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  1. sorry but that was not the wording that I responded to
  2. NO.. they are 3 points SHORT. There will be no upgrade
  3. They are loaded on the cards for every cruise now. The change was a few months ago
  4. There have always been exceptions to the perks when it comes to priority tendering. We experienced this last year as well. There were over 1600 elite and up on board!! You will find this on the celebrity website
  5. Most folks who reach a new CC level do it half way through a cruise. Due to this they do NOT make exceptions. Word spreads fast and this could cause a huge issue for the CC host. It is not fair to ask to buck the system
  6. They will provide a kettle from UK ports but not a coffee brewing machine
  7. it is not about a healthy taste. It is about using crappy over ripe bananas in some for me. ( Aqua class smoothies are notorious for this) A person needs to like and or tolerate each ingredient. I make my own fruit and veg combos daily at home
  8. we were told to see the CC host on day one of the second cruise and she can at that time issue the new seapass card
  9. there are always last minute cancellations
  10. I check my Oct TA last night using the link on the web page and it says it is only within 30 days of the cruise. I also called again and was told only 30 days out
  11. We all have different taste as to what is attractive. Holes in jeans are ugly to me but so are some other styles and some colours. If a person is clean and well dressed I can see and appreciate the look even if I will not wear . I love wearing nice jeans but avoid packing them for a cruise due to the weight of a pair. I go for light weight easy care , quick dry when travelling
  12. Interesting as I was told a week ago by Celebrity that the bid info is sent out 30 days before the cruise.. meaning we receive the email which gives us the info on bidding . I must give them a call
  13. The spa café will be open as explained above
  14. It has been reported recently that they check for B2B ( they have a list)
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