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  1. We're booked in a balcony on the Lido deck on our Magic cruise that sets sail a week from today! Glad to be hearing such positive feedback about these cabins!
  2. We plan on picking evening only on this next cruise as we'll be traveling with teenagers who enjoy sleeping in. Besides that, there is no need for twice a day for us as we can always catch a steward when they are out in the hallway if anything urgent is needed.
  3. Disturbing to read this has happened to several people! We always go down to Jack's Shack and will do so again this time. I'd rather pay for their umbrellas and know that the people working there are going to be around to watch out for things like this.
  4. We have cruised around Easter as well as during March, when our school and many others are out for spring break. I agree with others' advice to cruise on a 7+ day cruise, preferably on a newer ship, on a higher deck. All of those things cost more money, but it also gets you farther away from the spring break shenanigans. 🙂 Not that a lower deck is always bad, but we have had some recent experiences that made us say never again on a short cruise, and I imagine that could also apply to a spring break cruise. We had people partying in their cabin, going in and out constantly, yelling in the hallways, blasting music in the hallways, and we're talking at 3 AM in the morning here. We never complained as most of the hallway belonged to their party and we didn't want it to be obvious it was us. So we suffered through it for the short cruise. We have never had that problem on a high deck, like Lido (knock on wood!).
  5. DH and I usually get the wine package on our cruises. But 5 bottles of wine (plus the 2 we bring on) is a lot. Do you have the option to do the 3 wine package on a 7 day cruise? Or only 5?
  6. Thank you for the review! I love your positivity- we often find it difficult to be upset with a cruise, but some people are much harder to please. We're doing the Eastern itinerary in March. We have a balcony on deck 10- hopefully the smoke doesn't make it all the way up there. I totally agree about the entertainment/shows being subpar anymore. Especially after sailing Royal Caribbean, I determined that the evening shows are *not* why I sail Carnival :).
  7. We've only had a Cove once and generally enjoyed it. If it were Cove or no balcony, we'd definitely get a Cove. However, we are going back to a traditional balcony this time as there were several times we were getting misted by the sea spray when outside. It's not a huge deal, but enough that it made us go inside once or twice on a 7 day cruise. Otherwise, yes, they are private and shaded and very close to the water.
  8. Following along. We've considered the Horizon but have heard mixed things about Vista class ships.
  9. We once worried about the same thing as we were only doing 4 and 5 night cruises, but that all changed after our first 7 day cruise. We *loved* it. We even took an 8 day cruise a couple years ago and we *still* weren't ready to get off the ship at the end. The only reason a long cruise can be too long is what you have to come back to- pile-ups from work and school. Otherwise, definitely go for it!
  10. I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering the same...if anyone has had an Ocean Cabana...
  11. Totally agree about people that never venture out in Roatan- we *loved* the beaches in the West end area. The beaches are so beautiful there, even if a bit narrow. The mountains are beautiful and the foliage...well, you get the idea!
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