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  1. there are many, many birthdays and anniversaries daily on every ship. They claim to have cakes and do but often forget when we have ordered. Best to make your own plan if you want something special
  2. I would imagine that an unvaxxed person would not want to be recognized as such so may carry a drink
  3. There is no door between rooms like in a hotel. The connection is created in the hall. the doors are inset so if you are sharing an outer door ( not used if not sharing) is used . This creates a porch and the people sharing can then keep inner doors open if desired.
  4. I am wondering that with reduced capacity if they alternate may of the cabins used. This would speed up the cleaning process. In hotels there is a two phase process with time between..
  5. just for clarity , when you board with a non-elite roommate you visit the cc host and they will issue a new sea pass card that will say 'elite' or plus. It becomes a door pass for events and no other perk is attached to the card. Nothing else is registered related to your status.
  6. and the one time afternoon tea.. but the last time I went there were 12 people
  7. They never got the full benefits. Just admission to any Elite event such as the evening cocktail hour , elite breakfast, afternoon tea event, etc. Anything that was free with such events was also free to your room mate.. No laundry , no internet or other discounts.
  8. We bring our own insulated cups and refill from the ship tap water. Of course NEVER put your personal cup under the water dispensers!! I see a few doing it even though there are signs. We use cups and fill with ice and then water
  9. so if we arrive at the airport at 10:30 am and have a Celebrity transfer ???? Has anyone experienced this? My solution for a late boarding will be to get a rental car upon arriving the day before and just go somewhere until it is time to return the car ,. This takes care of the luggage issue. We often just take airport and hotel transfers but since I book cheap hotels there is no place to hang out while waiting.
  10. well I guess I don't stay at 'nice ones' There is a limit to what I spend to lay my head down for a night after getting a flight the day before fore the sole reason of avoiding weather /flight issues. The hotels are gouging us one night stand cruisers!
  11. We spent 4 days o the Isle of Wight before our last cruise. Fabulous place!! We returned a day before our cruise, as on a rare occasion the ferries don't go due to weather. Panic set in as we imagined watching our ship sail without us from the island .
  12. my turning one email has two videos to watch for 50 power up points each!! am very happy with 10 cc club points!!
  13. so we all avoid banded passengers like the plague!! I guess none of them will be making life long cruising friends
  14. I am one of many who would report and smoking or vaping . It is a serious infraction of the rules. I would refuse a stateroom that has a hint of either in the air as well
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