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  1. We are going to Amsterdam first. We have reserved Mr. Jordaan near the Anne Frank House for Aug. 26 and 27. Our night flight arrives early morning, but they will hold our luggage and let us have the room as early as they can. Late afternoon of 28th, we will fly to Copenhagen. We are booked there at Andersen for the remaining nights before the cruise.
  2. I am sorry this did not work for you. We have not done it yet but will on Oct. 11. Best of luck in your search!
  3. We have booked Sunseeker Tours for an LA tour from the port that will take your luggage, provide a tour of LA nightlights, and take you to LAX or back to a port area hotel if you are staying there. I found them online.
  4. We are using Sunseeker Tours for a tour of Los Angeles when we get off the Joy on Oct. 11. They will take your luggage and deliver you to LAX at the end of the tour or back to a port area hotel, depending upon on which option you choose. We are staying in San Pedro as we are leaving on Carnival Legend the next day, but thought this would give us a tour of LA highlights and we have never been there before. I found them online. They could tell you if they could accommodate a scooter.
  5. I am finding the same thing! With your excursion planning experience, I was hoping you would have better luck! We still have time, but ship tours are not what we really want to do!
  6. Is there a bottle size specification for the wine? Do you pay a corkage fee if you consume it in your stateroom?
  7. So glad I found this today! Spur of the moment booking for our anniversary during July 7th sailing. We haven't cruised Celebrity but once in 2015 on Eclipse Transatlantic. Thanks for all the info!
  8. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for letting us go with you vicariously! Looking forward to more!
  9. We love transatlantic cruises! This will be our third. There is already a roll call.
  10. We are booked for the first sailing, Europe from Copenhagen to Southampton, and the transatlantic following.
  11. Sorry you will not be sailing with us! You will love Cuba! We liked it so much on the Paradise last August, we went again the end of March on MSC.
  12. No extra charge. For the best seats, it is good to go early to the pool deck. The regular shows are good, too. The theater is rather small as the ship added cabins. You should go early to get good seats. The acrobats were especially talented.
  13. We thought the Cuban entertainment was very good. It was held on the pool deck on our sailing March 25. The costumes and dancing were beautiful. I wasn’t able to get good pictures because of the artificial lighting and wish it had been in the theater instead. The Tropicana show is so late at night that we did not book it because we had a full day of touring planned for the next day with a 9 am meeting of the tour guide. Cuba is beautiful! We enjoy it so much that this was our second cruise to Cuba, last August on Carnival and again in March.
  14. Thanks, CruiserBruce! Your first link gave the pier as 27 for NCL Joy on Oct. 9. The second one is the one I saw yesterday but did not see the pier listed and did not know the schedule for two or more ships.
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