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  1. MinnesotaCruiser423

    Carnival Paradise Point Excursion Question

    Thank you for the info! Very helpful!
  2. We have been to St Thomas 6 or 7 times but never went up to Paradise Point. We would like to go and buy the excursion through the ship. My question is that the excursion says departure time of 8 am. Since this is a self guided tour, is that true? Or can I just use the ticket to go up whenever we get there? Thanks, Matt & Aubry
  3. MinnesotaCruiser423

    Queens staircase

    We have walked it before. As previous poster stated only took 10-15 minutes.
  4. MinnesotaCruiser423

    Fog in Galveston?

    We just returned form the Carnival Breeze last Sunday 1/28. Ship was delayed due to fog. We debarked as fast as possible which got us off the ship roughly 1:30 pm. We missed our flights and ended up a the holiday inn near the IAH airport. Decent hotel with a great restaurant and bar attached. We made the best out of it with 2 little ones in tow.
  5. MinnesotaCruiser423

    Montego Bay: Dock or Tender

  6. With all of the fog going on in Galveston I am curious what happens to those disembarking late. From the ship how do you handle missed flights and/or potential booking hotels stays due to flight changes? DW and I cruise out of Galveston next Sunday (hopefully). We are not concerned about leaving later or even next day if fog happens. But I am curious about the process if we are delayed getting back. We have flights schedule for debarkation day and we have never missed a flight. Can anyone tell me if we will be able to use the internet or phones to make the necessary changes to travel plans? DW and I typically just roll with the punches and make the best of any situation, but I am just trying to be as mentally prepared as possible in case the situation arises to minimize any stress or frustration. Any thoughts, ideas or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. Matt & Aubry
  7. I know platinum guests can go to guest services and be escorted down to the tender boat and skip the tender ticket process. My question is do platinum guests get escorted to gangway on non tender islands? The reason I ask is on our last cruise another platinum guest saw us waiting in line on the stairs (like we always do) and told us to follow them to guest services. We politely declined and off they went. We didn't see them again so I didn't get the chance to ask them about this. I have never heard of this on non tender islands. Has anybody else heard of this? :confused:
  8. MinnesotaCruiser423

    Orlando Airport transportation

    I just used Cortrans last Saturday from Magic to Orlando Airport. Fantastic trip. I highly recommend them. (This was my first time using their service)
  9. MinnesotaCruiser423

    Amber Cove Panoramic Tour or Puerto Plata Question

    Tinkerbell_82 did you end up going on this tour? I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks Matt & Aubry
  10. MinnesotaCruiser423

    Use on board credit to PRE purchase Cheers!?

    That is what I expected to hear. But worth asking! We will not have a problem spending $200 on board. Spa, Casino and Shops oh my!
  11. MinnesotaCruiser423

    Viewing an invoice from past cruise

  12. Does anyone have experience using an on board credit to pre purchase the Cheers! program? I attempted a mock purchase as a test but was nervous to actually hit the checkout button to get to the payment options. I am not ready to actually purchase for another month. I figured someone here has to have tried this before. Thanks in advance! Matt & Aubry
  13. MinnesotaCruiser423

    200 onboard credit offer?

    I submitted the Price Protection Form for a 7 Day on the Breeze for January 2017. 2 people in a balcony. We received the new booking confirmation within 1 hour via email stating $30 increase in cruise price but $200 on board credit. Well worth it if you can swing paying it off right away. ** WORD OF CAUTION ** If you submit the form via the website like I did please note that the balance is due to be paid off by midnight tonight. I have already done this and all is well, but it was not very apparent that I had to go pay it off right away. I would hate for someone's cruise to get cancelled or something due to missing the midnight deadline.
  14. MinnesotaCruiser423

    Carnival Dream/New Orleans Port

    We were on the Dream out of New Orleans in January. We had a group of 4. 2 with priority boarding and 2 without. Priority was through security and and the ship within about 20 minutes. The 2 without priority were only about 10 minutes behind us. This was about 11:00 am. Matt & Aubry
  15. MinnesotaCruiser423

    Amber Cove Panoramic Tour or Puerto Plata Question

    Tinkerbell_82 if no one else responds, please come back and let us know your thoughts! We would greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks Matt & Aubry