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  1. Yes the crew was constantly cleaning
  2. The cruise director told us there were 1000 children.
  3. I agree adult behavior can be worse! The worst lines we saw were for Guys BBQ on sea days and the Blue Iguana for breakfast. We must have hit places at the right time because we really didn't have to wait long for anything including pizza and seafood shack. Guy's burger line was very quick. We had breakfast at the buffet most mornings and other than the omelet line, it truly wasn't bad. We never had an issue with finding a table
  4. We did see the crew cleaning constantly. But what I thought they should've done was force people to wash their hands before entering the buffet like RCCL does. We took our own measures as well - avoid touching hand rails, washing our hands constantly, using hand wipes, etc.
  5. Yes the beach chairs were the issue in Grand Turk. And I also encountered some rude adults but fortunately none near my room. And yes that last night was pretty scary! I also agree that an additional announcement would have helped. Years ago we were on the Triumph and hit scary weather as we were returning to New Orleans. The captain did give us several updates including telling us we would be safe. But again I want to reiterate these things did not ruin our cruise! We loved it and loved the Breeze
  6. We knew ahead of time that it was winter break and to expect lots of kids. And I agree with all of what all of you have said. I loved the ship as well and I actually do appreciate that Carnival is all about families. I love watching kids have such a good time. We stayed in 7275 - just a standard balcony. I have never stayed in a cove balcony. We were close to the atrium elevators and we could hear the noise when there was something was going on. That didn't bother us at all but beware of that location. Capecruzer - we said the same thing almost verbatim! Couple of other thi
  7. Cruised the Breeze from 2/15-2/22 and thought I would give some observations. This is our 6th or 7th with Carnival and have also done a couple with RCCL. We had an excellent time!! We found the servers, bartenders room stewards etc. to be very friendly and accommodating. There are so many options for food on the ship and we tried as many as we could...and loved almost everything. The MDR food was surprisingly good! We saw staff cleaning the ship constantly. The "not-so-good" - there were 1000 (literally) children on board. That is one of the things Carnival caters to and we knew
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