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  1. Yes, it may come to that. My understanding is that the refund offer is from RCI so regardless of the fate of Pullmantur in the Spanish courts, refunds applied for by the deadline (20th Sep?) should eventually arrive. If RCI is not involved in the 'new Pullmantur', I would suspect that all monies paid to Pullmantur and not converted to a voucher or refund applied for by the deadline will be wiped out along with any shares in Pullmantur. Talking of MSC, I am annoyed with them because I reached 'Gold' status (with pin to prove it) then had my status and points wiped out under the new scheme because it is a few years since I sailed with them. Thankfully, I managed to get a status match to Celebrity before that happened and which still remains in place. So I have a high status on a cruise line I have never been on and zero status on the one I earned it on! I considered a future cruise voucher for Celebrity but none of their repos appealed :-( I am sure there will be plenty of fish in the sea (cruise bargains) over the next couple of years.....
  2. Ditto. We haven't cancelled the flights yet - we are hoping BA will do that and save us the £35 fee each.
  3. @Smurf2017many thanks for sharing that. If the insider's advice is to take the refund, it looks like that is what we should do. I will consult with our party. As @Stockjock says, if Pullmantur come back resembling anything like the old Pullmantur, we can book again. Our cruise is in March and if there is little prospect of re-starting operations in November, then there is little chance until next summer :-(
  4. @Smurf2017, Very interesting! Well the obvious one for me is will the current itineraries from 15th November be operating as advertised? And if so, on what ships? Or when will we know such information? That would be great, many thanks for asking me.
  5. On a more positive note, I had a reply from Pullmantur this morning for my request for any information. Here it is. Good Morning, We inform you that Pullmantur's intention with this reorganization is to be able to operate in the future in the same way that we have been doing up to now. With the same itineraries. To do any management regarding your reservation, you have to contact your travel agency and it can inform you of the different options you have. Thank you very much, Pagos Venta DirectaGrupo Pullmantur Calle Mahonia, 2. Planta 5ª. Campo de las Naciones. 28043 MadridPhone: 900 835 055 ventadirectapagos@pullmantur.es
  6. Well done Smurf2017 - good work! It gives me hope that we may yet get to sail on Pullmantur. I am hoping very much that Pullmantur's itineraries will simply be reinstated from mid-November on different ships. That would be a far more attractive proposition than anything RCI or Celebrity currently have on offer - to us at least. We have not cancelled our flights to Dubai yet.
  7. Thanks for that Biker19. It is little weird that Pullmantur and their agents Worldwide continue to sell cruises on all three of these ships. People right now are choosing cabins on ships currently being dismantled on a beach in Turkey.
  8. It is very odd for any cruise ship with no guests and a skeleton crew to make a week's round trip from one part of the EU to another. This is not the case of repatriating crew. Given Cyprus's geographical position, perhaps drug running, people smuggling or some other cargo necessitating a one-off private charter?
  9. Monarch and Sovereign have now been joined by Carnival Fantasy with reportedly another 6 cruise ships on their way to Aliaga. It should be a cruise ship theme park not a scrap yard.
  10. Sovereign didn't go quietly! I have always wanted one of those ships' horns for when motorists intimidate me on the road on my bicycle. Probably a bit too heavy to carry I know but possibly worth it.
  11. Horizon is underway again - back to Piraeus! What is going on? A pleasure trip for a prospective or current) new owner?
  12. No, I didn't and would also like to know.
  13. Horizon is currently refuelling at anchor off Limassol (a fuel tanker is alongside). As Limassol is around three times the distance from Piraeus as Aliaga - what is she doing and where to next??
  14. As far as I understand the existing Pullmantur ownership has been wiped-out hence the grab of ships, crew and future guests by Royal Caribbean. All that is left is the brand name, the guests who have not yet 'jumped ship', the Spain-based employees (currently on Government-paid furlough) and the infrastructure of booking agents and partners around the World. That should be enough to bring in new money to relaunch Pullmantur. I think the whole cruise industry is in a very difficult position as cruise ships now have an image of breading grounds for Covid (among other diseases). Without vastly improved air-conditioning systems which could put many existing ships out of commercial viability to retro-fit - especially the latest mega monsters - I can't see that changing. The mandatory SOLAS safety regulations, despite being announced 20 years before, forced many older cruise ships, to retire rather than incur the expense of compliance. The most famous example was the QE2 but there were many more at the time. I can imagine a 'best endeavours' approach will be made to give confidence for new bookings but another high-profile outbreak on a cruise ship could be the death-knell to the cruise industry as we know it. I have read the 30 page certification document introduced for Turkish hotels and many Turkish hotels have simply decided not to re-open this year because of the severe capacity constraints and lack of self-service makes them commercially unviable (without several-fold rate increases). Eventually, I would expect a new safety standard for cruise ships to minimise the chance of an outbreak of infectious diseases - something cruise lines have been in denial about for decades. This may even lead to a return to smaller ships - as each extra guest sharing air in a confined space multiplies the probability of some sort of outbreak - i.e that is an exponentially increasing risk with no. of guests. When the numbers of those affected have been small, the lines have always blamed the guests. Now in the Covid era, mathematical models could show how likely an outbreak is according to the size and design of a ship even after all the mitigating efforts have been made. Small is good, more public space per guest is good as is constant fresh air. Buffets are bad as are gatherings of large number of people, e.g. main restaurants, large bars and theatres. The naturalists say that pandemics are likely to increase in frequency as humans take over the natural habitat of other species and we are exposed to ancient diseases that we have never developed any immunity to. These issues are not likely to go away. In the meantime, I would expect the new Pullmantur to rent some third-hand smallish ship rescued from the brink of scrap, refitted and run at reduced capacity for the foreseeable future. Perhaps it could be the Horizon, but as Stockjock says, there are plenty more ships in the sea.
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