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  1. Ugh. This was the BJ direction that X seemed to be heading in when I was on Summit in '18. At that time, it didn't seem like the 6:5 / 3:2 split was *too* much worse than non-Vegas venues I'd been at; I had to sit at a $15 table for 3:2, but that worked OK for me. I kind of wonder if the new(ish) partnership with MGM led to the vast increase in 6:5.....and what that means for both the partnership and the longevity of this........unfortunate......change.
  2. My favorite part of the few days (mid-vacation) that I spent in north-central Italy a few years ago was exactly the thing you mention -- the quiet. It was a great joy -- kind of an honor, in a strange sort of way -- to walk around the streets of a small town and simply be at peace, far from the tourist crowds, merely being for a little while. It's made me seek out similar places in my subsequent travels.
  3. I did it on the phone with no problems, fwiw. Perhaps try calling again and see if you get someone different.
  4. We've had that Dec 6 cruise booked since last November, and we couldn't be more excited about it! Good news -- the penguin excursions are already available to book, if you're interested in one coordinated by Celebrity. If you're thinking of a private one, do tell, as we'd be delighted to know! Shawn
  5. Thanks, Norris, for your excellent review. We last sailed on Reflection (our fav) in 2017 (too long!) two months after you on the same route, so I was delighted to have your careful review to follow prior to our departure. Now we, too, are beginning to consider Az as a next line after our planned December 2020 cruise around Cape Horn on Silhouette. It's been incredibly informative to see so much of the ship and her compliment, and I'm favorably inclined to book as a result! Thanks again, Shawn
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