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  1. You are so right.....people ignore the one-way signs in the grocery store, many don't wear masks, and I'm thinking we'll encounter these folks on the next cruise too. Sad.
  2. You're definitely not the only one! I've been getting the run around for weeks on the 25% promised. Sent another email yesterday. Just can't understand why some got their's without any problem. Every time I've called, I've been passed to a different dept. or told some new story. Keep reading how they're going to speed up refunds........🤣 We have a cruise booked for November but with or without the virus, I'm losing my appreciation for Celebrity and we've cruised with them many times.
  3. I spoke with the Engagement Ctr yesterday regarding a refund from our March cruise on the Silhouette. Jennifer explained that previously they only had 4-5 people working refunds in the "post sailing dept." She says they have reassigned 50 employees from other departments to the post sailing dept and once they are trained we should see refunds processed more efficiently. Hope this is true. I've been waiting since we returned on March 15th for a refund that Capt Peppas promised everyone on board due to several incidents we had on that trip. I know some people on Cruise Critic have said they got their refund, but all I've gotten is the run-around!
  4. Thank you for the information. Looks like I'll have to go thru the online agency I booked with (starts with a V) and that may be a problem since they are working from home with less people. I will start again on Monday.
  6. Hi, we were on the Silhouette with you in March. I have the letter about the 25% rebate on our cruise but haven't heard anything. Do you know what the status is? We booked thru online TA but I haven't called them. I'm sure they know nothing about it. Hope you are both well. Thanks. Sandy
  7. Absolutely! The best 2 you could ever hope for!
  8. We haven't but with all the cancellations, etc. I'll be patient. We have the notice as proof of what we are supposed to receive.
  9. We were on the Silhouette with you. Could you post the notification from your health agency re contact with the virus. We have seen nothing relating to the previous cruise. Thanks Argo.
  10. We just got off the Silhouette yesterday. Never heard that there had been a virus case on previous cruise altho the ship was full of rumors as we returned to Miami twice due to a death and another emergency (also had an emergency evac by launch the first night of the cruise). We are going to stay home for the next couple of weeks. Our son & dau-in-law who traveled with us have been asked not to come into their office and are trying to work out if they can do some things at home and on their computers. We are just glad to be home! We thought they might shut down flights before we got off the ship...... Positive note....ship looks good with the new carpet and decor, very similar to the Edge. Let's hope we'll all be cruising again soon 😎
  11. Thank you to those who answered my question. I didn't know exactly where to post it. 😍
  12. Is the XL category big enough for 4 adults plus l suitcase each? We're thinking of using Uber for transport from ship to Ft. Lauderdale airport. Appreciate your advice.
  13. THANK YOU. Appreciate your advice. I made a call to the TA and he was able to get us a lateral transfer to a better location (same category).
  14. On Silhouette with son & dau-in-law next week. We bid to upgrade our cabins and got one which is great; the other not so much.....too far forward as DIL gets seasick. After we get on board, can we trade cabins and have Guest Svcs change everything (accounts, etc.) to the appropriate names. We'll take the forward cabin and let the "kids" enjoy the better located cabin mid-ship. I'm sure this has been done before; just want to be prepared. Thanks.
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