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  1. Hmmm. Interesting idea. We also on this 35 day Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas cruise Feb 2022. We live in south Fl. May have to check this option out. Another 2 weeks of cruising sounds good to me. Just need to get DH on board. Love your idea. Jane
  2. Still same issues. Going to try big box web sites. Probably going cancel and rebook our TA to Italy/Greece so trying investigate what future cruises available. Can't wait to have to try and call HAL next week. Jane
  3. That's too bad. Sorry to hear that. Sounds like they are hard balling but keep trying to spread the word anyway. I feel so badly for you and others who lost so much. But at least you are healthy and not currently on a cruise to nowhere. Have they figured out a port yet to disembark? By the way, off topic, but did anyone happen to watch the CNBC special last night on the corona virus? Pretty scary because most of our pharmaceuticals are made in China. Disruption in supply chain could cause world wide shortages of lots of important life saving drugs. Just makes one wonder how far th
  4. You are communicating with the wrong people. They have no decision making power. Personally I would present my case in a calm and rational statement to someone who can make a final decision: OAshford@hollandamerica.com He knows they did wrong. See what happens. Certainly can't hurt and at least you will know you went to the top. Also, I agree to spread the word throughout all your social media contacts, local TV consumer reporters, etc. Jane
  5. It will be interesting to see where they end up and when. Australia?
  6. Agree. I see there is a "heart" like button. Too bad alternative not offered. Rudeness seems to be catching just like coronovirus and flu.
  7. I haven't piped in on this thread yet, but will take the opportunity to do so now. When this thread first appeared about HAL not offering refunds, not canceling or offering an alternative cruise(which they were not at that time), and cancellation insurance not covering; I actually emailed Mr. Ashford. That was on Jan 28. I told him I was very disappointed in HAL's response and that I believed they would regret their decision because not only would they likely have many unhappy guests, they were likely to face denial of docking in Japan when the cruise terminated. This was before the Prince
  8. I kind of wonder that myself. We have always sailed the Vista Class ships and the Koningsdam last December. Actually like Vista class better than Koningsdam. But since we love BB King and I always use aft pool, maybe won't be good fit for us. We may try it sometime though if I see itinerary I like for good price. Will see. Thanks for info though.
  9. Thanks for update. I hadn't seen that yet. Have never been on Veendam. Jane
  10. We recently returned from a 6 day Celebrity cruise on Silhouette. This was our first sailing on Celebrity. We normally sail HAL, but have also done Carnival cruises in the past. Since we are very close to Tampa(and it is our favorite port) and HAL recently pulled out of that port, and Celebrity will begin sailing from there next year, we wanted to give them a try. Found a great price on this shorter cruise so grabbed it. I must say was not really impressed with Celebrity. Yes in some respects it is comparable to HAL, but we just found it did not fit us that well. Dining room food and servi
  11. This is for those of you looking for a nice quiet uncrowded beach near the cruise terminal in Barbados. We were just there in December and did not want to go to the beach bars on Carlisle Bay as we wanted uncrowded and quiet and the cruise ships even have excursions to Carlisle. So we took a $6 cab ride to a beach north of the port called Brandons Beach. Bar/restaurant named Rascal's there rents lounge chairs and umbrellas for $20 including two rum punch. Carson set us up on the beach and got our drinks and took care of us. Local beer, if I remember Banks, is only $2.50. I drank the free
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