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  1. Technically #4 in the terms says "A CND can only be applied to a new reservation" but I have definitely had my agent apply to an existing reservation that I had already put a deposit on and was still in the full cancellation period.
  2. Good question Griller, wish I knew the answer. The T&Cs simply say "Once the cruise has concluded, the CND will be converted into the currency of your current reservation and your CND(s) will be added to your Norwegian Cruise Line guest record (Latitudes Rewards account). Currency exchange rates are set at the time of purchase. To change the currency of a CND; simply email cruisenext@ncl.com with your Latitudes Rewards number and request the currency for your new reservation." It sure sounds like how you describe but I am really surprised, just because it seems it would be more difficult to track the exchange rate on every purchase, multiple times a day, by numerous customers all over the world daily buying certificates. Impressive if they do this when they can't even show me my transaction history on my TV on every ship right now! 🙂 Having never done one in another currency, I don't even know if the rate of reference is a legit independent exchange rate, the rate for the day on board, or just them referring to whatever rate your credit card gives you when NCL processed it in USD. Yeah, GBP has been swirling down unfortunately, I am sure others have done this and can chime in for you or just email (address above) or call NCL to ask.......(and let us know back here!). Good luck! ...nevermind, see someone already verified you were correct.
  3. Yeah the T&Cs do say it is for new bookings.....however, I was able to apply 2 certificates to my last cruise which I had booked about 3 months prior (and told my agent at that time that I would be providing certificates in the near future), but it was still about 12 months prior to the cruise date when I got them and applied them. Probably just a YMMV on how persuasive your agent is when calling in to get them applied - I would think they wouldn't make a big deal about it if you could still cancel and get your deposit refunded.
  4. Very sorry, brandycroz is correct. If you want to book directly with NCL and already have your certificate applied in your account, you should be good to go. I never book with NCL direct and my agent has to handle getting it applied (I think they call in). I don't think I could apply myself online a certificate against a reservation booked somewhere else (agent handles). You cannot do the transfer of a certificate to someone else online. Anyhow apologies for the incomplete / inaccurate info.
  5. That is correct, no way to redeem online, gotta call in.
  6. Definitely 20% off prices when you login and go through the Insider Offers.....just saying the base prices for the last few months (in general) are some of the highest prices I have seen in years (but I am generally looking at non-Caribbean/ non-domestic itineraries). So it's "on sale" but only if you are cool with the current environment of base price. That said, I see some great offerings on the NCL "last minute" (next 4 months) fares, which kill the 20% off rates if you don't need to plan far in advance.
  7. I didn't see much amazing on this sale once I tried to book a fare that got the real benefits, but seems a pretty low risk to hold something and cancel later when/ if a better deal comes along. I guess the question is if everyone did book with this approach, would NCL feel like they had enough bookings to not ever need to discount as much (so we end up defeating our own discount)....
  8. Sent June 28, Sent again July 23, Received credit on July 31. For my cruise in Feb 2020 with all the amenities.
  9. Just wish there was a way to exclude Sail Away rates in results. Frustrating to always think I have found a "deal" only to find the 20% discount almost completely disappear once I want a rate that qualifies to get the "free" benefits. I know it is all just presentation/ marketing but always disappointing nonetheless.
  10. You were able to combine both the Insider Offers - both the 20% off AND the Double Points / $100 OBC?
  11. Thanks for everyone sharing. I had been considering this for a Miami cruise and valuing the benefit at normal Southwest/ Main Economy value, but had not considered that NCL is also booking the barebones economy with no baggage included. Also, I didn't realize we could decline the transfer service ($32 each, about the same as an Uber with no wait), so perhaps a net wash against the baggage fees.
  12. Yup, sent June 28 and still waiting.....no rush because cruise isn't until next year though.....
  13. I have done Princess, NCL, and Carnival....and just got off my first RC cruise on Grandeur, generally very unimpressed - I left a full review here on CC. The small size is nice but also the food options/ activities are downsized. If it is a good deal though, any cruise can be a good time at the right price point.
  14. Thanks all. Wonder what weird metrics they are crunching to make these decisions? Once we return, I will post back if / when they had it available. $579 for two for 5 nights was just more than we could reasonably drink and enjoy the cruise, so the card provided a nice alternative. If it doesn't work out, drink special of the day will be our ticket I suppose.
  15. Do these still exist? Particularly on shorter cruises (ex. Grandeur 5 night Bermuda out of Baltimore)?
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