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  1. I was on the Pride in Oct 2017. They had all the baseball playoffs on. They streamed Fox through the onboard ESPN networks.
  2. Which is a lot more recent and likely than Johnny Van Der Meer's performance.
  3. I'm not crazy about the diminished privacy from below AND above those cabins.
  4. I was on the Symphony in March and one night while in the casino I saw this screen rotate on the tv near the bar. Now, this was not an accurate line-up of teams for football since it was March and these teams were the sweet 16 squads left in NCAA March Madness tournament at the time. Just wondering if there's any possibility of placing wagers on football games this weekend when I board Allure.
  5. I was on Symphony in late March and they were showing March Madness basketball on both ESPN channels.
  6. Take a look at the Space to Passenger ratio ratings on all these ships. You'll find that the Oasis-class (Symphony and Harmony) rating will be heads and shoulders above the rest.
  7. The Breeze didn't have it's first sailing with the public until June 2012. The usual timeline for a cruise ship's drydock is 5 years.
  8. Symphony of the Seas. Favorite Carnival ship: the spirit class.......though they're all getting a little long in the tooth.
  9. She might be kidding, but she isn't wrong. You stated the Anthem sails from NYC, it doesn't. Flying into Newark for a Bayonne, NJ sailing is very different than flying into either NYC airport and paying cabfare, the traffic and the time it would take to get to Cape Liberty.
  10. Been on the Anthem 4 times and the Symphony. Wonderland was the only specialty restaurant on both ships that was constantly sending their representatives all over the public areas trying to persuade passengers to book a dinner there. That alone is a warning sign. Plus, I've looked at the menu, it doesn't intrigue me whatsoever......even if they offered it to me for free. JMO.
  11. Really doesn't matter. When a ship docks at King's Wharf (or Heritage Wharf next to it), it's comes to chance on which side of the ship faces the port. Usually, a ship will alternate which side (port or starboard) faces the pier so they can take test runs of the muster boats on each side of the ship.
  12. LOL If you'd only take those Carnival blinders you wear off for a nanosecond, you might comprehend my points.
  13. Royal Amplified (AMPED) project covers a total of 10 vessels over 4 years. Further details on Oasis-Class ship upgrades are still forthcoming. In 2018 were "AMPED" the ships Mariner and Independence. For "AMPED" drydocks in 2019 are scheduled the ships Oasis, Voyager, For "AMPED" drydocks in 2020 are scheduled the ships Allure, Freedom, Explorer, Navigator, For "AMPED" drydocks in 2021 are scheduled the ships Adventure, Liberty. Full refurbishment details per vessel will be revealed each year. That's along with the upcoming new build Spectrum of the Seas. Notice the the names of the refurbished ships remain the same. What the new builds have to do with this is that other cruiselines are ACTUALLY building NEW vessels whereas Carnival attempts to pass off 20 year-old refurbished ships as brand new builds.
  14. And it's always the same shareholders.......er, people, that defend everything Carnival does as if they were their own namesake.
  15. Royal Caribbean has been spending $150 apiece on ship refurbishings the past few years and haven't renamed those ships. Since 2012, Carnival has 2 new ship builds (Vista and Horizon). Royal Caribbean and Norwegian have 5 builds apiece in that time frame. This renaming 20+ year old ships because of some scrambling of the deck plans is tacky. And it also misleads lots of potential customers into thinking they're booking sailings on "new ships". BTW, I sailed on the "Sunshine" in 2016 in an aft-facing balcony and could clearly see the large amount of rust around the rear of the ship along with the imprinted "Destiny" across the back under the multiple attempts of paint.
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