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  1. I am not messing with my original at all, that just seems like it will come back and get you at some point.
  2. Yeah 10% or 25% discounts don't mean much when the prices are 50-60% higher
  3. Good luck to you, I think no US departures this summer and honestly doubting my last week of August from Italy.
  4. I am doing 2-3 trips in the next year, each under 30 days, and the Nationwide Annual Travel Pro Deluxe seems like a great option to get some secondary medical as well cover nonrefundable cancellation costs. Anyone used it?
  5. 1 per person.....but you could use 2 for 2 people on an inside/ ocean which isn't always the case (often Balcony or higher required to use more than 1 for a room)
  6. Thanks for sharing what you heard - I believe you are saying the 10% discount (not FCC) can only be given/ used once right?
  7. Hmm. I haven't experienced it myself @MsTabbyKats but I would suspect they would return to you your 10% Discount Certificate for future use AND issue you $180 FCC.
  8. Wow really interesting everyone's different experiences. Definitely important to distinguish 10% Discount Coupon (good for future cruise, mine good for multiple years) versus 10% Future Cruise Credit (based on value of cancelled cruise).
  9. Hmmm. So is the rule that they will only ever issue you a single 10% coupon due to COVID era cancellations.......or that they will only allow one of those to exist in your account at a time.........or none of the above? I have been hesitant to use mine because I want to save for a "bigger" cost cruise but the one I just booked without using the coupon is probably going to be cancelled (August Venice) so perhaps I should always be using them so my account is open for the next one?
  10. It will be required. The continued cost of losses of enduring outbreaks otherwise isn't good business.
  11. We are book on 08/27 out of Venice but I haven't booked flights as still think low probability of this happening. On one hand, the bad Europe stats make me think they will cancel shortly and re-deploy places they have better insight into being open...........on the other hand, every ship of every cruise line can't be located in the handful of private and Caribbean islands for the next 8 months either........would be interesting to be a fly in these logistics planning meetings.
  12. Yeah for the first time in my life I am booking sailaway rates because the increase in the rate for the "free" stuff is astronomical. Partly because it also currently includes BOGO airfare, I presume.
  13. I don't really expect anything when they have to cancel due to a global pandemic and it is all out of their control.....but it is a great gesture of customer service and indicator of valuing my business. How they can have a rolling year of pandemic cancellations and keep offering significant % discounts to everyone for each time they cancel and rebook is beyond me. I suppose it is just part of the game and why prices are now about 50% more than 2 years ago. I just wish they wouldn't offer it at all if they think they may not be able to honor it. THAT SAID....I jus
  14. I have also been shocked at the prices for the last year............however, on FB page for NCL everyone is indicating that ships are currently being capped at 40-50% of capacity for bookings........which starts to explain why our prices are much higher than normal. I would place some value on going on a less busy ship (not as much as the value implied by the current pricing though ha). And I am sure that should an official agency declare they are permitted to book up to 100% of capacity, all those cabins would instantly be available for sale and if you are past your cancel date, your price
  15. Yeah I had the same problem with an Asian Cruise (for Jan 2021) that THEY cancelled (March 2020) and sent me a letter offering 10% off a future cruise, and then when I called they said they had no record of it, and then when I showed them the letter, they said they no longer honor those either.
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