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  1. interesting as I was told that they were grown on egg white like most vaccines .. not actually an ingredient on the list
  2. I have not had a vaccine in years due to allergies but I know that it is formaldehyde. The Pfizer and Moderna do not use it and may be part of the reason that they need to be kept frozen. I will take a chance and get Pfizer but will be a nervous wreck!!! My naturopath will keep me in the loop with the other vaccines as well Many people can't take vaccines due to egg being used and it is in both Pfizer and Moderna There was a guy on a chat a few days ago who had a severe reaction in the 70's and his DR said he can never get a vaccine again .. I say get a new DR.
  3. we saw an older not well shaped man laying on a deck chair.. a spot where everyone walks by near the grill.. oh what was he wearing??? The old style tightie whities.. yes those cotton ones with all the extras.. the opening and all
  4. kind of sad .. on a 14 night cruise there was an older couple sitting alone at a large table next to us. Every night all he ate was a large plate of french fries ( with his fingers) and the 2 of them never spoke to each other
  5. This is true and the people who are pensioned and not hurt financially by covid. We will be the ones travelling!~!
  6. I watched a woman load her shoulder bag with all the tea bags from the spa cafe.. handfulls
  7. you should be flattered.. I only got one
  8. I will share where we think the best gelato is .. Rome.. all made daily. My husband can't be bother to eat ice cream but we walked out of our way every day all week so we could both eat here I think fig with caramel is the best! Gelateria Romana Roma via Venti Settembre 60: tutto il buono del gelato nella tua città | Gelateria Romana
  9. the only one I find has flavour is the mango. My husband does not think that any of them are worthy of eating
  10. I agree!! and then I can choose the shortest line when I sail Aqua
  11. and now free to all so the line will be ridiculous.. Maybe we will get a designated line.. with a red carpet
  12. oh right..lol I have never had nor wanted a drink package. Captains Club gave us all we ever need
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