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  1. That girl is too big to go under the bridges out of Baltimore.
  2. She was responding to what YOU said.
  3. That might also have something to do with Maine being 42nd in population among all 50 states. There's 9 cities in the U.S. that have more people than your state.
  4. Wow, do you read and interpret things at the mercy of your ideals. Implying that I said that what Cuomo did was the way to go? Have some coffee, you're still sleeping. All those maladies don't have anything to do with covid. Which was exactly my point. People (the public) seemed to have lost the capacity to see that covid is not the only health threat among us. But with the way the people follow the media, all other avenues of mortality have been neglected.
  5. Is it true? It pertained to the post I responded to......did you call that post off topic too?
  6. You're right, but unfortunately, flu, traffic deaths, cancer, etc don't get the media coverage to saturate the minds of the masses the way covid does.
  7. Guess you haven't seen the variety or square footage of ALL of RCCL's suites, which absolutely dwarf Carnival's cookie cutter Grand suites.
  8. Thank you. The sports bar is what I'm referring to. Scheduled to be in Nassau until 5, and was curious if the sports bar on board would be showing the 1st round of the NFL playoffs starting at noon.
  9. Thinking of booking a Jan 2022 sailing. I can't remember if Carnival keeps interior bars (Sky Box, Red Frog, etc.) open while in port. Anybody know? TIA.
  10. Thinking of booking a Mariner OTS January 2022 sailing. Anybody know if RCCL keeps it's indoor bars (Playmakers, English pub, etc.) open while in port? TIA.
  11. #7 Posted 15 hours ago (edited) Inaugural cruises often have an extra bit of excitement to them so cancel if you feel so inclined but there aren't really any major kinks to work out. Worst case is a minor kink that delays boarding a few minutes quickly forgotten once the first drink is in hand. Edited 15 hours ago by twangster This isn't going to be the typical "inaugural cruise" with all the implicated covid protocols......that's IF it sail
  12. Did the Heroes Tribute bar essentially take the place of SkyBox sports bar for showing NFL, NBA games and the like? And am I to assume that the Mardi Gras will be the same?
  13. Shipyard workers have tested covid positive on the Odyssey of the Seas. They haven't even gone to sea trials yet.
  14. And 54K people have died from in California, the most restrictive and covid-militant state of them all.
  15. Were there any vibration issues in that cabin. I've stayed in Vista suite 4237 on the Pride and it was pretty bad at night trying to sleep.
  16. Not for me, thanks. If I want to be at a place with other Carnival ships all around, I'll just book a cruise with a stop in Nassau.
  17. An Ocean View cabin basically becomes an interior cabin at night.
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