

    Last minute fares on a soft sailing are usually offered right after Final Payment date . Cruise lines can not wait until what one may think Last Minute is , if ship is not filling.
  12. MCC retired

    Coupon Book?????

    This TA Coupon Book should have a Bogo Coupon for Specialty Restaurant First Night Only Also a free Specialty Restaurant bottle water . Many do not read the coupon book in time to use it on the first night. Other coupons are so/so .
  13. MCC retired

    Next Promo

    I would double check on that on the 14th . There are sailings that are excluded but those should be few .
  14. MCC retired

    $1 deposits - February 14

    Yes , whatever current Sale that day .
  15. MCC retired

    First NCL cruise - help?

    A short cruise in the Spring ? On a ship where Drink Packages are the rage? You are setting yourselves up for disappointment on any cruise line . For a better experience in the Spring choose a longer itinerary.
  16. MCC retired

    paying the deposit

    Don’t do it . Book your cabin and let the others worry about price changes and availability . Do give them your reservation # so dining can be co ordinated. Some may wish to use a TA ? Everyone wants to go until it is time to pay 😉
  17. MCC retired

    When a travel agent doesn't cancel...

    Just a challenge to your posting that TA’s work a 5 Day Week .😉
  18. MCC retired

    When a travel agent doesn't cancel...

    Says who ? Sounds like the description of an Order Taker ? Many Cruise Specialist TA's are homebased for Large Online Agencies . Reachable 7 days a week or coverage when away . I was one of them for 17+ years . This cancelation would not have happened with my agency as we always requested Final Payment 10 days before cruise line . This gave us time to chase down payment or discover payment problems to avoid this mess.
  19. MCC retired

    Ecstasy 1/31 sailing rerouted

    Wow , Nassau and Freeport the only ports . Sad ☹️ But few other choices on that short itinerary .
  20. MCC retired

    Price Reduction during Wave Season

    Your TA is wrong or lazy .
  21. Bikini’s , but only on those that should be wearing them 😉
  22. MCC retired

    What is the advantage of booking online?

    5 cabins ? A good Cruise Specialist TA will do cartwheels for those bookings . Expect a $$$ thank you for booking in the form of OBC's and Amenities , not to mention service .
  23. MCC retired

    Why is the Epic so unpopular?

    The bathroom design did not bother us but the crowds at venues that did not take reservations , the crowded outdoor spaces , the walk thru the stretched out smoky casino to get to many public areas , are just a few dislikes. In general a poor ship design (why there was only 1 Epic design? ). 80+ cruises under our belt since 1979 and we rate the Epic near the bottom of favorites.
  24. MCC retired

    When a travel agent doesn't cancel...

    Trusting an email, for a last second cancelation , was risky at best .
  25. MCC retired

    Excursions Le Havre

    We are on that cruise also but the Voyage Persinalizer does not show shore tours yet ? I’m sure $999 is a glitch anyway . Where are you seeing this tour available ?