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  1. We all need to suck it up and stay home!! There is no cv19 in PEI and very little in NS where we want none. One person brought into NB where it had cleared up and it and it is starting to spread there again! It only takes one. Our borders are closed! Our businesses are slowly opening. No cruises ships here in Halifax is another blow to our economy but cv19 again will be worse
  2. We are also FREE in Canada as are people in MANY countries on this globe. Where do you get the idea that Canadians do not have privacy??
  3. Also to note is that Canada looked after there own citizens when the ship docked
  4. It is much for than that . I saw a body being taken to the roped off elevator on the Reflection. I mentioned to a chef we were friendly with. His reply was " oh you saw that. We average 2 per cruise but usually towards the end of a voyage . this one was early"
  5. Hi!!!! hope you are staying safe! Bill kissed the fish ..not me!!!
  6. Our kiss the fish on this trip actually had the fish and Noro virus …. don't know why as we were on restrictions
  7. LOL.. we both get paid by our government to stay alive now!! Love those old age checks!!
  8. on the ship they have different weights and sizes in different positions. At home the same body ususally sleeps in the same spot each night.. well except for those younger folks🙈
  9. Be aware that any travel insurance for health reasons etc. can become void if you travel when a warning or advisory is in place.. Have a nice trip
  10. You can't blame celebrity for this mess. They really want to unload all the passengers and fill up again.. Totally out of their hands
  11. Not a remote chance that this person did not know. I am 1000% sure that the cruise ship itself would be constantly reminding passengers about the rules regarding symptoms. A very selfish person who needs to be charged!!!
  12. Wait until they do it as you will likely get a bonus
  13. They don't have anywhere to go other than float around the oceans. Ports are rejecting them and the list is growing by the day
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