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  1. Just to let you know, the second Carnival ship from our right is the Inspiration, not the Imagination.
  2. Just cancel the rest of 2020 already instead of stringing people along.
  3. I was referring to the OP's request of what CARNIVAL ship would be right for their group, a group that will be using scooters on board. Don't understand your comparison at me.
  4. As far as ease of scooter transport, I would say that the Spirit class ships would be the easiest. Plus, the Vista class, and Dream class have a lot of features I think you wouldn't be interested in (ropes course, water slides, etc.). Spirit class ships are a much more convenient size to get around without anything impeding an main arteries on the ship.
  5. Looks like a Carnival whale tail beyond those trees. 🙂
  6. The odds on this cabin/suite being available to book are astronomical.
  7. Go back and read the first 2 words of my post. 😉
  8. I seriously doubt any cruiseline will walk the the gauntlet at this time while others are cancelling for the safety of their customers. Just imagine the utter backlash if just ONE person on board contracts Covid on board.
  9. Might as well stay home and order delivery then.
  10. Pretty interesting at what happened to NVAX stock back in September of 2016.
  11. If/when my cruise gets cancelled, me, personally, would prefer the full refund. Not interested in cruising with the impending restrictions.
  12. Had both the 9A (cabin 8235) and the 8K (cabin 8234). The 9A had much more cabin space while the balcony for 8234 was massive. Both categories are usually hard to come by because they get booked quickly. The 9A is slightly higher priced also.
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